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French multinational vehicle manufacturer established in 1899 add

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Founded in 1899.

Countries: France (33%), (21%), United States (7%)

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The Renault corporation was founded in 1899 as "'Société Renault Frères"' by Louis Renault and his brothers Marcel and Fernand add something


Marcel Renault won the 1902 Rallye Paris-Vienna, but lost his life while competing in the 1903 Paris-Madrid add something


Both Louis and Marcel Renault raced company vehicles, but Marcel was killed in an accident during the 1903 Paris-Madrid race add something


Louis Delage - There, he was employed in the engineering and design department of a motor vehicle manufacturing concern until 1903 when he received an offer to join the fledgling Renault automobile company


In 1905 the company introduced mass-production techniques, and Taylorism in 1913 add something


The first car with Renault's optional bodywork was the "Taxi de la Marne" introduced in 1905 add something


Although Louis Renault never raced again, his company remained very involved, including Ferenc Szisz winning the first Grand Prix motor racing event in a Renault AK 90CV in 1906 add something


Louis was to take full control of the company as the only remaining brother in 1906 when Fernand retired for health reasons add something


Louis Renault enlarged the scope of his company after 1918, producing agricultural and industrial machinery add something


In 1920, he signed one of its first distribution contracts with Gustave Gueudet, an entrepreneur from northern France add something


This continued through the 1920s and it was not until 1930 that all models had the radiator at the front add something


Gueudet - In any event, Gustave Gueudet and Louis Renault sign their first distribution contract in 1920


The Renault diamond logo has been through many iterations since it first was used in 1925 add something


The bonnet badge changed from circular to the familiar and continuing diamond shape in 1925 add something


For example a "1927" model was mostly produced in 1928 add something


The 1927 six-cylinder Grand Renault models NM, PI and PZ introduced the new three spring rear suspension that considerably aided road holding that was needed as with some body styles over was possible add something


The newly introduced 1927 Vivasix, model PG1, was sold as the "executive sports" model add something


Exports to the USA by 1928 had almost reduced to zero from their high point prior to WW1 when to ship back a Grand Renault or similar high class European manufactured car was common add something


Renault introduced in 1928 an upgraded specification to the larger cars designated "Stella" add something


The London operation was very important to Renault in 1928 add something


The 8-cylinder Reinastella was introduced in 1929 add something


This proved to be a winning marketing differentiator and in the 1930s all cars changed to the Stella suffix from the previous two alpha character model identifiers add something


Pierre Bezier - From 1933 to 1975 Bézier worked for Renault, where he would ultimately develop his UNISURF CAD CAM system


Marcel Albert - He became a mechanic, building gearboxes for Renault, and was accepted for pilot training in the French Armée de l'Air in May 1938


This model led on to a range culminating in the 1939 Suprastella add something


After the French capitulation in 1940, Louis Renault refused to produce tanks for Nazi Germany, which took control of his factories add something


On 3 March 1942, the RAF launched 235 low-level bombers at the Billancourt plant, the largest number of aircraft aimed at a single target during the war add something


Renault resolved to rebuild the factory as quickly as possible, but a further heavy bombardment a year later, on 4 April, this time delivered by the Americans, caused further damage, as did subsequent allied bombardments on 3 and 15 September 1943 add something


He presented himself to Judge Marcel Martin, on 22 September 1944 add something


Louis Renault was arrested on 23 September 1944, like several other French auto-industry leaders at the time add something


On 1 January 1945, by decree of General Charles de Gaulle based on the untried accusations of collaboration, the company was expropriated from Louis Renault posthumously and on 16 January 1945 it was formally nationalised as "Régie Nationale des Usines Renault" add something


The yellow first appeared in the diamond badge of 1946 when Renault was nationalised add something


Lutte Ouvriere (France) - This developed factory work throughout the war and was instrumental in the Renault strike of 1947, along with the anarcho-syndicalists


French Communist Party - Domestically, large-scale strikes broke out at Renault factories in April 1947


Pierre Dreyfus - He combined his civil service duties with the vice-presidency of the newly nationalised Renault auto business between 1948 and 1955, and was appointed Renault CEO, following the death on February 11, 1955, in a road accident of Pierre Lefaucheux, the previous incumbent


Pierre Bezier - As Director of Production Engineering in 1949, he designed the "transfer machines" that produced most of the mechanical parts for the Renault 4CV


