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Pulp Fiction

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Pulp Fiction

1994 American crime film directed by Quentin Tarantino, who co-wrote its screenplay with Roger Avary add

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Launched in 1950.

Countries: United States (65%), United Kingdom (12%), (8%)

Main connections: Quentin Tarantino, Harvey Keitel, True Romance

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They head to Jack Rabbit Slim's, a 1950s-themed restaurant staffed by lookalikes of the decade's pop icons add something


A strong similarity has often been observed with the 1955 film noir "Kiss Me Deadly" add something


Willis writes that "when Captain Koons enters the living room, we see Walken in his function as an image retrieved from a repertoire of 1970s television and movie versions of ruined masculinity in search of rehabilitation add something


At the conclusion of the scene, a portentous line of Marsellus's echoes one from the 1973 crime drama "Charley Varrick", directed by another of Tarantino's heroes, Don_Siegel; the name of the character who speaks it there is Maynard add something


Vietnam War - The Vietnam War veteran is played by Christopher Walken, whose presence in the role evokes his performance as a traumatized G.I. in the 1978 Vietnam War movie "The Deer Hunter" add something


In the 1980s television series "Kage no Gundan" , Chiba's character would lecture the villain-of-the-week about how the world must be rid of evil before killing him add something


In their review of Alex Cox's 1984 film "Repo Man" in the "Daily Telegraph", Nick Cowen and Hari Patience suggest that "Pulp Fiction" may owe "a debt of inspiration" to the glowing car trunk in that film add something


Eric Stoltz - During the 1990s, Stoltz went back and forth between stage, film, and television, appearing in studio and independent films such as "Pulp Fiction" and "The Waterdance"


Tarantino went to work on the script for "Pulp Fiction" in Amsterdam in March 1992 add something


Released in the U.S. in October 1992, the picture was a critical and commercial success add something


In 1993, Walken had appeared in another small but pivotal role in the "Sicilian scene" in "True Romance" add something


Samuel L. Jackson - After a turn as the criminal Big Don in the 1993 Tarantino-penned True Romance directed by Tony Scott, Tarantino contacted Jackson for the role of Jules Winnfield in Pulp Fiction.


Harvey Keitel - He appeared in the movie "The Piano" in 1993, and played an efficient clean-up expert Winston "The Wolf" Wolfe in Quentin Tarantino's "Pulp Fiction"


In January 1993, the "Pulp Fiction" script was complete add something


Principal photography commenced on September 20, 1993 add something


In terms of domestic grosses, it was the tenth biggest film of 1994, even though it played on substantially fewer screens than any other film in the top 20 add something


The soundtrack album, "Music from the Motion Picture Pulp Fiction", was released along with the film in 1994 add something


"'Pulp Fiction"' is a 1994 American crime film directed by Quentin Tarantino, who co-wrote its screenplay with Roger Avary add something


Maria de Medeiros - In 1994, Medeiros appeared in Quentin Tarantino's "Pulp Fiction", playing Butch Coolidge's girlfriend, Fabienne


Bruce Willis - In 1994, he had a supporting role in Quentin Tarantino's acclaimed "Pulp Fiction", which gave a new boost to his career


"Pulp Fiction" premiered in May 1994 at the Cannes Film Festival add something


On October 14, 1994, "Pulp Fiction" went into general release in the United States add something


In 1995, in a special edition of "Siskel & Ebert" devoted to Tarantino, Gene Siskel argued that "Pulp Fiction" posed a major challenge to the "ossification of American movies with their brutal formulas" add something


In a widely covered speech on May 31, 1995, Republican presidential candidate Bob Dole attacked the American entertainment industry for peddling "nightmares of depravity" add something


Adding "Pulp Fiction" to his roster of "Great Movies" in 2001, Roger Ebert called it "the most influential film of the decade" add something


It was voted as the fourth-greatest film of all time in a nationwide poll for Britain's Channel 4 in 2001 add something


In 2004, Tarantino discussed an idea for a movie starring Travolta and Madsen as "The Vega Brothers"; the concept remains unrealized add something


Jules's "Ezekiel" recitation was voted the fourth greatest movie speech of all time in a 2004 poll add something


Describing the film in 2005 as Tarantino's "postmodern masterpiece add something


In 2005, it was named one of "Time"'s "All-Time 100 Movies" add something


The scene of Travolta and Thurman's characters dancing has been frequently homaged, most unambiguously in the 2005 film "Be Cool", starring the same two actors add something


In a 2006 readers' poll by the British magazine "Total Film", it ranked as the number three film in history add something


In 2007, BBC News reported that "London transport workers have painted over an iconic mural by 'guerrilla artist' Banksy add something


In a 2007 video interview with fellow director and friend Robert Rodriguez, Tarantino purportedly "reveals" the secret contents of the briefcase, but the film cuts out and skips the scene in the style employed in Tarantino and Rodriguez's "Grindhouse" , with an intertitle that reads "Missing Reel" add something


"Pulp Fiction"'s effect on film form was still reverberating in 2007, when David Denby of "The New Yorker" credited it with initiating the ongoing cycle of disordered cinematic narratives add something


A 2008 "Empire" poll combining the opinions of readers, movie industry professionals, and critics named "Pulp Fiction" the ninth-best film of all time add something


In 2008, "Entertainment Weekly" named it the best film of the past quarter-century add something


Several scenes and images from the film achieved iconic status; in 2008, "Entertainment Weekly" declared, "You'd be hard-pressed, by now, to name a moment from Quentin Tarantino's film that isn't iconic add something


As of January 2010, it is number 10 on Metacritic's list of all-time highest scores add something


Martin Solveig - Solveig was made the in house DJ for the 2012 MTV Movie *awards where he paid homage to the classic themes from movies such as Pulp Fiction


In 2013, the film was selected for preservation in the United States National Film Registry by the Library of Congress as being "culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant" add something


Harvey Keitel - In 2014 he reprised his role of Winston Wolfe from Pulp Fiction as part of a £40million advertising campaign for Direct Line, one of the UK's leading insurance companies


Quentin Tarantino - Pulp Fiction - On February 3, 2018, in an interview with "The New York Times", "Pulp Fiction" and "Kill Bill" actress Uma Thurman revealed that Tarantino had ignored her account of a sexual assault by Harvey Weinstein at the Savoy Hotel


As of September 2018, it is number 54 on Metacritic's list of all-time highest scores add something