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Radio Times

British weekly television and radio programme listings magazine, founded and originally published in-house by BBC Magazines from 1923 to 2011 when the BBC Magazines division was merged into Immediate Media Company add

Category: Journalism

Founded in 2005.

Countries: United Kingdom (79%), (8%), United States (5%)

Main connections: BBC, Doctor Who, David Tennant

Linked to: Immediate Media Company, BBC, BBC Radio, TVTimes




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In April 2005, a double-width cover was used to commemorate the return of the Daleks to "Doctor Who" and the forthcoming general election add something


Professional Publishers Association - In a public Internet vote, a "Radio Times" cover from May 2005, depicting Daleks crossing Westminster Bridge, was chosen as the best cover


Michael Buerk - Buerk asserted in a "Radio Times" interview in August 2005 that the "shift in the balance of power between the sexes" has gone too far and that men are now little more than "sperm donors"


The 2006 edition was edited by Kilmeny Fane-Saunders and featured an introduction by Barry Norman, former presenter of the BBC's "Film Programme" add something


Jeremy Paxman - In a "Radio Times" poll of 3,000 people in 2006, he was voted the fourth "scariest" TV celebrity


Tom Baker - In June 2006, Baker once again expressed interest in the role in a guest column for "Radio Times", noting that he "did watch a little bit of the new "Doctor Who" and I think the new fella, Tennant, is excellent


Billie Piper - A story in "The Independent" on 27 June 2006 stated that Piper has declared that she does not wish to claim any money from Evans's reported £30m wealth or his £540,000 salary from Radio Two. "I'm not taking a penny from him," she told the "Radio Times", "I think that's disgusting


Stephen Fry - In December 2006 he was ranked sixth for the BBC's Top Living Icon *award, was featured on "The Culture Show", and was voted "Most Intelligent Man on Television" by readers of "Radio Times"


The "Radio Times Guide to Films 2007" is introduced by Andrew Collins add something


David Tennant - He was named "Coolest Man on TV" of 2007 in a Radio Times survey


David Tennant - In 2007, Tennant's Doctor was voted the "coolest character" on UK television in a "Radio Times" survey


Nathaniel Parker - In a Radio Times interview in 2007, Parker said that his first big television break came in 1988 when he played a Battle of France pilot in ITV's glossy six-part drama "Piece of Cake"


Paul Ross - Since his mother Martha Ross has jokingly refused to speak to Paul unless, as she stated in a 2007 Radio Times interview, he presents her with some Ann Summers lingerie


However, the "Radio Times" still lives up to its name by being the most comprehensive source of UK radio listings in print, and since the 22 May 2007 edition has carried two extra pages of TV listings per day as part of a slight tweak in the publication's format, bringing it up to ten pages of listings per day in total add something


The most recent of these is when the Midlands and London/Anglia versions merged into one in August 2007 add something


Kirsty Lang - Lang contributes, on occasion, to publications including "The Times", "The Guardian" and the "Radio Times", and was chair of the Orange Prize for Fiction in 2008


Russell T Davies - In September 2008, BBC Books, an imprint of Random House Publishing, published "The Writer's Tale", a collection of emails between Davies and "Radio Times" and "Doctor Who Magazine" journalist Benjamin Cook


Chris Packham - In a 2009 interview with the "Radio Times", Packham suggested that the giant panda was too expensive to save, and that it "should be allowed to become extinct" so that funds could be redistributed to protecting other, less expensive animals and habitats


In 2011 it relaunched offering a diverse editorial product to accompany its listings and television, radio and film recommendations add something


The Christmas double issue of 2011 cost £2,50, which was more than twice the cost of a single issue add something


The price of an issue from that published on 23 December 2011 was £1,40 add something


In December 2012, the & BBC completed a digitisation exercise, scanning the listings of all BBC programmes from an entire run of about 4,500 copies of the magazine from the first issue to 2009, the 'BBC Genome project', with a view to creating an online database of its programme output add something


BBC - In December 2012, the BBC completed a digitisation exercise, scanning the listings of all BBC programmes from an entire run of about 4,500 copies of The Radio Times magazine from the first, 1923, issue to 2009 , the 'BBC Genome project', with a view to creating an online database of its programme output


The Great British Bake Off - It was nominated for the Radio Times Audience Award in 2013 and 2014


The cost of an issue commencing from that listing programmes for the first week of January 2013, published on 29 December 2012 bears a cover price of £1,60 add something


This rose again in January 2014 to £1,80 add something


John Humphrys - In a March 2014 interview with the Radio Times Humphrys noted some of the biases at the BBC, describing it as "broadly liberal as opposed to broadly conservative"


BBC Genome was released for public use on 15 October 2014 add something


Spiral (TV series) - According to an article published on January 10th 2015 in the Radio Times, work has already started on Series 6


The cost increased by a further 20p to £2,00 for the issue containing the listings for the first week in January 2015 add something


From January 2016 the price increased yet again to £2,30 per issue add something


Other changes saw the addition of Freeview EPG numbers into the channel headers, and include director and year of production details on all Film4 movies throughout the day, on 20 February 2016 after the closure of the & BBC Three channel, "Radio Times" now includes BBC Four in the main channels section with Channel 5 being relegated to the Freeview section pages add something