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Richard Pryor

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Richard Pryor

American stand-up comedian, actor, social critic, writer, and MC. Pryor was known for uncompromising examinations of racism and topical contemporary issues, which employed colorful vulgarities, and profanity, as well as racial epithets add

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Born in 1940.

Countries: United States (80%), United Kingdom (4%), California (4%)

Education: undef.

Main connections: Gene Wilder, George Carlin, Lee Daniels

Linked to: Comedy Central, People, YouTube, Black Entertainment Television




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Richard Pryor was born in 1940 add something


Pryor served in the U.S. Army from 1958 to 1960, but spent virtually the entire stint in an army prison add something


In 1960, he married Patricia Price and they had one child together, Richard Jr. add something


In 1963, Pryor moved to New York City and began performing regularly in clubs alongside performers such as Bob Dylan and Woody Allen add something


Around this time, his parents died — his mother in 1967 and his father in 1968 add something


In 1967, his second child and first daughter, Elizabeth Ann, was born to his girlfriend Maxine Anderson add something


In return for this concession, Laff was enabled to release previously unissued material, recorded between 1968 and 1973, at will add something


Patrick McGoohan - McGoohan appeared in many films, including Howard Hughes's favourite, the 1968 film "Ice Station Zebra", for which he was critically acclaimed, and "Silver Streak" , with Gene Wilder and Richard Pryor


In 1969, Pryor moved to Berkeley, California, where he immersed himself in the counterculture and rubbed elbows with the likes of Huey P. Newton and Ishmael Reed add something


In 1969, his third child and second daughter, Rain Pryor, was born add something


He signed with the comedy-oriented independent record label Laff Records in 1970, and in 1971 recorded his second album, "Craps " add something


In the 1970s and 1980s, Pryor appeared in several popular films, including "Lady Sings the Blues"; "The Mack"; "Uptown Saturday Night"; "Silver Streak"; "Which Way Is Up-"; "Car Wash"; "Bingo Long Traveling All-Stars & Motor Kings"; "Greased Lightning"; "Blue Collar" & "Bustin' Loose" add something


In the 1970s, Pryor wrote for such television shows as "Sanford and Son", "The Flip Wilson Show" and a Lily Tomlin special, for which he shared an "Emmy award" add something


Mel Brooks - In 1972 Brooks met agent David Begelman, who helped him set up a deal with Warner Brothers to hire Brooks (as well as Richard Pryor, Andrew_Bergman, Norman Steinberg and Al Uger) as a script doctor for an unproduced script called Tex-X. Eventually Brooks got hired on as director for what would become Blazing Saddles, his third film.


Berry Gordy - In 1972, Gordy attended FIDM in Los Angeles, where he produced the commercially successful Billie Holiday biography "Lady Sings the Blues", starring Diana Ross and Richard Pryor, and introducing Billy Dee Williams


In 1973, the relatively unknown comedian appeared in the documentary "Wattstax", where he riffed on the tragic-comic absurdities of race relations in Watts and the nation add something


His third, breakthrough album, "That Nigger's Crazy", was released in 1974 and, Laff, who claimed ownership of Pryor's recording rights, almost succeeded in getting an injunction to prevent the album from being sold add something


In 1974, Pryor was arrested for income tax evasion and served 10 days in jail add something


In 1974, he won two American Academy of Humor awards and the Writers Guild of America award add something


Pryor is one of only three Saturday Night Live hosts to be subjected to a rare 5-second delay for his 1975 appearance add something


During his relationship with Pam Grier, Pryor proposed to Deborah McGuire in 1977 add something


He married actress Deborah McGuire in 1977, but they divorced in 1978 add something


In Jackson Browne's tribute to roadies and fans, "The Load-Out", released on the 1977 album "Running on Empty", the lyrics state that "we got Richard Pryor on the video" on the tour bus add something


"The Richard Pryor Show" premiered on NBC in 1977, but was canceled after only four episodes add something


Pryor suffered a mild heart attack in November 1977 add something


Richie Havens - He appeared in "Greased Lightning" alongside Richard Pryor in 1977


Stargard (band) - Stargard was best known for their 1977 Norman Whitfield-penned hit song "Theme Song from Which Way Is Up-" which served as a theme for the movie of the same name starring Richard Pryor


