Ricky Gervais

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Ricky Gervais

English comedian, actor, director, producer, musician, writer, and former radio presenter add

Category: Movies & TV

Born in 1961.

Countries: United Kingdom (42%), United States (40%), (8%)

Main connections: Stephen Merchant, Cemetery Junction (film), Warwick Davis

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Ricky Gervais was born in 1961 add something


Gervais and co-writer Stephen Merchant made a film called "Cemetery Junction", set in 1970s Britain, about class, love and fulfillment add something


Gervais attended Whitley Park Infants and Junior Schools and received his secondary education at Ashmead Comprehensive School, before moving on to University College London in 1979 add something


During his time at UCL, he met Jane Fallon, with whom he has been in a relationship since 1982 add something


Jane Fallon - Fallon has been in a relationship with comedian Ricky Gervais since 1982


Jane Fallon - She has been in a relationship with comedian Ricky Gervais since 1982; they met while both studying at University College London


In 1983, during his final year as a student at UCL , Gervais and Bill Macrae formed the New Wave pop duo, Seona Dancing add something


Gervais made some attempts at stand-up in the late 1990s, but his first successful show took place at the Cafe Royal, as part of the 2001 Edinburgh Festival Fringe add something


Stephen Merchant - Merchant began performing stand-up comedy in the late 1990s to critical success, though he decided to focus more on his work with writing partner Ricky Gervais after the success of "The Office"


Lynda Obst - She is the author of the memoir "Hello, He Lied" , which details her experiences in the modern studio system. in 2009, she completed principal photography as producer on the Ricky Gervais-Matthew Robinson co-writing and directing debut, "The Invention of Lying" , starring Ricky Gervais and Jennifer Garner


David Keenan - From 1997 through 1998 he was a producer at XFM Radio in London, where he was responsible for the daytime and early evening programming, producing shows by Claire Sturgess and Keith Cameron while presenting shows himself and collaborating with Ricky Gervais on various live, improvised sketches


Stephen Merchant - Merchant met Ricky Gervais for the first time in 1997, when Gervais hired Merchant as his assistant


His mainstream-TV debut came in September 1998 as part of Channel 4's "Comedy Lab" series of pilots add something


Gervais came to much wider national attention with an obnoxious, cutting persona featured in a topical slot that replaced Ali G's segments on the satirical Channel 4 comedy programme "The 11 O'Clock Show" in early 1999, in which his character used as many expletives as was possible and produced an inordinate amount of politically incorrect statements add something


He and Merchant contributed sketches to BBC Radio 1's "The Breezeblock" in 1999 and 2000 add something


In August 1999, while on a BBC production course, Stephen Merchant had to make his own short film add something


She died, aged 74, in 2000, of lung cancer add something


The first six-episode series of "The Office" aired in the UK in July and August 2001 to little fanfare or attention add something


After the first series of "The Office", Gervais and Merchant returned to &Xfm in November 2001 for a Saturday radio show add something


The original audio show was broadcast in November 2001 on radio station &Xfm, and aired in weekly periods for months at a time throughout 2002, 2003, 2004 and mid-2005 add something


Robin Ince - He had appeared at the Cafe Royale as part of the Edinburgh Fringe show 'Rubbernecker', alongside Stephen Merchant, Jimmy Carr and Ricky Gervais in 2001


"The Office" scripts have been released in book form, with Series 1 issued in 2002, and the remaining episodes following in 2003 add something


Word-of-mouth, repeats, and DVDs helped spread the word, building up huge momentum and anticipation for the second series, comprising six episodes, in September 2002 add something


Gervais later toured the UK in 2003 with his stand-up show "Animals" add something


The second series topped the BBC Two ratings, and the show switched to BBC One in December 2003 for its final two special episodes add something


According to the 20 December 2003 broadcast of the Ricky Gervais Show, Gervais later had a band called the Sacred Hearts, which Ian Camfield described as Gervais's "Bon Jovi phase" add something


