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Richard Long (actor)

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Richard Long (actor)

American actor better known for his leading roles in several ABC television series, including The Big Valley, Nanny and the Professor and Bourbon Street Beat add

Category: Movies & TV

Born in 1927.

Countries: United States (62%), United Kingdom (15%), California (15%)

Main connections: Orson Welles, Claudette Colbert, Elsa Lanchester

Linked to: Evanston Township High School, Four Star Television, United States Army, Universal Studios




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Richard Long was born in 1927 add something


In 1944, the family relocated to Hollywood, California, and Long attended Hollywood High School for his senior year add something


In 1946, Long was hence cast in his first film, "Tomorrow Is Forever" as Drew, the son of Claudette Colbert and Orson Welles add something


He played "Jeff Taylor" in "The Life of Riley" and played "Frank James" in the 1950 movie "Kansas Raiders" add something


Long had cardiac problems throughout his adult life and had suffered a heart attack in the late 1950s add something


In 1953, Long had costarred with Stanwyck in the film "All I Desire" add something


His first wife, singer and actress Suzan Ball to whom he had been married for 14 months, died of cancer in 1955 add something


Long was a brother-in-law of actor Marshall Thompson, with whom he appeared in the 1955 film "Cult of the Cobra" add something


Long played the recurring role of "Gentleman Jack Darby" in four episodes of "Maverick" beginning in 1958, including the famous "Shady Deal at Sunny Acres" installment add something


In 1963, Long was cast in the MGM romantic musical "Follow the Boys", along with costars Connie Francis, Paula Prentiss, and Roger Perry add something


In 1965, at age 38, Long began his role as attorney Jarrod Barkley, oldest son to rancher Victoria Barkley , in 112 episodes of "The Big Valley", the last of the major Four Star Television series, a Western which ran on ABC from 1965–1969 add something


Elsa Lanchester - She continued television work into the early 1970s, appearing as a recurring character in "Nanny and the Professor", starring Richard Long and Juliet Mills


In 1973 he starred alongside Julie Harris in the short-lived series, "Thicker than Water" add something


A few years after her husband's death in 1974, Corday's friend Clint Eastwood offered her a chance to return to filmmaking with a role in his 1977 film "The Gauntlet" add something

Richard Long died in 1974 add something


After suffering several heart attacks, he died on December 21, 1974, age 47, at Tarzana Treatment Centers in Los Angeles add something