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Rachael Taylor

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Rachael Taylor

Australian actress and model add

Category: Movies & TV

Born in 1984.

Countries: United States (73%), Australia (18%), (9%)

Education: undef.

Main connections: NBC, Netflix, Marvel Television

Linked to: Riverside High School, Working Dog Productions, HBO, NBC




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Rachael Taylor was born in 1984 add something


On 3 April 2006, she was nominated for a Logie Award for Most Popular New Female Talent for her role on "headLand" add something


Her most prominent role to date was as "Maggie", a signals analyst, in the 2007 "Transformers", where she appeared alongside Megan Fox and Shia LaBeouf add something


In 2009, she completed the Australian feature "Cedar Boys" and starred in the comedy "Splinterheads" add something


Matthew Newton - However, in August 2010 following two domestic violence incidents involving girlfriend Rachael Taylor at a hotel in Rome, Newton had to quit "The X Factor" due to 'medical advice'


In 2011, Taylor joined the cast of the short-lived remake of the television series "Charlie's Angels" add something


Josh Lucas - In 2011, Lucas co-starred with Rachael Taylor in the film "Red Dog", based on the true story of an Australian Kelpie


Taylor had key supporting role in the 2012 Australian comedy "Any Questions for Ben-", created by Working Dog Productions add something


She was cast after that show's end in the 2014 NBC series "Crisis" add something


She recently starred in the NBC action/thriller series "Crisis" as Agent Susie Dunn, though the show was cancelled May 9, 2014 add something


In January 2015, Taylor was cast as Patricia "Trish" Walker in Marvel and Netflix's series "A.K.A. Jessica Jones", which is set to premiere in 2015 add something


In January 2015, Taylor was cast as Patricia "Trish" Walker in Marvel and & Netflix's series "Jessica Jones", which has since premiered on Netflix as of November 20, 2015 add something


She would go on to reprise the role in a voiceover cameo in "Luke Cage" in 2016, in "The Defenders" in 2017, and in a second season of "Jessica Jones" in 2018 add something


In 2018, Taylor appeared in "Ladies in Black", an Australian comedy-drama, as a recurring role add something


In 2019, Taylor appeared in "Finding Steve McQueen" as Molly Murphy, starring beside Travis Fimmel, Forest Whitaker, and William Fichtner add something