Qualcomm Atheros

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Qualcomm Atheros

Developer of semiconductors for network communications, particularly wireless chipsets add

Category: Business

Founded in 1998.

Countries: United States (36%), (36%), Taiwan (18%)

Main connections: Qualcomm, Wi-Fi, Ubicom

Linked to: Qualcomm, Stanford University, University of California, Berkeley, Netgear




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Founded under the name Atheros in 1998 by experts in signal processing from Stanford University, the University of California, Berkeley and the private industry, the company went public in 2004 add something


The following year, Atheros named Rich Redelfs as president and CEO. In 2000, Atheros publicly demonstrated its inaugural chipset, the world's first WLAN implemented in CMOS technology and the industry's first high-speed 802,11a 5 GHz solution add something


In 2004, Atheros completed its IPO on the NASDAQ exchange and unveiled a number of products, including the first video chipset for mainstream HDTV-quality wireless connectivity add something


In 2005, Atheros introduced the industry's first MIMO-enabled WLAN chip, as well as the ROCm family of high-performance, low-power WLAN solutions for mobile handsets and portable consumer electronics add something


In 2006 Atheros launched its XSPAN solutions, which featured a single-chip, triple-radio solution for 802,11n add something


"'ZyDAS Technology"' - a USB Wireless LAN company headquartered in Hsinchu, Taiwan, acquired in 2006 add something


Additionally, Nick Kossifidis of the MadWiFi project based on Floeter's work started madwifi-old-openhal branch in February 2006 in order to create a free driver for Linux add something


"'Attansic Technology"' - a Fast and Gigabit Ethernet chip maker headquartered in Taiwan, acquired in early 2007 add something


"'u-Nav Microelectronics"' - a GPS chipmaker headquartered in Irvine, CA, acquired in 2007 add something


In July 2008 Atheros decided to change policy and hired two key Linux wireless developers, Jouni Malinen and Luis Rodriguez, and released an open-source Linux driver for their 802,11n devices add something


In 2010, Atheros shipped its 500-millionth WLAN chipset and 100-millionth Align 1-stream chipset add something


"'Opulan Technology Corp"' - EPON broadband access technology developer in Shanghai, China, acquired in August 2010 add something


When the acquisition was completed on May 24, 2011, Atheros became a subsidiary of & Qualcomm operating under the name Qualcomm Atheros add something


"'Bigfoot Networks"' - an Austin, Texas based company known for their networking products targeted toward gaming markets, acquired in September 2011 add something


At Mobile World Congress 2012, Qualcomm Atheros demonstrated a suite of 802,11ac enabled products add something


Qualcomm Atheros began 2012 by announcing the first generation of Wi-Fi Display-enabled solutions at CES 2012, along with a new chip for HomePlug AV powerline add something


"'Ubicom"' - a company known for their processor and software designed to optimize network data, acquired in February 2012 add something


In June 2012 at Computex, Qualcomm Atheros added several new 802,11ac solutions to its portfolio add something


In 2013, & Qualcomm named Amir Faintuch as SVP and General Manager for Qualcomm Atheros add something


"'Wilocity"' - a fabless semiconductor company focusing on IEEE 802,11ad was purchased by Qualcomm in July 2014 add something


Ikanos Communications - In August 2016 Qualcomm Atheros has closed its recently acquired Ikanos operations