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Razer USA

Privately held computer peripherals manufacturer specializing in products specifically marketed to gamers add

Category: Business

Founded in 1998.

Countries: United States (45%), (45%), Malaysia (9%)

Main connections: Consumer Electronics Show, Razer Switchblade, Dell

Linked to: Cherry, Privately held company, Intel, Mad Catz




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It was positioned as the world's first 2000 dpi mouse and purported to give greater control and accuracy to gamers who used it add something


Razer was the first company to sponsor teams and donate prize money for team events Counter-Strike in 2001 add something


In 2004, Razer released an optical mouse called the "'Viper"' add something


Razer Switchblade - In 2009, Razer secretly hired a team of engineers who used to work for Apple, HP, and Dell


In August 2010, Razer's newly announced Onza Xbox 360 controller was banned from competitive play in Major League Gaming's games and tournaments add something


At Consumer Electronics Show 2011, Razer unveiled the Razer Switchblade, a handheld gaming device prototype, which won the Best of CES 2011 People's Voice award add something


In August 2011, Razer created a teaser site claiming that PC gaming was not dead add something


On August 26, 2011 the site forwarded to the homepage for the new Razer Blade, Razer's first laptop, claiming to be the "first true gaming laptop" add something


The site contained a countdown to August 26, 2011, and was coupled with a full page advertisement in the Wall Street Journal add something


At E3 2012 Razer unveiled another new mouse by the name of Taipan add something


Razer's final release for 2012 was a 4G dual laser gaming mouse, called the Razer Ouroboros add something


The Razer Blade laptop and Razer's Project Fiona tablet, announced at CES 2012, are the only exceptions add something


At CES 2013, Razer showed their Razer Edge tablet computer which was previously known as "Project Fiona" add something


CNET - As a result of the controversy and fearing damage to the show's brand, the CEA announced on January 31, 2013 that CNET will no longer decide the CES Best in Show award winner due to the interference of CBS , and the "Best in Show" award was jointly awarded to both the Hopper with Sling and Razer Edge


CBS - As a result of the controversy, the CEA announced on January 31, 2013 that CNET will no longer decide the CES Best in Show *award winner due to the interference of CBS , and the "Best in Show" *award was jointly *awarded to both the Hopper with Sling and Razer Edge


When Razer started selling their first tablet computer Razer Edge and Razer Edge Pro on March 1, 2013, the Razer Edge Pro proved so popular that it sold out after 10 days, 20 days before the release add something


In May 2013, Razer unveiled the 14-inch Blade and 17-inch Blade Pro gaming laptops with 4th-generation Intel Haswell processors add something


In July 2015, Razer announced it was purchasing the software division of videogame company Ouya add something


In 2015, the Razer Wildcat gaming controller was announced, available for pre-order and in stores in October 2015 add something


At Consumer Electronics Show 2016,Razer has been selected for People's Choice Winner for Razer Blade Stealth Ultrabook add something


In October 2016, Razer purchased THX according to THX CEO Ty Ahmad-Taylor add something


At CES 2017, Razer revealed Project Valerie, a triple display laptop, and Project Ariana, a projector that is designed to project onto a room with automatic room scanning add something


In January 2017, Razer bought manufacturer Nextbit, the startup behind the Robin smartphone add something


In November 2017, Razer unveiled the Razer Phone, its first smartphone add something


In July 2018, Razer made its debut in Malaysia by launching an e-wallet service called Razer Pay. add something


In February 2019, Razer announced it was closing its Razer Game Store as part of the company's realignment plans add something