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Rab Butler

British Conservative politician add

Category: Politics

Born in 1902.

Countries: United Kingdom (71%), Essex (14%), Germany (7%)

Main connections: Winston Churchill, Essex, Home Secretary

Linked to: Chairman of the Conservative Party, Pembroke College, Cambridge, List of Masters of Trinity College, Cambridge, Chief Whip of the Conservative Party




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Rab Butler was born in 1902 add something


Enoch Powell - At a meeting of the 1922 committee on 22 November, Rab Butler made a speech appealing for party unity in the aftermath of the Suez Crisis


He was educated at Marlborough College and Pembroke College, Cambridge, where he was President of the Cambridge Union Society in the summer term of his third year; in March 1924, as newly elected President, he entertained the Leader of the Opposition, Stanley Baldwin, at a debate add something


Butler married Sydney Elizabeth Courtauld in 1926 add something


After a brief period as a Cambridge don teaching nineteenth-century French history, he was elected Member of Parliament for Saffron Walden in the 1929 general election add something


Butler held a series of junior Ministerial posts throughout the 1930s, often enacting controversial policy decisions add something


Henry Channon - In 1936, the rising Conservative minister R A Butler , Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State at the Foreign Office appointed Channon his Parliamentary Private Secretary


In 1938 he was appointed Under-Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs in Neville Chamberlain's government add something


After Churchill had made a confident war speech on 12 November 1939, Butler told Jock Colville that he "thought it beyond words vulgar" add something


Colville recorded in his diary on 10 May 1940, when Churchill was replacing Chamberlain as Prime Minister: add something


Butler and Lord Halifax engineer a June 1940 British surrender to Germany, and occupation, in the background to the alternative history novel "The Big One", leading to his assassination by resistance forces add something


In the alternative history novel "Dominion" by C. J. Sansom, World War II ended in June 1940 when the British government under Lord Halifax signed a peace treaty with Germany in Berlin add something


In summer 1941, Butler received his first Cabinet post when he was appointed President of the Board of Education by Churchill add something


Still, he proved to be one of the most radical reforming ministers on the home front, shaking up the education system in the Education Act 1944, often known as the "Butler Education Act" add something


After the Conservatives were defeated in the 1945 general election, Butler emerged as one of the most prominent figures in the rebuilding of the party add something


He served a record term as Chairman of the Conservative Research Department, from 1945 to 1964 add something


Enoch Powell - Munich agreement - Though he voted for the Labour Party in their 1945 landslide victory, because he wanted to punish the Conservative Party for the Munich agreement, after the war he joined the Conservatives and worked for the Conservative Research Department under Rab Butler, where his colleagues included Iain Macleod and Reginald Maudling


When the Conservative Party returned to power in 1951, he was appointed Chancellor of the Exchequer add something


In November 1952, Butler was Foreign Secretary in the Cabinet of Lord Beaverbrook add something


In 1953, Butler acted as head of the Government when Winston Churchill suffered a stroke while his successor Anthony Eden was undergoing an operation overseas add something


Following the death of his wife from jaw cancer in 1954, Butler married Mollie Courtauld in September 1959 add something


The story was written in 1954, when Butler acceding to the premiership was a serious possibility add something


Churchill slowly recovered and retired in 1955, handing power to Eden with no controversy add something


His penultimate budget slashed taxation immediately before the 1955 general election but soon afterwards it became apparent that the economy was "overheating" , and his final budget undid several of the tax cuts, leading to charges of electoral opportunism add something


Office vacant from 6 April 1955 to 13 July 1962. b add something


In December 1955, Butler was moved to the post of Lord Privy Seal and Leader of the House of Commons add something


In January 1957, Eden resigned as Prime Minister add something


Jocelyn Simon, Baron Simon of Glaisdale - He took charge of the bill that became the Homicide Act 1957, earning the respect of Rab Butler, Home Secretary


Albert Goozee - Despite the dismissal of the appeal, Rab Butler, the Home Secretary, recommended Goozee be reprieved on 25 January 1957, four days before he was due to be executed, on grounds that he had been "provoked beyond reason", and the sentence commuted to life imprisonment