Stephen Merchant - Merchant and Gervais continued to host "The Ricky Gervais Show" through 2003, taking another break to film the "Office" Christmas special, which aired that December


Iain Morris - In May 2003 while wrestling with Ricky Gervais in his front room, Iain caused a back injury to Gervais, who consequently mentioned the events leading up to the injury and the pain he was suffering on his XFM Radio show


Gervais released a children's book in 2004, "Flanimals" , which depicted nonsense animals add something


Robin Ince - As a close friend of Ricky Gervais, Ince opened as a support act for his "Politics" tour in 2004 and his "Fame" tour in 2007


After the success of this book, he released its sequel "More Flanimals" in 2005, with "Flanimals of the Deep" coming the next year add something


On 2 July 2005 Gervais appeared at the Live 8 event held in London 's Hyde Park, where he performed his famous dance add something


"Extras" had its debut on the BBC on 21 July 2005; it received its premiere on HBO in the United States in September 2005 add something


In November 2005 "Guardian Unlimited" offered the show as a podcast series of 12 shows add something


On 5 December 2005 "Guardian Unlimited" began offering free weekly podcasts featuring Gervais, Merchant, and Pilkington add something


Gerard Kelly - Between 2005 and 2007 he appeared in Ricky Gervais's comedy "Extras" as Ian "Bunny" Bunton


Gervais has won seven BAFTA awards, five British Comedy awards, three Golden Globe awards, two Emmy awards and the 2006 Rose d'Or, as well as a Screen Actors Guild award nomination add something


In late 2006 the "Extras" script book was released, as well as "The World of Karl Pilkington" presented by Gervais and Merchant add something


In late 2006 three more free podcasts were released add something


", although editions with John Cleese and Matt Groening were recorded in 2006 for broadcast in 2007 add something


On 5 January 2006 he interviewed Larry David in a one-off special, "Ricky Gervais Meets add something


Throughout January and February 2006 the podcast was consistently ranked the number one podcast in the world; it appeared in the 2007 Guinness World Record for the world's most downloaded podcast, having gained an average of 261,670 downloads per episode during its first month add something


Throughout January and February 2006 the podcast was consistently ranked the number-one podcast in the world; it appeared in the 2007 Guinness World Record for the world's most-downloaded podcast, having gained an average of 261,670 downloads per episode during its first month add something


On 20 February 2006, after the conclusion of the twelve-podcast series, it was announced that all future episodes would be available from Audible.com at a "nominal fee" add something


Gervais guest-starred in an episode of "The Simpsons" entitled "Homer Simpson, This Is Your Wife", which aired on 26 March 2006 in the United States, on 23 April 2006 on satellite station Sky One in the United Kingdom , and on 18 July 2006 in Australia add something


Gervais received an honorary award at the annual Rose d'Or ceremony in Switzerland on 29 April 2006 add something


By September 2006, according to the BBC, the podcasts of the series had been downloaded "nearly 8 million" times add something


A second series began on 14 September 2006 in the UK and featured appearances by Daniel Radcliffe, Dame Diana Rigg, Orlando Bloom, Sir Ian McKellen, Chris Martin, Keith Chegwin, Robert Lindsay, Warwick Davis, Ronnie Corbett, Stephen Fry, Richard Briers, Patricia Potter, Sophia Myles, Moira Stuart, David Bowie, Kate Winslet, Robert De Niro and Jonathan Ross add something


He followed up with the punch line, "I won't do that bit in Ipswich", referring to the December 2006 murders of five prostitutes in Ipswich add something


Chris Martin - In 2006 Martin had a cameo role in the second series episode four of the Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant created comedy "Extras"


Extras (TV series) - Overall, "Extras" has been received very well by critics in the UK. The show received 3 BAFTA *award nominations in 2006 including Best Comedy Performance for Ashley Jensen, Best Writer for Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant, and Best Situation Comedy


Diana Rigg - She appeared in the second series of Ricky Gervais's hit comedy "Extras", alongside Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe, and in the 2006 film "The Painted Veil"