In the 1950s the Renault Dauphine won several international rallies, including the 1956 Mille Miglia and the 1958 Monte Carlo Rally add something


Lutte Ouvriere (France) - After attempts to revive the Trotskyist Group, "'Voix Ouvrière"' was founded in 1956 by Robert Barcia, known as "Hardy" and the group's pre-eminent leader, and by , a leading activist in the Renault plant


Automotive industry in France - In 1957 the company is bought by Renault


Pierre Dreyfus - By the end of 1958, with Dreyfus less than three years into his time at the top, a million Renault 4CVs and half a million Dauphines had been sold


Pierre Dreyfus - The following year, 1959, Renault ranked as the world's sixth largest auto-maker


In the mid 1960s an Australian arm, Renault Australia, was set up in Heidelberg, Melbourne, the company would produce and assemble models from the R8, R10, R12, R16, sporty R15, R17 coupe's to the R18 and R20, soon the company would close in 1981 add something


Pierre Bezier - Bézier began managing technical development at Renault in 1960


Pierre Dreyfus - During Dreyfus's twenty years in charge, Renault went on to consolidate its position as France's top selling car maker, gaining particular recognition in the 1960s for popularizing front wheel drive hatchback sedans across Europe, most notably the 4, 5 and 16 models


Renault 12 - In Brazil, a version of the 12 was sold as the Ford Corcel and later the Ford Del Rey, when Ford do Brasil acquired the factory and rights to build the car from Willys-Overland, which had jointly developed the Brazilian version with Renault in the late 1960s


Renault 10 - The 8 design looks very similar to the Alfa Romeo front-wheel drive prototype "tipo 103" , because Alfa Romeo and Renault had a business relationship in the 1950s and 1960s


The 4CV proved itself a capable rival for cars such as the Morris Minor and Volkswagen Beetle; its sales of more than half a million ensured its production until 1961 add something


From 1962 to 1967, Renault assembled complete knock down kits of the Rambler Classic sedans in its factory in Belgium add something


The inaugural Australian Wheels Car of the Year award was won by the R8 in 1963 , and Renault won again in 1970 when the Renault 12 won the prestigious award add something


Renault 10 - For 1963 , Renault offered a semi-automatic transmission of unique design, developed and produced by Jaeger


Renault 10 - In 1963 the Renault 8 was awarded Wheels Magazine Australia's Car of the Year Award


The Clio is the only car since the prize's conception in 1964 to win the award twice add something


Renault 10 - The "' & Renault 8"' and "'Renault 10"' are two small family cars produced by the French manufacturer Renault in the 1960s and early 1970s


Renault 12 - In 1965, & Renault began to study a new model to bridge the gap between the Renault 8 and the Renault 16


Renault 10 - In 1965, the Renault 10 Major, a more luxurious version of the 8 with different front and rear styling, was released, replacing the 8 Major


Renault 16 - The "' & Renault 16"' is a large family hatchback produced by French automaker Renault between 1965 and 1980 in Le Havre, France


Renault 16 - The reviewer in the May 1965 edition of the Englishb "Motoring Illustrated" said: "The Renault Sixteen can thus be described as a large family car but one that is neither a four door saloon and nor is it quite an estate


The company achieved success with the more modern and more upmarket Renault 16, a pioneering hatchback launched in 1966, followed by the smaller Renault 6 add something


Renault 16 - The Renault 16 was voted European Car of the Year by a board of European motoring journalists in 1966


Renault 12 - The Corcel was in fact launched in Brazil in 1968, before the Renault 12 was launched in France


Renault 16 - Initially, Renault sold the R16 with just a 1,4 L gasoline engine in "GL" specification for which was claimed; in March 1968 there appeared at the Geneva Motor Show the 1,6 L I4 "TS" which could top


Renault 16 - An automatic transmission version, designated the Renault 16 TA, was introduced at the Geneva Motor Show early in 1969


Renault 18 - The Renault 18 was intended as a replacement for the Renault 12, which, having been in production since 1969, was beginning to show its age by the late 1970s, though the 12 was kept in production alongside the 18 until 1980


Renault 12 - The "' & Renault 12"' is a family car produced by French automaker Renault between 1969 and 1980


