Reed College

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Reed College

Private and independent liberal arts college located in southeast Portland in the U.S. state of Oregon add

Category: Sciences

Founded in 1908.

Countries: United States (73%), United Kingdom (10%), (7%)

Main connections: Oregon, Pietro Belluschi, Newsweek

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The "'Reed Institute"' was founded in 1908, and Reed College held its first classes in 1911 add something


The school song, "Fair Reed," is sung to the tune of the 1912 popular song "Believe Me, if All Those Endearing Young Charms add something


One of the unofficial symbols of Reed is the Doyle Owl, a roughly concrete statue that has been continuously stolen and re-stolen since 1913 add something


The school's student-run newspaper, "The Quest", has been published since 1913, and its radio station, KXRY , has been broadcasting, with a few interruptions, since 1955 add something


Canyon Day, a tradition dating back to 1915, is held twice a year add something


Robert O. Cornthwaite - "'Robert O. Cornthwaite"' was an American film and television character actor who began his acting career in 1937, appearing in a college production of "Twelfth Night", while attending Reed College in Portland, Oregon , Oregon


It was a label that the Reed community claimed from critics during the 1920s as a "tongue-in-cheek slogan" in reference to Reed's nonconformism add something


Reed President Richard Scholz in 1922 called the educational program as a whole "an honest effort to disregard old historic rivalries and hostilities between the sciences and the arts, between professional and cultural subjects, and, add something


Robert A. Brady (economist) - Brady worked his way into and through college, doing undergraduate studies in history, philosophy, and mathematics at Reed College, where he graduated in 1923


Herbert Jasper - Born in La Grande, Oregon, he attended Reed College in Portland, Oregon , Oregon and received his PhD in psychology from the University of Iowa in 1931 and earned a Doctor of Science degree from the University of Paris for research in neurobiology


Mary Barnard - She graduated from Reed College, just south of the Columbia River in Portland, Oregon , Oregon, in 1932


The Humanities program, which came into being in 1943 is one manifestation of this effort add something


William D. McElroy - He earned his masters degree in biology at Reed College and his PhD at Princeton University in 1943


Mason Gaffney - He earned his B.A. in 1948 from Reed College in Portland, Oregon


The Psychology Building, completed in 1949, was designed by Modernist architect Pietro Belluschi at the same time as his celebrated Equitable Building in downtown Portland,_Oregon (Portland,_Oregon,_Oregon) add something


During the McCarthy era of the 1950s, then-President Duncan Ballantine fired Marxist philosopher Stanley Moore, a tenured professor, for his failure to cooperate with the House Un-American Activities Committee investigation add something


William Dickey (poet) - He attended Reed College, graduating in 1951


Murray Leaf - After active duty for training in the United States Army Reserves in 1957, he attended the University of Arizona and Reed College, receiving a B.A. in Philosophy from Reed in 1961


Born in the 1960s as an actual renaissance fair, it has long since lost all connection to anachronism and the Renaissance, although its name has persisted add something


Ry Cooder - During the 1960s, he briefly attended Reed College in Portland, Oregon


Hugo Adam Bedau - Bedau gained his PhD from Harvard University in 1961 and subsequently taught at Dartmouth College, Princeton University and Reed College before joining Tufts in 1966


Peter Child - He began attending Keele University in Staffordshire, England, but transferred to Reed College in Portland, Oregon , Oregon in 1973 in a junior-year exchange program


Eric Overmyer - He graduated as a theater major from Reed College in 1973


Steven McGeady - Then in 1976 he enrolled at Reed College in Portland, Oregon , Oregon


A statement of "regret" by the Reed administration and Board of Trustees was published in 1981, formally revising the judgment of the 1954 trustees add something


Reed claims to have experienced very little grade inflation over the years, noting, for example, that only seven students graduated with a perfect 4,0 GPA in the period from 1983 to 2007" add something


The on-campus folklore of events surrounding the Doyle Owl is sufficiently large that, in 1983, a senior thesis was written on the topic of the Owl's oral history add something


It was established in 1988 as the result of a gift from Susan and Edward Cooley in honor of their late son add something


In 1993, then-President Steve Koblik invited Moore to visit the College, and in 1995 the last surviving member of the Board that fired Moore expressed his regret and apologized to him add something


Reed's concern intensified with disclosures in 1994 by the "Wall Street Journal" about institutions flagrantly manipulating data in order to move up in the rankings in "U.S. News" and other popular college guides add something


In 1995 Reed College refused to participate in the "U.S. News and World Report" "best colleges" rankings, making it the first educational institution in the United States to refuse to participate in college rankings add something