In 2007 he was voted the 11th greatest stand-up comic on Channel 4's 100 Greatest Stand-Ups and again in the updated 2010 list as the 3rd greatest stand-up comic add something


The third part of the themed live trilogy, "Fame", took place in 2007 add something


"Fame" was the subject of some controversy in January 2007 when Gervais told a story, ostensibly about how people will do anything to become famous, to a Scottish audience add something


In February 2007 ventriloquist Keith Harris refused an invitation to appear on the second series of "Extras" add something


Gervais, a longstanding "Simpsons" fan, presented a segment to mark the show's 20th anniversary on BBC Two's "The Culture Show" on 16 June 2007 add something


In July 2007, following Gervais's appearance at the memorial concert for the Princess of Wales, "The Guardian" ran a column by "Daily Mirror" television critic Jim Shelley entitled "Call Me Crazy add something


On 1 July 2007 Gervais performed at the Concert for Diana in Wembley Stadium, a music event celebrating the life of the Princess of Wales add something


On 7 July 2007 Gervais appeared at the UK leg of Live Earth at Wembley Stadium, London add something


On 16 September 2007 Gervais won an Emmy award for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series for his role of Andy Millman on "Extras" add something


In October 2007 another free full-length podcast was released through iTunes; this podcast was originally given out for free during a performance of Gervais's Fame tour in London add something


On 25 November 2007 Gervais, Merchant and Pilkington released another free full-length podcast, which lasted just over an hour add something


Dean Gaffney - He appeared in Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant's Christmas 2007 Special of "Extras", playing a less successful version of himself, working at the Carphone Warehouse with Merchant's character, Darren Lamb, and former "EastEnders" co-star Shaun Williamson


Edinburgh Festival Fringe - The Tattoo set-up at Edinburgh Castle served as the 6,000-seat venue for a one-off performance by Ricky Gervais of his stand-up show "Fame" in 2007


Keith Harris (ventriloquist) - In February 2007, Harris refused to appear on the second series of Ricky Gervais' television series "Extras"


Cleft Lip and Palate Association - At BAFTA Television Awards at the London Palladium Theatre in London on 20 May 2007, when presenting Ricky Gervais with the award for best comedy performance Joan Rivers made a joke referring to the statuette as a "Jew with a harelip"


In August 2008, they bought a second home on the Upper East Side of Manhattan in New York City add something


In August 2008 Gervais, Merchant and Pilkington recorded their fifth season of audiobooks, totalling 4 chapters, which were released on 16 September 2008 add something


Gervais starred in "Ghost Town", which was released on 19 September 2008, and was in Lowell, Massachusetts during May 2008 filming his next project, "The Invention of Lying", starring himself, Jennifer Garner, Rob Lowe and Louis C.K., with appearances by Tina Fey, Jeffrey Tambor, Jason Bateman, Roz Ryan, Philip Seymour Hoffman and Edward Norton add something


David Koepp - He wrote the screenplay for "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull" and co-wrote and directed 2008's "Ghost Town" starring Ricky Gervais and Greg Kinnear


Aasif Mandvi - Mandvi played a dentist alongside Ricky Gervais in the 2008 romantic comedy "Ghost Town", as well as office employee Bob Spaulding in "The Proposal", starring Sandra Bullock


The comedy, released in 2009, was co-written and co-directed by Gervais and Matt Robinson add something


In January 2009, Gervais was interviewed by James Lipton for Season 15 of BravoTV's "Inside the Actors Studio" add something


Gervais's fourth show was entitled "Science", and commenced with an eleven date tour in August 2009 at the Scottish Exhibition and Conference Centre in Glasgow add something


In November 2009 he headlined the sixth annual New York Comedy Festival at Carnegie Hall, New York add something


Shaun Williamson - He appeared, alongside Stephen Merchant, in the 2009 Ricky Gervais film "The Invention of Lying"


Stephanie March - March appeared in the 2009 film "The Invention of Lying" as the woman Ricky Gervais's character tells the world will end unless she has sex with him