The first popular Renault motor vehicles to achieve sustained sales success in the United Kingdom were the R5 mini-car and R18, both of which attained six-digit sales figures during the late 1970s and early 1980s, although they failed to achieve anything like the volumes of established carmakers Ford, Vauxhall and Austin Rover add something


Throughout the 1970s the R4, R5, R6, R12, R15, R16 and R17 maintained Renault's production with further new models launched including the Renault 18 and Renault 20 add something


Renault 12 - The Renault 12 was popular in Argentina and Colombia, during the 1970s and 1980s


Renault 12 - The Renault 12 won Australia's Wheels magazine's Car of the Year award in 1970


Renault 10 - They were produced in Bulgaria until 1970 , and an adapted version of the Renault 8 continued to be produced in Spain until 1976


Renault 12 - A Renault 12-based car was made in Turkey by Oyak-Renault between 1971 and 2000


Renault 10 - Although production of the Renault 10 ended in 1971, the 8 was still sold in France as late as 1973


Renault 10 - French production of the & Renault 10 ceased in 1971, when the model was replaced by the commercially more successful Renault 12


The company's compact and economical Renault 5 model, launched in 1972, was another success, particularly in the wake of the 1973 energy crisis add something


To modernize its image, Renault asked Victor Vasarely to design its new logo in 1972 add something


In 1973, Renault took control of Automobiles Alpine, a related company for several years, which was responsible for building successful rally cars such as the A110 add something


Renault 12 - In Colombia, this car was assembled at the plant of Renault SOFASA between 1973 to 1981, from CKDs that came from Argentina and France


Renault 10 - The Renault 8 ceased production and sales in France in 1973


In 1976, the Alpine's competition department and the Gordini factory at Viry-Chatillon were merged into Renault Sport add something


Renault 14 - The "' & Renault 14"' is a small family car produced by the French manufacturer Renault between 1976 and 1983


Renault 12 - In October 1976 the 1,289 cc engine was replaced by a larger capacity 1,397 cc unit, and this new model was marketed as the Renault 1,4 Litre


From 1977, they assembled Ford Cortina station wagons under contract- the loss of this contract led to the closure of the factory add something


Renault introduced the turbo engine to Formula One when they debuted their first car, the Renault RS01 at Silverstone in 1977 add something


Formula One - By then, however, turbocharged engines, which Renault had pioneered in 1977, were producing over and were essential to be competitive


In the seventies, Renault set up a dedicated motorsport division called Renault Sport, and won the Le Mans 24 Hours with the Renault Alpine A442 in 1978 add something


In North America, Renault formed a partnership with American Motors, lending AMC operating capital and buying a small percentage of the company in late 1979 add something


The second-generation Renault 5, the European Car of the Year-winning Renault 9, and the most luxurious Renault yet, the 25 were all released in the early 1980s, building Renault's reputation, but at the same time the company suffered from poor product quality which reflected badly in the image of the brand and the ill-fated Renault 14 is seen by many as the culmination of these problems in the early 1980s add something


Throughout the 1980s and 1990s, Renault's European advertising made extensive use of Robert Palmer's song "Johnny and Mary" add something


When the bottom fell out of the 4×4 truck market in early 1980 AMC was in danger of going bankrupt add something


Renault 12 - & Renault 12 production and sales ended in western Europe in 1980, but the model continued to be produced and sold by Renault affiliates elsewhere


Formula One - After having virtually disappeared by the early 1980s, factory teams made a comeback in the 1990s and 2000s and formed up to half the grid with Ferrari, Jaguar, BMW, Renault, &Toyota, and Honda either setting up their own teams or buying out existing ones


Automotive industry in France - By the early 1980s, Renault takes control of the company, but sells American Motors to Chrysler in 1987


Renault 14 - Many Renault 14 were used by the French police in the 1980s


Renault 16 - Production of the & Renault 16 continued until 1980 when it was finally replaced by the less successful Renault 20


The focus shifted to Formula One, although Renault achieved several victories including the 1981 Monte Carlo Rally with the Renault 5 Turbo before retirement from the world rally in late 1994 add something


In 1982 Renault become the second European automaker to build cars in the United States, after Volkswagen add something


The Marreau brothers won the 1982 edition driving a Renault 20 Turbo 4x4 prototype add something


Assembled at AMC's plant in Kenosha, Wisconsin, the Alliance received Motor Trend's domestic Car of The Year award in 1983 add something


