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Richard Benjamin

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Richard Benjamin

American actor and film director add

Category: Movies & TV

Born in 1938.

Countries: United States (73%), United Kingdom (27%)

Education: undef.

Main connections: Paula Prentiss, James Coburn, Herbert Ross

Linked to: Northwestern University, High School of Performing Arts




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Richard Benjamin was born in 1938 add something


Hamilton Camp - His television work includes a small cameo as a messenger boy in the 1953 "Titanic" film, a supporting role on "He & She", a sitcom starring Richard Benjamin and Paula Prentiss, which ran for one season in 1967-68


Paula Prentiss - In 1958, while attending Northwestern University's school of drama, she met her future husband, Richard Benjamin, who impressed her with his sophistication


He married actress Paula Prentiss on October 26, 1961; and they have two children add something


Portnoy's Complaint - The novel was adapted into a movie starring Richard Benjamin and Karen Black in 1972


Stephen Sondheim - This 1973 film, directed by Herbert Ross, starred Dyan Cannon, Raquel Welch, James Mason, James Coburn and Richard Benjamin


In 1978, he starred in the ambitious, but short-lived, television series "Quark" add something


On April 7, 1979, Benjamin hosted "Saturday Night Live" add something


He has directed, among other films, the 1982 comedy "My Favorite Year" add something


Emily Lloyd - In 1989 she received an offer for the film "Mermaids" by Richard Benjamin


In 2006 Benjamin directed award-winning cable television drama "A Little Thing Called Murder", starring Australian Judy Davis add something