Gervais has hosted the 2010, 2011, and 2012 Golden Globe awards add something


In 2010 Gervais became the first British person to host the Golden Globe awards in 14 years; he returned to host in 2011 and again in 2012 add something


In 2010 he was named on the "TIME" 100 list of the world's most influential people add something


In January 2010 he hosted the 67th Golden Globe awards, making him the first master of ceremonies since 1995 add something


"The Ricky Gervais Show" is an animated TV show that debuted on US cable network HBO on 19 February 2010 add something


In April 2010 it was announced that Gervais and Stephen Merchant would be writing a new show, an observational sitcom series called "Life's Too Short", from an idea by Warwick Davis add something


The film was released in April 2010 add something


On 1 April 2010 Gervais made his first appearance on "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon" on NBC add something


In the UK, the first series began airing on 23 April 2010 on Channel 4 add something


In June 2010 it was announced that Gervais had been cast in the upcoming Season 8 of "Curb Your Enthusiasm" playing himself add something


The DVD for "Science" was released on 15 November 2010 add something


In December 2010 he wrote an editorial for "The Wall Street Journal" defending his lack of faith add something


Matthew Holness - In 2010 he appeared in the Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant film "Cemetery Junction"


Anne Reid - In 2010 she appeared with Ricky Gervais in the film "Cemetery Junction", which he wrote and directed with Stephen Merchant


Felicity Jones - Jones played the role of Julie in Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant's 2010 film "Cemetery Junction"


Golden Globe Award - Until Ricky Gervais hosted the 67th annual Golden Globe *awards Ceremony in 2010, the *award ceremony was one of two major Hollywood *award ceremonies that did not have a regular host; every year a different presenter introduced the ceremony at the beginning of the broadcast


Cemetery Junction (film) - "'Cemetery Junction"' is a 2010 British coming-of-age comedy-drama film written and directed by Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant


Karl Pilkington - In September 2010, Pilkington featured in a television series produced by Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant, "An Idiot Abroad" on Sky1


After receiving a loyal and enthusiastic following in the US, Cable channel HBO recommissioned the show for a second series, which aired in 2011, and a third series which started airing in April 2012 add something


He returned to host the show again in 2011 and 2012, and his performance was more warmly received by critics add something


His 2011 hosting of the awards was controversial for his edgy jokes that were at the expense of many of the nominees, similar to the New York Friars Club roast style jokes add something


As of April 2011, he has made 18 guest appearances on "Late Show with David Letterman" on the CBS network add something


On 18 October 2011, Gervais attracted criticism for his repeated use of the word "mong" , a historically derogatory term for mentally disabled people, most commonly used against those with Downs syndrome add something


In November 2011, Gervais filmed in London a 35-minute pilot episode for a potential comedy-drama series called "Derek", which aired on Channel 4 on 12 April 2012 add something


The show began airing on BBC Two on 10 November 2011 add something


The Tourist (2010 film) - At the 2011 Golden Globe *awards, Ricky Gervais made fun of the film while he was presenting


Iain Morris - In Ricky Gervais's sitcom "Extras" characters named Damon Beesley and Iain Morris were featured and Gervais confirmed on 2011's "The Inbetweener's Top Ten Moments" that the "Extras" characters were indeed named for his former producers


Matthew Holness - In 2011 recently appeared in Life's Too Short, a sitcom written by Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant and starring Warwick Davis


Rosamund Hanson - In 2011, Hanson appeared in Ricky Gervais' and Stephen Merchant's television comedy series "Life's Too Short" playing Cheryl, Warwick Davis' secretary


Jo Enright - In 2011, she appeared in Ricky Gervais' and Stephen Merchant's television comedy series "Life's Too Short" as Sue, Warwick Davis' estranged wife


Mark Noyce - In a 2011 interview with Kale Slade, Noyce stated that he is a fan of Ricky Gervais, Thomas Lennon and Benny Hill