From 1983 to 1984, Renault sponsored an Unlimited hydroplane in the United States add something


Miss Renault won the 1983 World Championship race in Houston, Texas add something


One exception was the Renault Alliance , which debuted for the 1983 model year add something


Formula One - Since 1983, Formula One had been dominated by specialist race teams like Williams, McLaren, and Benetton, using engines supplied by large car manufacturers like Mercedes-Benz, Honda, Renault, and Ford


Formula One - Drivers from McLaren, Williams, Renault and Ferrari, dubbed the "Big Four", won every World Championship from 1984 to 2008 and the teams themselves won every Constructors' Championship from 1979 to 2008


Louis Schweitzer (CEO) - He joined Renault in 1986 and became Chief Financial Officer and Head of Strategic Planning in 1988


This succeeded in halving the deficit by 1986, but he was murdered by the communist terrorist group "Action Directe" in November 1986 add something


He was replaced by Raymond Lévy, who continued along the same lines as Besse, slimming down the company considerably with the result that by the end of 1987 the company was more or less financially stable add something


The Renault Medallion sedan and wagon was sold from 1987 to 1989 through Jeep-Eagle dealerships add something


Renault 19 - The "' & Renault 19"' is a small family car that was produced by the French car manufacturer Renault between 1988 and 1996


From 1989 Renault supplied engines to the successful Williams-Renault car add something


However, Renault products were no longer imported into the United States after 1989 add something


Renault 19 - The Renault 19 was awarded the 1989 Car of the Year in Spain and Germany, 1990 Car of the Year in Ireland, and 1993 Car of the Year in Argentina


A revitalised Renault launched several successful new cars in the early 1990s, including the successful 5 replacement, the Clio in 1990 add something


It was regularly among Britain's most popular cars each year during the 1990s and its successor , where the original model left off add something


The earlier television advertisements used Palmer's original version, while a range of special recordings in different styles were produced during the 1990s; most famously Martin Taylor's acoustic interpretation which he released on his album Spirit of Django add something


Renault 16 - Retired Renault styling chief Patrick le Quément made no secret of his admiration for the R16 and incorporated a subtle tribute to its "bird-beak" grille in the corporate look he devised for models such as the Laguna, Mégane and Scénic that the company launched in the 1990s


Renault enjoyed a huge rise in popularity among British buyers on the arrival of the Clio supermini in early 1991 add something


Robert Opron - After Renault he joined Fiat and from 1991 to 2000 he operated his design consultancy in Verrières-le-Buisson in south Paris


Carl Hahn - This shift in American tastes caused Fiat and Renault to quit the United States and Canada during the decade, and the ill-fated Yugo brand followed suit in 1991, making Volkswagen the last European car brand selling mass-market products in those two countries


Louis Schweitzer was Chairman and CEO from 1992 to 2005, in succession to Raymond Lévy add something


Other important launched included the second-generation Espace and the innovative Twingo in 1992 add something


The current diamond badge has been in use since 1992, though the Renault brand logo was updated in 2007 when a square of yellow and the word Renault was added to form a new logo for print and web use add something


Yvan Muller - After competing in French Formula Renault and French Formula Three, he won the British Formula Two championship title in 1992 and competed in the FIA Formula 3000 Championship in 1993


Louis Schweitzer (CEO) - He was Renault's Chairman and CEO from May 1992 to April 2005, and president of the Renault-Nissan Alliance Board from 2001 to 2005


Tim Harvey - He had a difficult 1993 season developing the Renault 19 for the new Renault entry but still managed to win the European Grand Prix support race in lurid conditions, while he was outpaced by team-mate Alain Menu in 1994 in the new Laguna


Alain Menu - In 1993 Menu began a six-year association with Renault in the BTCC, who had just entered the series with the GB Motorsport run Renault 19


In 1995, Design and Quality were merged under le Quément direction add something


Alain Menu - The running of the Renault team was taken over by WilliamsF1 for the 1995 season and Menu was joined by former Toyota driver Will Hoy


It was eventually decided that the company's state-owned status was detrimental to its growth, and Renault was privatized in 1996 add something


Ford of Europe - Ford entered the city car market in 1996 with its oddly-named and oddly-styled Ka, and was beaten into second place in the 1997 European Car of the Year award by the Renault Scenic