He was High Steward of Cambridge University from 1958 to 1966, and High Steward of the City of Cambridge from 1963 until his death add something


David Renton, Baron Renton - Serving under Home Secretary Rab Butler, he pushed through acts including the Life Peerages Act 1958, the Street Offences Act 1958 and the Commonwealth Immigration Act 1962


She had been married to Augustine Courtauld , who had died in March 1959 add something


In the "Night of the Long Knives" reshuffle in 1962, Butler at last received the formal titles of Deputy Prime Minister and First Secretary of State add something


Office vacant from 18 October 1963 to 16 October 1964 add something


Office vacant from 18 October 1963 to 4 May 1979. c add something


Harold Wilson said that Butler would have won the 1964 General Election add something


Home appointed Butler Foreign Secretary, and he held this post he served until his party narrowly lost the 1964 general election add something


Felsted School - The school was evacuated to Goodrich Court in Herefordshire during the Second World War. Major building works took place for the 400th anniversary celebrations in 1964, when the Queen Mother laid the foundation stone for the new Music School, subsequently opened by Felsted governor Lord Butler of Saffron Walden,


Butler held this seat until his retirement in 1965 add something


Peter Michael Kirk - In February 1965, the former Conservative Chancellor and Deputy Prime Minister Rab Butler was elevated to the peerage and thereby gave up his parliamentary seat in Saffron Walden


Butler was active as the first Chancellor of the University of Essex from 1966 until his death add something


Trevelyan College - The official opening took place on 12 March 1968 by Lord Butler, Master of Trinity College, Cambridge, who was invited in view of the connection G.M. Trevelyan held with Trinity


His son, Adam Butler, was a member of parliament from 1970 to 1987 and a junior minister under Margaret Thatcher add something


From 1972 to 1975 he chaired the high profile Committee on Mentally Abnormal Offenders, widely referred to as the Butler Committee, which proposed major reforms to the law and psychiatric services, some of which have been implemented add something


In 1976, Gatcombe Park was sold to the Queen as a home for Princess Anne and Mollie and Butler bought back Spencers, the old Courtauld family home in Essex where Mollie had previously lived with Augustine Courtauld add something


Butler died in 1982 at Great Yeldham, Essex, and is buried in the churchyard of the parish church of St Mary the Virgin in Saffron Walden add something


Mollie continued living at Spencers after Butler's death in 1982 until her death on 18 February 2009 at the age of 101 add something

Rab Butler died in 1982 add something


Butler becomes World War II prime minister in the 2007 alternative history novel "Resistance" by Owen Sheers add something


Thorpe 2010, p361-2 Salisbury may not have been an entirely impartial returning officer, as Butler had replaced Salisbury as Under-Secretary for Foreign Affairs in 1938 when the latter resigned over appeasement add something


His father-in-law awarded him a private income of £5,000 a year after tax for life, the equivalent of a Cabinet Minister's salary, and equivalent to almost £260,000 at 2014 prices add something


Jago 2015, p115 In fact the signature of the Anglo-Polish Treaty on the afternoon of 25 August encouraged Hitler to postpone the invasion scheduled for 26 August add something


Jago 2015, p121 On 13 March 1940 Butler still hoped to get Pope Pius XII, Mussolini and President Roosevelt to put pressure on Hitler to make peace add something


Jago 2015, p429 Macmillan finally resigned that morning, the Queen calling on him in hospital shortly afterwards to receive his written "advice" add something


Jago 2015, p90 Butler spent most of the Sudeten Crisis with Channon at a meeting in Geneva about reform of the Covenant of the League of Nations add something


Steve Richards - In 2018, he presented another series of unscripted episodes for BBC Parliament, entitled "Reflections: The Prime Ministers We Never Had", which profiled Rab Butler, Denis_Healey, Tony Benn, Roy Jenkins, Neil Kinnock, Michael Heseltine, Kenneth Clarke, Michael Portillo, and David Miliband and Ed Miliband