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Rita Hayworth

American dancer and film actress who achieved fame during the 1940s as one of the era's top stars add

Category: Movies & TV

Born in 1918.

Countries: United States (65%), (6%), France (4%)

Education: undef.

Main connections: Columbia Pictures, Orson Welles, Kim Novak

Linked to: Life, The New York Times, Alexander Hamilton High School, American Film Institute




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Rita Hayworth was born in 1918 add something


"'Rita Hayworth"' was an American dancer and film actress who achieved fame during the 1940s as one of the era's top stars add something


In 1927, her father took the family to Hollywood add something


In the early 1930s, it was a popular tourist spot for people from Los Angeles add something


Feeling that Cansino had screen potential, the salesman and promoter Edward C. Judson, whom she would marry in 1936, got her the lead roles in several independent films and arranged a screen test with Columbia Pictures add something


" In 1936 she took her first starring role as a "Latin type" in "Human Cargo add something


In 1937, Hayworth appeared in five minor Columbia pictures and three minor independent movies add something


When Hayworth was 18, she married Edward Judson in 1937, an oilman turned promoter who was more than twice her age add something


Columbia Pictures - In 1938 the addition of B. B. Kahane as Vice President, would produce Charles Vidor's Those High Gray Walls , and The Lady in Question , the first joint film of Rita Hayworth and Glenn Ford


In 1939, Cohn pressured director Howard Hawks to use Hayworth for a small but important role as a man-trap in the aviation drama "Only Angels Have Wings," in which she played opposite Cary Grant and Jean Arthur add something


Warren William - He played Raffles-like reformed jewel thief The Lone Wolf for Columbia Pictures beginning with "The Lone Wolf Spy Hunt" with Ida Lupino and Rita Hayworth, and he starred as detective Philo Vance in two films in that series, 1934's "The Dragon Murder Case" and 1939's "The Gracie Allen Murder Case"


Only Angels Have Wings - "Only Angels Have Wings" was adapted as a radio play on the May 29, 1939 broadcast of "Lux Radio Theater", with Cary Grant, Jean Arthur and Rita Hayworth reprising their film roles


Cohn began to build Hayworth up in 1940, in features such as "Music in My Heart," "The Lady in Question," and "Angels Over Broadway add something


Hayworth was a top glamour girl in the 1940s, a pin-up girl for military servicemen and a beauty icon for women add something


Her appeal led to her being featured on the cover of "Life" magazine five times, beginning in 1940 add something


The film established her as Columbia's top star of the 1940s add something


Columbia Pictures - In the 1940s, Rita Hayworth became the studio's premier star and propelled their fortunes into the late 1950s


Columbia Pictures - In the 1940s, propelled in part by their film's surge in audiences during the war, the studio benefited from the popularity of its biggest star, Rita Hayworth


In 1941 Hayworth said she was the antithesis of the characters she played add something


During this period, Hayworth was featured in an August 1941 "Life Magazine" photo, in which she lounged seductively in a black-lace negligee add something


When the U.S. joined World War II in December 1941, the photo made Hayworth one of the top two "pin-up girls" of the war years; the other was the blonde Betty Grable add something


Negligee - Although the evening-dresses style of nightwear made moves towards the modern negligee style translucent bodices, lace trimming, bows, exemplified in 1941 by a photo of Rita Hayworth in "Life" it was only after World War II that nightwear changed from being primarily utilitarian to being primarily sensual or even erotic; the negligee emerged strongly as a form of lingerie


" In 1942, Hayworth appeared in two other pictures, "Tales of Manhattan" and "My Gal Sal" add something


She filed for divorce from him on February 24, 1942, with the complaint of cruelty add something


Robert Bassler - Bassler started his film career off in the late 20s as an editor, becoming a producer in 1942, with his first film, the Rita Hayworth musical "My Gal Sal"


In 1943, she was suspended without pay for nine weeks because she refused to appear in "Once Upon a Time" add something


Hayworth married Orson Welles on September 7, 1943 add something


Faith Domergue - After she discovered that Hughes was seeing Ava Gardner, Rita Hayworth, and Lana Turner, the couple broke up in 1943


Dolores del Rio - Del Río returned to México in 1943, and Welles married Rita Hayworth shortly after


Orson Welles - In 1943, Welles married Rita Hayworth.