In 1997, the French branches were merged to establish the subsidiary Renault France Automobiles add something


Alain Menu - He continued with Renault in 1997 and was joined by Renault Spider champion Jason Plato


Taylor recorded many alternate versions for Renault; the last being in 1998 for the launch of the all-new Renault Clio add something


Rob Austin - His career started in British Formula Renault in 1998, where he raced until 1999


Renault Samsung Motors - Since 1998 Renault &Samsung Motors has been selling cars in Chile when the company introduced the SQ5


The 1999 car was the first two-wheel drive Dakar's winner add something


Nissan Motor Company - In 1999, with Nissan facing severe financial difficulties, Nissan entered an alliance with Renault S.A. of France


Irisbus - "'Irisbus"' is a bus manufacturer which was formed through the merger of the bus and coach divisions of Fiat Industrial, Iveco and Renault in January 1999 and Ikarus Bus in late 1999


Renault took over the Benetton Formula team in 2000 for the 2001 season and became Renault F1 in 2002 add something


Renault went from strength to strength in the UK during the 2000s following the introduction of its distinctively styled Mégane hatchback in November 2002 add something


The second generation of the Laguna and Mégane featured ambitious, angular designs which turned out to be successful, with the 2000 Laguna being the first European family car to feature "keyless" entry and ignition add something


Isabel Coixet - Coixet was creative director of JWT, founder and creative director of the agency Target and the production company Eddie Saeta and, since 2000, owner of Miss Wasabi Lab SL. She has done ads for British Telecommunications, Ford, Danone, BMW, IKEA, Evax, Renault, &Peugeot, Winston, Kronenbourg, Pepsi, Kellogg Company, MCI, Helene Curtis, Procter Gamble, Philip Morris and the ONCE foundation , amongst others


Formula One - However by the end of the 2000s factory teams were once again on the decline with only Ferrari, Mercedes-Benz and Renault lodging entries to the 2010 championship


It was opened in November 2000, located on the site of Pub Renault, which ran from 1963 to 1999 add something


In 2001, it served as the basis for Renault Europe Automobiles , which was created to manage sales in Europe add something


Renault Trucks, previously Renault Industriels, has been part of Volvo Trucks since 2001 add something


UD Trucks - AB Volvo acquired the truck division of Renault in 2001


Rob Collard - He only raced a partial season in the renamed Production Class in 2001, concentrating on preparing a Renault Clio for a full assault on the Production Class in 2002 with his own Collard Racing team


Volvo - On 2 January 2001, "Renault Véhicules Industriels" was sold to Volvo, which renamed it Renault Trucks in 2002


Jenson Button - Despite Button's performances, and his desire to stay with Renault, it was announced at the French Grand Prix that he would make way in 2003 for test driver Fernando Alonso


Avtoframos - From the end of 2002 to 2004 the plant produced the & Renault Symbol, the three-box version of the Renault Clio


Jenson Button - The following year he switched to Benetton, which in became Renault, and for the 2003 season he moved to BAR


Lagardere Group - With the death of Jean-Luc Lagardère on March 14, 2003, Arnaud Lagardère was appointed General Partner of Lagardère SCA. That same year, Lagardère sold off its interest in Renault as well as its automotive engineering business


In 2004, French typeface designer Jean-François Porchez was commissioned to design a replacement add something


Renault SA ceased manufacturing large goods vehicles by 2004 when it sold its truck and military divisions to Volvo in 2001 and its bus and tram business to Irisbus in 1999 add something


Renault's agricultural division was sold to CLAAS in 2004 add something


The Laguna was the first Renault to achieve a 5 star rating; in 2004 the Modus was the first to achieve this rating in its category add something


Any suggestions that its quirky styling would not fit in with the tastes of British buyers were quickly confounded in 2005 when it was the fourth best selling car in Britain add something


In 2005 and 2006 the team won the Constructors' and Drivers' titles add something


Renault India Private Limited is the Indian subsidiary of Renault established in 2005 add something


Renault was in talks with VAZ on and off since 2005, initially insisting on CKD assembly of Logan cars with its facilities, while VAZ intended to keep its own Lada brand and only wished to acquire a new platform and engine add something


Renault India Private Limited - In 2005, Renault established a 51:49 joint venture with Mahindra & Mahindra Limited to form Mahindra Renault Limited


