Raven (wrestler)

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Raven (wrestler)

American professional wrestler, producer, writer add

Category: Wrestling

Born in 1964.

Countries: United States (59%), Tennessee (12%), Canada (6%)

Education: undef.

Main connections: Tommy Dreamer, Steve Blackman, Bob Levy (comedian)

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Raven was born in 1964 add something


After graduating from the University of Delaware, Levy entered the wrestling business in 1988 as Scotty The Body in Memphis, Tennessee's Continental Wrestling Association, where he was the boy-toy of Missy Hyatt, who used him to her and Eddie Gilbert's advantage add something


He got his first major exposure as a wrestler in 1992 in World Championship Wrestling add something


On the March 28, 1992 edition of Smoky Mountain Wrestling, Commissioner Bob Armstrong announced that Scott Anthony was slated to compete in the SMW Heavyweight Title Tournament as a "wild card" entrant, but Anthony's signing with World Championship Wrestling likely prevented this add something


On July 5, 1992, Brad Armstrong defeated Levy to win the Light Heavyweight title add something


On January 7, 1995, now bulked-up to approximately 230 lb , Levy debuted in Extreme Championship Wrestling add something


The following week Raven explained his turn by saying that he hadn't forgotten how Dreamer had "stolen", and later married, his girlfriend Beulah McGillicutty, who turned on Raven back in 1996 during his and Dreamer's initial feud add something


This led to many bloody matches, culminating in an October 1996 match in which Sandman's son interfered to help his father add something


On June 30, 1997, Levy made his return to WCW as Raven add something


He lost the match and was not seen until 1999 add something


In "Wizard Magazine"'s May 1999 issue Levy is quoted as saying "I love the Marvel Knights line add something


In a backstage meeting in August 1999, which involved every contracted WCW wrestler, Eric Bischoff offered anyone their release right and there add something


Via a loophole in the contract, Levy rejoined ECW and signed a one-year contract on August 25, 1999 add something


Raven made a surprise return on ECW's debut on TNN and won the tag team title from the departing Dudley Boyz along with Tommy Dreamer on August 26, 1999 add something


CyberSlam 2000 was Raven's last ECW appearance with Francine, as she aligned with Justin Credible that evening add something


On December 22, 2000 in Chattanooga, he defeated Steve Blackman for the WWE Hardcore Championship, his first of a record 27 title reigns, though most of Raven's title reigns were short-lived add something


He started teaming with Justin Credible in late July 2001 add something


This did not last long either, as was banished from "Raw" after losing a match to former Extreme Championship Wrestling alumni Tommy Dreamer on June 24, 2002 add something


He briefly wrestled for the Ring of Honor promotion in 2003 add something


In 2003, Raven feuded with James Mitchell and the Disciples of the New Church add something


Although Raven did win his way back onto the "Raw" roster, he only had one match before being released from WWE the following week on January 20, 2003 add something


Raven debuted in TNA Wrestling on January 22, 2003, two days after his release from WWE, attacking and hitting his finisher on Jeff Jarrett and stealing the NWA World Heavyweight Title from him add something


On April 30, 2003 Raven got his first shot at Jarrett's NWA World Heavyweight title, yet Jarrett won the match add something


On September 17, 2003, Raven lost his trademark long hair after he was defeated by Shane Douglas in a hair versus hair match, thanks to the surprise interference of Vampiro add something


Also in 2004, Raven's old friend Sabu returned to TNA. Raven teamed with Sabu to defeat The Gathering one last time add something


In 2004, Raven teamed up with The Sandman to go against The Gathering add something


He is the 2005 King of the Mountain winner at Slammiversary in Total Nonstop Action Wrestling, being only the second person ever to win the annual event add something


In the 2005 documentary "Forever Hardcore", Raven revealed that he loves working with the Sandman , as all he has to do is "stand there and beat the piss out of him" add something


On June 19, 2005, Raven turned face and fulfilled his self-proclaimed destiny when he won the NWA World Heavyweight Championship at Slammiversary , defeating A.J. Styles, Abyss, Sean Waltman, and Monty Brown in a five way King of the Mountain match add something


On the TNA Primetime Special before Genesis 2006, the three came out in goth, addressing a new movement in TNA. After a loss at the pay-per-view, sporting a new look , Raven revealed himself as their leader, caning the loser of the match add something


Raven returned to TNA on April 23, 2006 at the Lockdown pay-per-view, and reignited his feud with Zbyszko add something


Levy has a wife named Selina Kyle, whom he married in January 2007 add something


Between April 11 and 18, 2008, Raven performed at four Australasian Wrestling Federation Events in Australia and New Zealand add something


In 2008, Levy recorded a song entitled "Burn In Hell" with production done by the Insane Clown Posse's own, Violent J. add something


Raven was officially released from TNA, and his profile was removed from the roster on March 7, 2008 add something


Levy was the heavyweight champion of CWA Pro Wrestling, an independent professional wrestling promotion based out of Orangeburg, South Carolina, South Carolina, from March 15 through August 8, 2008 add something


Levy starred in a low budget Australian film called "Sleeper", which was released 2012 add something


After an absence of more than a year, Raven surprised fans by returning to TNA on May 28, 2009 add something


On August 2, 2009, Raven defeated reigning champion Preston Quinn to win the Vanguard Championship Wrestling World Heavyweight Title in Norfolk, Virginia at the NorVa add something


In 2010, Levy began working as a stand-up comic, taking part in Bob Levy's "Levy World Order" comedy tour add something


In a 2010 interview Levy explained that the case was dismissed due to statute of limitations running out add something


In January 2010 Raven went to New South Wales Australia and challenged ACWA Australian Heavyweight Champion Shane O'Riley to a title match add something


On July 31, 2010 Raven was inducted into the Legends Pro Wrestling "Hall of Fame" by Jack Blaze in Wheeling, WV at their annual "LPW Great American Smash" event add something


In 2011, Raven starred in the music video "Owata" by the Smashing Pumpkins add something


On October 27, 2012 Raven appeared for Niagara Falls, Ontario, Ontario based promotion Busted Knuckle Pro Wrestling's Apocalypse event, defeating Eddie Osborne in a Clockwork Orange House of Fun match add something


In the early part of 2013, Raven toured Europe wrestling for various promotions in various countries including Germany and the Netherlands add something


Raveb spent 2014 in Nigeria and South Africa He debuted in WWP He defeated Fury in a singles match in a house show in Lagos,Nigeria on November 7, 2014 He won the WWP Tag Team Championships with Venus on November 24, They dropped on December 22, at house show in Abuja,Nigeria Raven debuted in a Nigerian Promotion He signed with NWF He made his debut on a main event defeating Strong Bone in a Hardcore Match on December 23, He teamed with The Scott Steiners where they defeated Sabu and The Wolves in a Christmas house show in Lagos He won the NWF World Heavyweight Championship on December 27, by add something


In August 2016, Levy returned to WWE on the WWE Network to talk about the legacy of the Hardcore Championship alongside Rob Van Dam and Mick Foley add something


On March 31st 2018, Raven is scheduled to make an appearance at the American X Wrestling event March Mayhem in Hamburg, PA. The match scheduled is suppose to be a 6 man elimination match add something