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First Danish computer company, founded on October 12, 1955 add

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Founded in 1950.

Countries: Denmark (67%), (33%)

Main connections: Peter Naur, Anders Fogh Rasmussen

Linked to: Intel, Zilog




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Through the 1950s and 60s they designed a series of computers, originally for their own use, and later to be sold commercially add something


After several years in the advisory role, in 1952 they decided to form a computing service bureau for Danish government, military and research uses add something


The group decided to build their own version of the BESK to run the bureau, and formed Regnecentralen in October 1955 to complete and run the machine add something


"'Regnecentralen"', or "'RC"' for short, was the first Danish computer company, founded on October 12, 1955 add something


The result was the DASK, a vacuum tube-based machine that completed construction in 1956 and went into full operation in February 1957 add something


After the first European ALGOL conference in 1959, RC started an effort to produce a series of compilers, completing one for the DASK in September 1961 add something


Peter Naur - From 1959 to 1969, he was employed at Regnecentralen, the Danish computing institute, while at the same time giving lectures at the Niels Bohr Institute and the Technical University of Denmark


Christian Andersen, another RC employee, wrote the first introductory text on the language, "Everyman's Desk ALGOL", in 1961 add something


DASK was followed in 1961 by the fully transistorized GIER, used for similar tasks add something


GIER is an acronym for "Geodaetisk Instituts Elektronisk Regnemaskine" and was introduced there on September 14, 1961 add something


A version for the GIER followed in August 1962 add something


In 1964 Regnecentralen was taken public, although the majority of the company's shares were held by its biggest customers add something


Today this concept is known as a microkernel, and efforts to correct for Monitor's poor performance formed the basis of most OS research through the 1970s and 1980s add something


Descendants of these systems sold well into the 1980s add something


During the 1980s, RC produced the RC 700 Piccolo and RC 759 Piccoline systems, which were primarily sold to Danish schools add something


Regnecentralen was acquired by ICL in 1989 add something


Anders Fogh Rasmussen - In 1992 Rasmussen resigned from his ministerial posts after a report from a commission of inquiry had decided that he had provided the Folketing with inaccurate and incomplete information regarding his decision to postpone payment of several bills from Regnecentralen and Kommunedata from one accounting year to the next


Feeding the tape at 5 meters per second, the 2000 could read 2,000 characters per second , storing the results in a buffer while the computer periodically read the data back out instead of stopping the tape to wait for the computer to get ready add something


One of their most popular was the RC 2000 paper tape reader, introduced in 1963 add something