One change to the program was the addition of a course in Chinese Civilization in 1995 add something


"Rolling Stone", in its October 16, 1997, issue, argued that Reed's rankings were artificially decreased by "U.S. News" after they stopped sending data to "U.S. News and World Report add something


The Blue Bridge was originally known as the "Cross Canyon Bridge" until student Rain Lynham bought and installed black lights in 1998 as decoration for Renn Fayre, the traditional end of year, campus-wide party, of which she was the organizer that year add something


" Nicholas Thompson reiterated this judgment in an article in "The Washington Monthly" in 2000 add something


In 2003 the Paradox opened a second cafe, dubbing it the "Paradox Lost" , at the southern end of the biology building, in the space commonly called the "Bio Fishbowl" add something


Since 2004, Reed's campus has expanded to include adjacent properties beyond its historic boundaries, such as the Birchwood Apartments complex and former medical administrative offices on either side of SE 28th Avenue, and the Parker House, across SE Woodstock from Prexy add something


Reed's debating team, which had existed for only two years at the time, was awarded the first place sweepstakes trophy for Division II schools at the final tournament of the Northwest Forensics Conference in February 2004 add something


However, in 2005 Reed did submit statistics to The Princeton Review, and received first in Overall Undergraduate Academic Experience add something


In his 2005 Stanford commencement lecture, Apple Computer founder and Reed dropout Steve Jobs credited a Reed calligraphy class for his focus on choosing quality typefaces for the Macintosh add something


Linus Torvalds - In August 2005, Torvalds received the Vollum Award from Reed College


In discussing Reed's decision, former President Colin Diver wrote in an article for the November 2005 issue of the "Atlantic Monthly," "by far the most important consequence of sitting out the rankings game, however, is the freedom to pursue our own educational philosophy, not that of some news magazine add something


In 2006, "Newsweek" magazine named Reed as one of twenty-five "New Ivies", listing it among "the nation's elite colleges add something


Under the 10-year Campus Master Plan adopted in 2006, Foster-Scholz is scheduled to be demolished and replaced, and MacNaughton to be remodeled add something


Until 2006, it was thought that these residence halls had been designed by architect Pietro Belluschi add something


Into the Wild (film) - The scenes of graduation from Emory University in the film were shot in the fall of 2006 on the front lawn of Reed College


In Spring 2007, the College broke ground on the construction of a new quadrangle called with four new residence halls on the northwest side of the campus, which opened in Fall 2008 add something


It remains somewhat below its 2007 peak value add something


Reed announced on July 13, 2007, that it had purchased the Rivelli farm, a tract of land south of the Garden House and west of Botsford Drive add something


A new pedestrian and bicycle bridge spanning the canyon was opened in Fall 2008 add something


The new north-campus dorms, which opened in Fall 2008, feature yet another small cafe, dubbed "Cafe Paradiso", thereby providing three coffee shops within a campus add something


In 2009, The Princeton Review ranked Reed number two in "Best Classroom Experience", number three in "Students Study the Most", and number five in "Birkenstock-Wearing, Tree-Hugging, Clove-Smoking Vegetarians add something


In 2012, "Newsweek" ranked Reed the 15th "most rigorous" college in the nation add something


Katherine Dunn - In 2012 Dunn reunited with her boyfriend from Reed College, Paul Pomerantz, and they married


In 2015, a professor at Reed College banned a student from the discussion portion of his class, claiming in an email to the student that this was necessary because of the things the student had said "made others uncomfortable" and upset survivors of sexual assault add something


Reed is ranked as tied for the 93rd best liberal arts college by "U.S. News & World Report" in its 2016 rankings, and tied for 18th in its high school counselor rankings, although the former has been largely criticized by the college add something


In September 2016, when instructors of the Humanities 110 course started a discussion on cultural appropriation by playing the 1978 Steve Martin song "King Tut", a controversy began which lasted for the rest of the academic year add something


In November 2017, Chris Bodenner of "The Atlantic" wrote that "support for RAR seems to be collapsing" and credited this to the incoming freshmen students add something


On February 21st, 2018, Reed announced the construction of the "largest residence hall in its history add something


In January 2018, Humanities 110 Chair professor Libby Drumm announced in a campus-wide email that the course curriculum would be restructured in response to student feedback as well as input from a external review committee composed of humanities faculty from other institutes, adopting a "four-module structure" that would include texts from the Americas and allow greater flexibility in the curriculum which would be integrated beginning fall 2018 add something


On February 21, 2018, Reed announced the construction of the "largest residence hall in its history add something