In 1979, at the height of his success, Pryor visited Africa add something


Before his infamous 1980 freebasing accident, Pryor was about to start filming Mel Brooks' "History of the World, Part I", but was replaced at the last minute by Gregory Hines add something


With every successful album Pryor recorded for Warner , Laff would quickly publish an album of older material to capitalize on Pryor's growing fame—a practice they continued until 1983 add something


On June 9, 1980, during the making of the film "Bustin' Loose", Richard Pryor set himself on fire after freebasing cocaine and drinking 151-proof rum add something


Gene Wilder - In 1980, Sidney Poitier and producer Hannah Weinstein persuaded Wilder and Richard Pryor to do another film together.


Georg Stanford Brown - In 1980, he starred in the highly successful "Stir Crazy" opposite Gene Wilder and Richard Pryor


Stir Crazy (film) - "'Stir Crazy"' is a 1980 American comedy film directed by Sidney Poitier and starring Gene Wilder and Richard Pryor as down-on-their-luck friends who are given 125-year prison sentences after being framed for a bank robbery


Erland Van Lidth De Jeude - He is perhaps best known for his role as Grossberger in "Stir Crazy" with Richard Pryor and Gene Wilder, which was released in December 1980 and has been regularly shown on TV over the years


He soon began dating Jennifer Lee and they married in 1981 add something


In 1982, Pryor co-starred with Jackie Gleason in "The Toy" add something


Scott Schwartz - Schwartz co-starred opposite Richard Pryor and Jackie Gleason in 1982's "The Toy" directed by Richard Donner


Despite a reputation for constantly using profanity on and off camera, Pryor briefly hosted a children's show on CBS in 1984 called "Pryor's Place" add something


In 1984, his fourth child and second son, Steven, was born to his girlfriend Flynn Belaine add something


Rod Hull - In 1985 he travelled to America where he appeared on the "The Tonight Show", attacking Johnny Carson, even after he was told not to by the producers, and Richard Pryor in one of the comedian's first public appearances after undergoing major emergency reconstructive surgery on his face


He was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 1986 add something


In 1986, he wrote and directed a fictionalized account of his life, "Jo Jo Dancer, Your Life Is Calling" which revolved around the 1980 freebasing incident add something


Meanwhile, another of Pryor's girlfriends, Geraldine Mason, gave birth to Franklin Mason, his fifth child and third son, in April 1987 add something


Six months later in October 1987, Belaine gave birth to Kelsey Pryor, Richard's sixth child and third daughter add something


Joe Dallesandro - He had roles in "Critical Condition" opposite Richard Pryor, "Sunset" with Bruce Willis and James Garner, "Guncrazy" with Drew Barrymore, "Cry-Baby" , and Steven Soderbergh's 1999 film "The Limey"


Stacey Dash - Dash's first major film role was in the Richard Pryor comedy "Moving" in 1988


Idaho - The 1988 film "Moving", starring Richard Pryor, has the main character take a promotion in Idaho


In 1989, he appeared in "Harlem Nights", a comedy-drama crime film starring Eddie Murphy add something


Joan Severance - She was featured alongside Richard Pryor and Gene Wilder in the 1989 comedy "See No Evil, Hear No Evil", and as Hulk Hogan's love interest, Samantha N. Moore, in the wrestling film "No Holds Barred"


By the early 1990s, he was confined to using a wheelchair as well as a motor powered scooter for the remainder of his life to get around when his multiple sclerosis began to take its toll on his body add something


In 1990, Pryor suffered a second and more severe heart attack and underwent triple heart bypass surgery add something


Gene Wilder - After starring as a political cartoon writer who falls in love in the 1990 flop Funny About Love, Wilder did one final film with Richard Pryor, the 1991 box office flop Another You, in which Pryor's physical deterioration from multiple sclerosis was clearly noticeable.


