Reform Party of the United States of America

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Reform Party of the United States of America

Political party in the United States, founded in 1995 by Ross Perot add

Category: Politics

Founded in 1995.

Countries: United States (55%), Minnesota (13%), Arizona (5%)

Main connections: Jesse Ventura, Ross Perot, Pat Choate

Linked to: United States House of Representatives, America First Party, Independence Party of New York, American Reform Party




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In 1995, Republicans took control of the House of Representatives, largely on the strength of the "Contract with America", which recognized and promised to deal with many of the issues Perot's voters had mobilized to support in 1992 add something


The "'Reform Party of the United States of America"' , generally known as the "'Reform Party USA"' or the "'Reform Party"', is a political party in the United States, founded in 1995 by Ross Perot add something


When the 1996 election season arrived, Perot at first held off from entering the contest for the Reform Party's presidential nomination, calling for others to try for the ticket add something


Pat Choate - Following the 1996 election, the Federal Election Commission certified the Reform Party as a national political party eligible for federal campaign matching funds, a historic first


By 1997, factional disputes began to emerge with the departure of a small group that believed Perot had rigged the 1996 party primary to defeat Lamm add something


According to the League of Women Voters, The Reform Party USA obtained more votes nationwide in 1998 than did any other third party in America add something


In 1998, the Reform Party received a boost when Jesse Ventura was elected governor of Minnesota add something


The party's most significant victory came when Jesse Ventura was elected governor of Minnesota in 1998 add something


Jesse Ventura - Four years after his mayoral term ended, Ventura was the Reform Party candidate in the Minnesota gubernatorial election of 1998, running a low-budget campaign centered on grassroots events and unusual ads that urged citizens not to "vote for politics as usual"


Jesse Ventura - Ventura ran for Governor of Minnesota in 1998 as the nominee for the Reform Party of Minnesota


While the endorsement generated publicity for Nader and the Reform Party, the party was only able to provide Nader with seven ballot lines down from the 49 of 51 guaranteed ballot lines the party had going into the 2000 election add something


Constitution Party (United States) - Buchanan's 2000 Reform Party running mate Ezola B. Foster switched her membership to the Constitution Party in 2002


Constitution Party (United States) - Buchanan's 2000 Reform Party running mate Ezola B. Foster switched her membership to the Constitution Party in 2002


Mark Foley - He was re-elected in 2000 with 60 percent of the vote against Democrat Jean Elliott Brown and Reform Party candidate John McGuire


John B. Anderson - In the 2000 U.S. presidential election, he was briefly considered as possible candidate for the Reform Party nomination but instead endorsed Ralph Nader


Donald Trump - In the 2000 election, Trump expressed a desire to run as a third-party candidate for the United States presidency, considering a bid for the nomination of the Reform Party as a business conservative, socially moderate candidate


The idea was to form a large coalition of moderates; that intention was overridden in 2001 by the Buchanan takeover which rewrote the RPUSA Constitution to specifically include platform planks opposed to any form of abortion add something


In 2002, Buchanan returned to the Republican Party add something


The Buchananists, in turn, were overridden by the 2002 Convention which specifically reverted the Constitution to its 1996 version and the party's original stated goals add something


Thad Cochran - No Democrat ran against him in 2002 and he faced only Reform Party candidate Shawn O'Hara, beating him by 84,6 to 15,4 percent


By the October 2003 National Convention, the Reform Party had only begun rebuilding, but several former state organizations had elected to rejoin now that the interference from the Freedom Parties was gone add something


Constitution Party (United States) - Nevertheless, all of the aforementioned parties except for the Reform Party endorsed the Constitution Party's Michael Peroutka as their presidential candidate in 2004


In 2005, a dispute arose: the number of National Committee members required under the party's by-laws to call meetings of the National Committee and the Executive Committee did so add something


In early 2005, press releases from the Reform Party indicated that the party was in the process of rebuilding, with appeals for donations, attempts to reconstitute state party affiliates that were lost during the breakaways of such groups as the Independence Party of Minnesota and the America First Party, and the election of new party officials add something


In 2006, the Reform Party nominated candidates in Arizona, and was petitioning to regain ballot access in several other states where state Reform Party organizations were active add something


The Florida Reform Party granted use of its ballot line for governor to Max Linn of Florida Citizens for Term Limits in the 2006 gubernatorial election add something


As of March 2007 the Reform Party had ballot access for the presidential election in 2008 in four states and had already started petitioning in an additional four add something


At the national convention, Ted Weill of Mississippi was nominated to be the party's 2008 presidential candidate add something


Collison said: "After over two years of litigation in Texas and New York, it is my profound pleasure to announce that US District Court Judge Joseph Bianco of the Eastern District of New York has ruled in our favor, and has further reinforced the 2008 ruling of Judge Carl Ginsberg of the 193rd District Court in Texas add something


Frank McEnulty of California, the 2008 presidential candidate of the New American Independent Party, was nominated to be the party's 2008 vice-presidential candidate add something


Frank MacKay of the dissident Independence Party of New York faction had made the endorsement, not the Reform Party USA. Reform Party USA Reference David Collison, the Reform Party's chairman, said during a 2009 interview, "Do you believe that any legitimate national party would endorse the Republican candidate for President rather than have a candidate of their own-" add something


On December 4, 2009, a New York Federal judge heard "MacKay v Crews" on the question of who are the "legal" Reform Party officers add something


On December 16, 2009 the judge ruled in favor of David Collison's faction add something


In January 2010, Central Intelligence Agency operations officer Charles S. Faddis announced his support of the party in "The Baltimore Sun": "I have decided to throw in my lot with the Reform Party of the United States add something


In February 2010, former Reform Party Chairman Pat Choate emerged to discuss the appeal of the Tea Party movement, contrasting it with Ross Perot's party, saying: "The difference with the Tea Party is it's been heavily pushed by a bunch of talk-show conservatives add something


In April 2010, Dan Quayle condemned the Reform Party on CBS, saying: "Many remember the Reform Party of the 1990s, which formed around the candidacy of Ross Perot add something


Kristin Davis, the Manhattan madam involved in the Eliot Spitzer scandal, announced on June 27, 2010 that she was running for Governor using the Reform Party name after failing to secure to Libertarian Party nomination add something


On June 29, 2010, Reform Party National Committee chairman David Collison sent Davis a cease-and-desist notice demanding that she immediately change the name under which she is seeking to run for Governor add something


The Reform Party of New York State is an unrelated political party founded in 2014 as the Stop Common Core Party add something


Bill Merrell has, at the 2016 meeting, held on Long Island NY, been elected the National Chairperson for the Reform Party effective 1-1-2017 add something


The Reform Party of New York State was briefly affiliated with the national party from January until September 2016, when Curtis Sliwa led a hostile takeover of the state party add something