Avtoframos - Since 2005, the plant assembles the Renault Logan


Louis Schweitzer (CEO) - On 29 April 2005 he became Chairman of the Renault Board of Directors


Formula One - Schumacher's championship streak ended on 25 September 2005 when Renault driver Fernando Alonso became Formula One's youngest champion at that time


By 2006 Renault was the third most popular brand of car in the United Kingdom, only Ford and Vauxhall sold more units add something


Formula One - During 2006, Renault and Alonso won both titles again


On 30 June 2006, the media reported that General Motors convened an emergency board meeting to discuss a proposal by shareholder Kirk Kerkorian to form an alliance between GM and Renault-Nissan add something


This did not sit well with Renault; subsequently, talks between GM and Renault ended on 4 October 2006 add something


In 2007 Renault-Nissan were in talks with Indian manufacturer Bajaj Auto to develop a new ultra-low-cost car along the lines of the Tata Nano add something


Renault introduced a new line of eco-friendly derivatives in 2007 marked eco² based on normal production cars add something


Formula One - Drivers are not required to have competed at this level before entering Formula One. British F3 has supplied many F1 drivers, with champions including Nigel Mansell, Ayrton Senna and Mika Häkkinen having moved straight from that series to Formula One. More rarely a driver may be picked from an even lower level, as was the case with 2007 World Champion Kimi Räikkönen, who went straight from Formula Renault to F1


Karl Reindler - He joined the ranks of the Asian Formula Renault V6 series in 2007, but only ran one meeting


Renault India Private Limited - In May 2007, the joint-venture launched the Renault Logan, produced at a manufacturing plant in Nashik, Maharashtra


At the 2008 Fleet World Honours, Renault was rewarded with the Environment Award add something


In 2008 Renault-Nissan signed a deal to mass-produce electric cars for an initiative in Israel with Better Place, a US company developing new non-petroleum based transport infrastructure add something


In 2008, the company adopted its current name add something


Renault revealed the Ondelios hybrid concept in 2008 add something


Since 2008 Renault displayed various all-electric car concepts under the name "Z.E.", starting with a concept based on the Renault Kangoo Be Bop. Further concepts and announcements followed, with a pledge to start production of the Fluence Z.E. saloon in 2011 and the Renault Zoe in 2012 add something


Shai Agassi - In January 2008, the Israeli government announced its support for a broad effort to promote the use of electric cars, embracing a joint venture between Better Place, Renault and its partner, Nissan Motor Company


Renault do Brasil - In April 2008, Renault opened in São_Paulo (São_Paulo,_Brazil) its first design center in the American continent


Renault India Private Limited - In September 2008, Renault India opened its fifth global vehicle design studio in Mumbai


On 7 October 2008, the Wall Street Journal reported that a Renault executive said the company was interested in acquiring or partnering with Chrysler, which at the time was owned by the private equity firm Cerberus Capital Management add something


On 11 October 2008, the New York Times reported that General Motors, Nissan and Renault had all been in discussions over the past month with Cerberus about acquiring Chrysler add something


At the end of 2009, le Quément was replaced by Laurens van den Acker, which introduced the "cycle of life" concept to Renault's design add something


Avtoframos - In 2009, the plant started producing the & Renault Sandero hatchback, which will be joined by the Renault Duster in 2011


Elf Aquitaine - This changed in 2009, when the Renault &Formula_One cars replaced the Elf logos with Total logos


As of March 2009, 20 million visitors have visited L'Atelier Renault add something


Automotive industry in France - Total worldwide motor vehicle production by Renault in 2010 was 2,716,286, of which 2,395,876 were passenger vehicles


In February 2010, Renault opened a new production factory in Tangier, Morocco, with an annual output capacity of 170,000 vehicles add something


Renault India Private Limited - In February 2010, Mahindra and Renault announced the dissolution of their joint-venture, with Mahindra buying out Renault's shares


Renault India Private Limited - In March 2010, Renault India and Nissan India opened a production facility in Chennai


RCI Banque - On 24 March 2010, RCI Banque's Diac and Renault F1 signed a sponsorship agreement which lasted from the Australian to the Monaco Grand Prix of that year


In April 2010, Renault-Nissan announced a new alliance with Mercedes-Benz parent company Daimler with Renault supplying Mercedes-Benz with its brand new 1,6 L turbodiesel engine and Mercedes-Benz to provide a 2,0 L four-cylinder petrol engine to Renault-Nissan add something