Freddy Soto - Soto moved to Los Angeles, California around 1990 and worked as a limousine driver for comedian Richard Pryor


In 1998, Pryor won the first Mark Twain Prize for American Humor from the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts add something


The first ever Kennedy Center Mark Twain Prize for American Humor was presented to him in 1998 add something


G. E. Smith - Between live dates, he has been the musical director and band leader honoring Bob Dylan and Willie Nelson at the Kennedy Center Honors in Washington, D.C. He led bands for The Muddy Waters Tribute, and the 1998 and 1999 Mark Twain *awards honoring Richard Pryor and Jonathan Winters which aired on PBS, and Comedy Central


According to a 1999 profile about Pryor in "The New Yorker", Pryor was incarcerated for an incident that occurred while stationed in Germany add something


In early 2000, he appeared in the cold open of "The Norm Show" in the episode entitled "Norm vs add something


In 2001, he remarried Jennifer Lee, who had become his manager add something


In 2002 a television documentary depicted Pryor's life and career add something


In 2002, Pryor and his wife and manager, Jennifer Lee Pryor, won legal rights to all the Laff material, which amounted to almost 40 hours of reel-to-reel analog tape add something


George Carlin - Carlin, George, "George Carlin on Comedy", "Lenny Bruce",, 2002 Richard Pryor, Jerry_Lewis, Marx Brothers, Mort Sahl, Spike Jones, Ernie Kovacs, Ritz Brothers Monty Python


After going through the tapes and getting Richard's blessing, Jennifer Lee Pryor gave access to the tapes to Rhino Records in 2004 add something


In late 2004, his sister said he had lost his voice as result of his multiple sclerosis add something


George Carlin - In 2004, Carlin placed second on the Comedy Central list of the 100 greatest stand-up comedians of all time, ahead of Lenny Bruce and behind Richard Pryor


In a 2005 British poll to find "The Comedian's Comedian", Pryor was voted the 10th greatest comedy act ever by fellow comedians and comedy insiders add something

Richard Pryor died in 2005 add something


On December 19, 2005, BET aired a Pryor special add something


Pryor was posthumously awarded the Grammy Lifetime Achievement award in 2006 add something


On March 1, 2008, fellow comedian George Carlin performed his final HBO special add something


The film will be directed by Bill Condon and is still in development with no release date set as of April 11, 2012 add something


The film will be directed by Bill Condon and is still in development with no release date, as of February, 2013 add something


On May 31, 2013 Showtime debuted the documentary "Richard Pryor: Omit the Logic" directed by Emmy award-winning filmmaker Marina Zenovich add something


From June 7 to June 9, 2013 SiriusXM hosted "Richard Pryor Radio", a 3 day tribute which featured his stand up comedy and full live concerts add something


It was announced in August 2014, that a biopic on the life and works of Pryor is being produced by Lee Daniels as director and Oprah Winfrey as producer add something


Mike Epps - On August 26, 2014, it was announced that Epps landed the coveted role of Richard Pryor in the upcoming biopic directed by Lee Daniels, despite Nick Cannon very publicly campaigning for the role and Pryor's family stating that Marlon Wayans or Terrence Howard should get the role


It was placed at the corner of State and Washington streets in downtown Peoria, IL on May 1, 2015 close to Richard's neighborhood he grew up in with his mother add something


In July 2015, He was mentioned in the Cee Lo Green hit single "Robin Williams", a song paying homage to recently deceased legends such as the aforementioned, Robin Williams, Chris Farley, Phil Hartman, and Bernie Mac. add something


Redd Foxx - In 2015, its been said that comedian Tracy Morgan would portray Redd Foxx in a Richard Pryor biopic starring opposite comedian Mike Epps


Eddie Murphy - On March 15, 2015, it was announced that Murphy will play comedian Richard Pryor's father, LeRoy Pryor, in the upcoming biopic directed by Lee Daniels with Mike Epps playing Pryor


In 2017, "Rolling Stone" magazine ranked him first on its list of the 50 best stand-up comics of all time add something, retrieved February 15, 2017 add something


In 2018, Quincy Jones and Jennifer Lee claimed that Pryor had a sexual relationship with Marlon Brando, and that Pryor was open about his bisexuality with his friends add something


Marlon Brando - In 2018, Quincy Jones and Jennifer Lee claimed that Brando had had a sexual relationship with comedian and "Superman III" alumni Richard Pryor


His ashes were later spread in 2019 by his widow, Jennifer, in Hana, Hawaii add something