Orson Welles - Welles married Rita Hayworth in 1943.


Leo Birinski - An adaptation for the radio series, Lux Radio Theater, was created, and broadcast in April 1943 on the CBS radio network with Rita Hayworth and William Powell in the leads


For three consecutive years, starting in 1944, Hayworth was named one of the top movie box office attractions in the world add something


In 1944, Hayworth made one of her best-known films, the Technicolor musical "Cover Girl" , with Gene Kelly add something


Dusty Anderson - She began her career as a model and made her motion picture debut in a minor role as one of the cover girls in the 1944 Columbia Pictures production of "Cover Girl" starring Rita Hayworth


Cover Girl (film) - "'Cover Girl"' is a 1944 American Technicolor musical film starring Rita Hayworth and Gene Kelly


Numerous reporters from hundreds of papers across the country were covering preparations in 1946 at Bikini Atoll in the Pacific Ocean's Marshall Islands for testing of the first nuclear bomb after World War II. The United States had been the first nation to use nuclear bombs, against the civilian population of Japan add something


Vernon left the U.S. Army in 1946 with several medals, including the Purple Heart, and later married Susan Vail, a dancer add something


Glenn Ford - Following military service, Ford's breakthrough role was in 1946, starring alongside Rita Hayworth in the noir classic "Gilda"


Jean Louis - His most famous works include Rita Hayworth's black satin strapless dress from "Gilda" , Marlene Dietrich's celebrated beaded souffle stagewear for her cabaret world tours, as well as the sheer, sparkling gown Marilyn Monroe wore when she sang "Happy Birthday, Mr. President" to John F. Kennedy in 1962


Also in 1947, Hayworth was featured in a "Life" cover story by Winthrop Sargeant, which led to her nickname as "The "Love Goddess" add something


Her bridal trousseau had been influenced by Dior's "New Look", launched in 1947 add something


The Lady from Shanghai - "'The Lady from Shanghai"' is a 1947 film noir directed by Orson Welles and starring Welles, his estranged wife Rita Hayworth and Everett Sloane


In 1948 she left her film career to marry Prince Aly Khan, a son of Sultan Mahommed Shah, Aga Khan III, the leader of the Ismaili sect of Shia Islam add something


In 1948, at the height of her fame, Hayworth traveled to Cannes and was introduced to Prince Aly Khan add something


Elsa Maxwell - Maxwell took credit for introducing Rita Hayworth to Prince Aly Khan in the summer of 1948


Charles Lederer - Years later, after Welles's second marriage to actress Rita Hayworth ended in 1948, he moved to a beach house next door to the palatial Marion Davies estate where his first wife Virginia and Lederer, her husband, resided


Her filly, Double Rose, won several races in France and finished second in the 1949 Prix de l'Arc de Triomphe add something


In 1949 Hayworth's lips were voted best in the world by the Artists League of America add something


They began a year-long courtship, and they were married on May 27, 1949 add something


On December 27, 1949, Hayworth gave birth to the couple's only daughter, Princess Yasmin Aga Khan add something


Jack Lemmon - Lemmon's film debut was a bit part as a plasterer/painter in the 1949 film The Lady Takes a Sailor but he was not noticed until his official debut opposite Judy Holliday in the 1954 comedy It Should Happen to You. Lemmon worked with many legendary leading ladies, among them Marilyn Monroe, Natalie Wood, Betty Grable, Janet Leigh, Shirley MacLaine, Romy Schneider, Doris Day, Kim Novak, Judy Holliday, Rita Hayworth, June_Allyson, Virna Lisi, Ann-Margret, Sophia Loren and many more.