Motorpoint Arena Sheffield - The arena is a regular venue for some of the worlds best known Comedians such as Russell Brand, Lee Evans, Ricky Tomlinson, John Bishop, Ricky Gervais and Peter Kay who in 2011 played the arena for 5 nights running with all shows selling out within hours of going on sale


He has been cast as Mole in the 2012 adaption of "The Wind in the Willows", featuring effects by Weta Workshop in New Zealand add something


On 9 May 2012, Channel 4 announced that it had commissioned a full series of "Derek" to air in early 2013 add something


Karl Pilkington - He appeared on "The Ricky Gervais Show", presented the Sky travel series "An Idiot Abroad", and made his full acting debut on Gervais' 2012 comedy-drama series "Derek"


He was in a sketch on Comic Relief 2013 as his character David Brent add something


As of January 2013, he has made 23 guest appearances on "Late Show with David Letterman" on the CBS network add something


On 4 March 2013, it was announced that Derek was re-commissioned for a second series add something


In May 2013, Gervais introduced "Learn Guitar with David Brent" web series on his YouTube channel add something


As of September 2013, he has made 25 guest appearances on "Late Show with David Letterman" on the CBS network add something


Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian - On December 18, 2013 it was announced that Robin Williams, Stiller, and Ricky Gervais would be returning for the sequel


Night at the Museum (film series) - On December 18, 2013 it was announced that Robin Williams, Stiller, and Ricky Gervais would be returning for the sequel


In 2014 he appeared in the "Muppets Most Wanted" film add something


The second series will premiere on 23 April 2014 add something


The campaign was such a success as of September 2014 it raises more than £1 million add something


Then in December 2014, he revealed that he will be too busy to do his tour for now due to producing two movies add something


Early in 2015, Gervais guest starred in "Galavant", a four-week comedy mini-series, as Xanax the magician add something


As of March 2015 he was followed by 7 million fans whom he calls 'Twonks' add something


Gervais won the Genesis award from the Humane Society in March 2015 for his contribution to raising awareness for animal welfare on social media add something


Gervais will direct and star in two upcoming films; the first, "Special Correspondents", began filming in May 2015 add something


In October 2015, Gervais was the recipient of the Animal Hero award for Outstanding Contribution to Animal Welfare at the Daily Mirror's Animal Hero awards add something


Film - On 5 November 2015 Gervais signed up to play Ika Chu, a villainous cat, in an animated film Blazing Samurai add something


In May 2016, Gervais will be back doing stand up in London, he will start with some low key warm-ups with his Derek cast add something


Eric Bana - In 2016, he will star as Frank Bonneville, a struggling radio journalist, in Ricky Gervais' "Special Correspondents"


Kelly Macdonald - In 2016, she will star in Ricky Gervais' "Special Correspondents" as Claire Maddox, and "Swallows and Amazons" as Mrs. Walker


Eric Bana - In April 2016, he starred as Frank Bonneville, a struggling radio journalist, in Ricky Gervais' "Special Correspondents" on Netflix


Vera Farmiga - Farmiga is set to star as Eleanor Finch in Ricky Gervais' comedy satire "Special Correspondents", which is set to premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival on April 22, 2016, before being released worldwide on April 29, 2016


In 2017 Ricky was awarded the prestigious Lord Houghton award for Service to Animal Welfare from Animal Defenders International add something


In June 2017, Gervais endorsed Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn in the 2017 UK general election add something


In October 2017, Gervais began hosting the weekly radio show "Ricky Gervais Is Deadly Sirius" on Sirius XM add something


His next tour and Netflix special was announced in 2018 add something


On 9 May 2018, it was announced that Netflix had given a production order for the first season of the comedy-drama "After Life" add something


Mel B - She gave her voice to the animated movie "Blazing Samurai" alongside Michael Cera, Samuel L. Jackson, Ricky Gervais, George_Takei, Gabriel Iglesias, Djimon Hounsou, Michelle Yeoh, and Mel Brooks due for release in 2018


On 14 January 2019, it was announced that the series would premiere on 8 March 2019 add something