On 7 April 2010 Renault-Nissan executive, Carlos Ghosn and Daimler AG executive, Dieter Zetsche announced a partnership between the three companies in a joint press conference add something


The Koleos SUV was withdrawn from the UK in August 2010 due to slow sales under 3,000 units add something


Renault powered the winning 2010 Red Bull Racing team, and entered to a similar role with its old team in December 2010, when sold the final participation on it to the investment group Genii Capital, the main stakeholder since December 2009, ending Renault's direct role in running a F1 team for the second time add something


However, in 2011 Renault's fortunes fell again add something


In late 2011, Renault announced that the Laguna, Espace, Kangoo, Modus, and Wind lines would be withdrawn from the UK due to cutting costs and 55 of its 190 British dealerships would be closed add something


Originally Renault's presence in India was as a result of the joint venture Mahindra Renault which manufactured the Dacia Logan until 2011, when it was facelifted and re-launched as the Mahindra Verito add something


Renault collaborated with Better Place to produce a network of all-electric vehicles and thousands of charging stations in Denmark, planned to be operational by 2011 add something


Clare Maguire - A remix of the song was used in Renault's 2011 Clio commercial entitled "What is Va Va Voom-"


Fiat - In 2011, Fiat was the fourth largest European automaker by production behind Volkswagen Group, PSA, and Renault and the eleventh largest automaker by production in the world


Renault do Brasil - In 2011, the Brazilian growth of Renault was seven times bigger than the market average, with 194,300 cars sold and a market share of 5,7 percent


Renault India Private Limited - As of May 2011, Renault India had 16 dealerships in 16 cities across 9 states and 2 Union Territories


Renault Nissan Automotive India Private Limited - As of May 2011, Renault India has 16 dealerships in 16 cities across 9 states and 2 Union Territories of India


Renault do Brasil - In August 2011, Renault announced an investment plan of 1,5 billion reais for expanding the production to 320,000 vehicles by 2015


Renault do Brasil - In 2012, Brazil was the second largest market of Renault


Formula One - Williams later rejoined with Renault in 2012, rekindling a partnership that dates back to the early to mid-1990s


Renault do Brasil - On 2 August 2012, Renault announced its plans to expand Mecanica Mercosul's production output a 25 percent by 2013


In December 2012 the Algeria's National Investment Fund , the &Société_Nationale_de_Véhicules_Industriels , and Renault signed an agreement to establish a factory near the city of Oran, Algeria, with the aim of manufacturing Symbol units by 2014 add something


Renault Samsung Motors - In March 2013, Renault &Samsung Motors completed the installation of solar panels in the parking lots, rooftops and surrounding land of its Busan facility to create a 20-MW solar plant, one of the largest in the world


In September 2013, Renault and Bolloré announced an agreement to collaborate in a new electric vehicle and in car-sharing development add something


In 2014 at the New Delhi Auto Show, Renault announced a new model, the KWID Concept, which comes with its own helicopter drone add something


The company unveiled a prototype, the Next Two , in February 2014 add something


However, Renault presented a new hybrid car in September 2014, the Eolab, which incorporates various innovations that the company said will be added to production models by 2020 add something


In April 2015, the French government upped their stake in Renault to 19,73 percent with the aim of blocking a resolution at the next annual general meeting that could reduce its control over the company add something


In 2016 Renault will reenter the sport sponsoring a factory team add something


The milestone was achieved in August 2016 add something


However, on Friday, 13 January 2017, Renault shares fell as the Paris prosecutor started an investigation into possible exhaust emissions cheating add something


On 12 May 2017, one of the Renault manufacturing plants' computer networks was attacked by a malware known as WannaCry which was found to be something critical, causing it being shut down for one day add something


In November 2018, Renault's CEO Ghosn was arrested by Japanese officials for allegedly underreport his Nissan's salary, following an internal review conducted by the Japanese company add something


In December 2018, Renault announced it would acquire a "significant" stake in Jiangling Motors' electric vehicle subsidiary JMEV. add something


In January 2019, following Ghosn resignation, Renault announced it had appointed Jean-Dominique Senard as chairman and the acting CEO Bolloré as CEO. add something


In May 2019, Fiat Chrysler proposed merging its business with Renault add something