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Richard P. Rubinstein

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Richard P. Rubinstein

American film and television producer, who has worked mainly in the science fiction and horror genres add

Category: Movies & TV

Born in 1947.

Countries: United States (83%), New York (17%)

Education: undef.

Main connections: Stephen King, Paramount Pictures, Frank Herbert

Linked to: American University, Columbia University, Paramount Pictures, Spelling Television




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Richard P. Rubinstein was born in 1947 add something


His younger brother, born in 1952, is Donald Rubinstein, a composer who wrote the music for some of the films and series Rubinstein produced add something


He got his first associate producer credit in the early 1970s for the one-hour TV special "A Night with Nicol Williamson", produced by Dore Schary add something


In the 1970s and 1980s he collaborated frequently with horror director George A. Romero, including on the seminal 1978 zombie film "Dawn of the Dead" and the 1984-1988 anthology horror television series "Tales from the Darkside" add something


In 1973 Rubinstein produced "The Winners", a series of one-hour profiles about various American sports heroes, and in 1974 he independently produced a similar one-hour television special profiling O. J. Simpson add something


In 1979 Rubinstein took the company public, to raise more money add something


In the 1980s and 1990s Rubinstein produced a substantial number of projects based on the writings of horror novelist Stephen King add something


In the 1980s, two anthology horror series that Rubinstein executive-produced, "Tales from the Darkside" and "Monsters", included episodes based on short stories by King add something


Rubinstein's first known professional collaboration with Stephen King was the 1982 anthology film "Creepshow", which Rubinstein co-produced and which had a screenplay written by King, based on a combination of some of King's published short stories as well as new plots add something


In 1984 Romero left Laurel Entertainment to pursue his own projects, although the two would continue to collaborate add something


Rubinstein executive produced Romero's 1984-1988 anthology horror series "Tales from the Darkside", which was based on the success of "Creepshow" add something


In 1987, via Laurel Entertainment, Rubinstein executive-produced its sequel, "Creepshow 2", again written by King add something


After "Tales from the Darkside" ended, Rubinstein executive produced the similar anthology show "Monsters", which ran from 1988 to 1991, this one without involvement from Romero add something


Rubinstein produced a string of film and television adaptations of other written works by Stephen King, including the 1989 film "Pet Sematary", the 1994 miniseries "The Stand", the 1995 miniseries "The Langoliers", the 1996 film "Thinner" and the 1997 film "The Night Flier" add something


Rubinstein co-produced the 1991 miniseries "Golden Years", which was written by King, based on an original concept add something


In 1992, Spelling Entertainment Group was bought by Blockbuster Entertainment, and in 1994 it in turn was bought by Viacom add something


In 1995, Rubinstein, who was still head of the Laurel division, left to found his own, smaller production company, New Amsterdam Entertainment in New York City add something


With Galin, Rubinstein produced the 2000 miniseries " Frank Herbert's Dune" and its 2003 follow-up, " Frank Herbert's Children of Dune" add something


Rubinstein co-produced the 2004 remake of Romero's "Dawn of the Dead", again without involvement from Romero add something


In 2008, Rubinstein attempted to produce a film adaptation of "Dune" with Paramount Pictures, but in 2011 Paramount dropped the effort add something