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Renault Laguna

Large family car produced by the French manufacturer Renault add

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Launched in 1973.

Countries: France (35%), (23%), United Kingdom (19%)

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Linked to: Ghandhara Nissan, Renault, Chevrolet, Volvo




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The name was previously used from 1973 to 1976 by & Chevrolet for a top-of-the-line Chevelle model, the Chevrolet Chevelle Laguna add something


The regular production Renault passenger models are unrelated to the concept car of the same name, the Laguna, a two-seat roadster shown by the automaker during the European 1990 auto show circuit add something


The first Laguna was launched in 1993, the second generation was launched in 2000, and the third generation was made available for sale in October 2007 add something


The first generation Renault Laguna was launched in December 1993 as replacement for the Renault 21, initially coming as a hatchback only add something


Renault F-Type engine - In 1994, the Laguna will be equipped with one engine F3P.


Jean-Christophe Boullion - In 1996 he raced briefly in the Renault Spider Eurocup, and he campaigned a Renault Laguna touring car for the Williams team in the British Touring Car Championship in 1999, acquiring the nickname 'JCB' from commentator Charlie Cox


At the start of 1998 the Laguna received a moderate facelift, including a restyling of the hatchback of the Sport Tourer version, and a redesigned front add something


The onboard voice synthesizer warnings system was available on the earlier 1998 RXE and $V6 (V6_engine) models add something


Renault F-Type engine - The F4P first appeared in 1998, in the Phase 2 model of the first generation Laguna


Renault F-Type engine - In July 1999, his team 1,9 dTi the principle of common rail high pressure, giving birth to the first dCi engine, the 1,9 dCi kind F9Q. It will appear on the Laguna 1 Phase 2


At the end of 2000, after almost seven years of production, the original Laguna was replaced by an all-new model which shared its chassis with the Nissan Primera add something


Renault Megane - Mégane II and the Laguna were both showcases for a great deal of innovative technologies & Renault launched at the beginning of the 2000s; the Renault Card keyless ignition system, standard on the Mégane II, was a first in this class and has since been widely adopted


The Laguna "Concorde" model was the last guise of the 'old' Laguna's to be marketed prior to the release of the Laguna II in 2000, the last of the Mk.1 Laguna's were registered in February 2000 and the Concorde range all feature a cream letter "C" on a dark green background, with the outline of a Concorde aircraft above the letter add something


This was 2002 Semperit Irish Car of the Year in Ireland add something


The Laguna II had relaunch in March 2005, according to Renault with improved security, driving performance and comfort add something


It was first presented as a concept car at the 2007 Frankfurt Motor Show, which followed some styling cues of the previous Renault Fluence concept car add something


After the facelift, a whole new diesel engine was introduced, the 2,0 dCi with and another variant of the engine which produced , this variant was the most powerful 2 litre diesel engine in the world as of May 2007 add something


The "'Renault Laguna III"' was officially announced in a press release on June 4, 2007 add something


The car was unveiled to the public at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September, and it went on sale in October 2007 add something


The production version was revealed at the 2008 Cannes Film Festival, coinciding with the Monaco Formula 1 Grand Prix to take the wraps off add something


Steering - A new "Active Drive" system is introduced on the 2008 version of the Renault Laguna line


In January 2008, spy images of a possible Laguna Sedan appeared on the internet add something


The Laguna Coupé later appeared before the general public at the Paris Motor Show in October 2008 add something


Eric Cantona - In 2009, he featured in a British television advertisement for a new model of the Renault Laguna


A facelifted version of the Laguna III, called the "'Phase 2"', débuted at the 2010 Paris Motor Show, and sales began in November 2010 add something


In December 2011, Renault announced that the Laguna, Espace, Kangoo, Modus, and Wind lines would be axed in the United Kingdom as part of a cost-cutting plan to help the company earn a profit add something


Renault Modus - In December 2011, Renault announced that the Laguna, Espace, Kangoo, Modus, and Wind lines would be axed in the United Kingdom as part of a cost-cutting plan to help the company earn a profit


Renault Wind - In December 2011, Renault announced that the Laguna, Espace, Kangoo, Modus, and Wind lines would be axed in February 2012 in the United Kingdom as part of a cost-cutting plan to help the company earn a profit


The above models all ceased production in the United Kingdom in the early months of 2012 add something


This change took effect in February 2012 add something


In 2015, the Laguna was replaced by the Talisman add something


In May 2015, "Worldcarfans" reported the successor would première on July 6, 2015, and would replace the Latitude in the European market add something


On 6 July 2015, Renault announced the successor will be called Talisman, as part of its intention of unifying nameplates worldwide add something