In 1950 he made his screen debut in "Magic Carpet" add something


Mary Castle - In August 1950, she was dubbed the "lady who looks more like Hayworth than Hayworth does


In 1951, Hayworth set sail with her two daughters back to New York add something


In 1951, while still married to Hayworth, Khan was spotted dancing with the actress Joan Fontaine in the nightclub where he and his wife had met add something


Hayworth filed for divorce from Khan on September 2, 1951, on the grounds of "extreme cruelty, entirely mental in nature add something


In 1952 she refused to report for work because "she objected to the script add something


Mary Castle - With an obvious resemblance to Hayworth, she was seen as the object of soldiers' dreams in Columbia's 1952 war film "Eight Iron Men"


Although the couple did reconcile for a short time, they officially divorced by 1953 add something


The two were married on September 24, 1953 at the Sands Hotel, Las Vegas, and their wedding procession went through the casino. add something


Freddie Letuli - Freddie's great talents and expertise got him on movies like "Pagan Love Song", the 1953 Rita Hayworth film "Salome", and "Sailor Beware", just to name a few


She received a percentage of the profits from this and all her subsequent films until 1954, when she dissolved Beckworth to pay off debts she owed add something


After a tumultuous two years together, Haymes struck Hayworth in the face in 1955 in public at the Coconut Grove nightclub in Los Angeles add something


George Duning - Duning shared music adaptation credit with Nelson Riddle for the highly successful 1957 film adaptation of the Rodgers and Hart gem "Pal Joey" starring Frank Sinatra and Rita Hayworth


Kim Novak - In 1957, she worked with Sinatra again in the box office hit "Pal Joey", which starred Rita Hayworth


Pal Joey (film) - "'Pal Joey"' is a 1957 American Technicolor musical film, loosely adapted from the musical play of the same name, and starring Rita Hayworth, Frank_Sinatra, and Kim Novak


Hayworth began a relationship with film producer James Hill, whom she went on to marry on February 2, 1958 add something


James Hill (film producer) - Born in Indianapolis , Indiana, he was the fifth husband of Rita Hayworth from 1958 to 1961


Glendon Swarthout - The book was quickly sold to Random House and to Columbia Pictures in 1958, becoming one of their major motion pictures starring Gary Cooper and Rita Hayworth a year later


Dick York - It was while filming the 1959 movie "They Came to Cordura" with Gary Cooper and Rita Hayworth that York would receive a permanently disabling back injury


She continued working throughout the 1960s add something


On September 1, 1961, Hayworth filed for divorce, alleging extreme mental cruelty add something


In 1962, her planned Broadway debut in "Step on a Crack" was cancelled for undisclosed health reasons add something


In 1970 she remarked that the only films she could watch without laughing were the dance musicals she made with Fred Astaire add something


She continued to act in films until the early 1970s add something


"For several years in the 1970s, she had been misdiagnosed as an alcoholic add something


"Rita Hayworth, "Don't Put the Blame on Me, Boys", "New York Times", October 25, 1970 add something


She made a well-publicized 1971 television appearance on "The Carol Burnett Show" add something


In 1972, Hayworth was 54 years old and wanted to retire from acting, but she needed money so signed up for "The Wrath of God" add something


In March 1974, both her brothers died within a week of each other, which caused her great sadness and led to heavy drinking add something


In 1976 at London's Heathrow Airport, Hayworth was removed from a TWA flight after having an angry outburst while traveling with her agent add something


In a 1980s interview, Hayworth said, "Everybody else does nude scenes, but I don't add something


She wasn't diagnosed as having Alzheimer's until 1980 add something


In July 1981, Hayworth's health had deteriorated to the point where a judge in Los Angeles Superior Court ruled that she should be placed under the care of her daughter, Princess Yasmin Khan of New York City add something


Steve Jobs - In 1982, Jobs bought an apartment in The San Remo, an apartment building in New York City with a politically progressive reputation, where Demi Moore, Steven Spielberg, Steve Martin, and Princess Yasmin Aga Khan, daughter of Rita Hayworth, had apartments


Coverage varied widely at the time, but the story stuck that her image had been put on the bomb, and was repeated in her 1987 obituary in "The New York Times," which readers relied on as fact add something

Rita Hayworth died in 1987 add something


Rita Hayworth lapsed into a semicoma in February 1987 add something


She died at age 68 from Alzheimer's disease a few months later on May 14, 1987 add something


A funeral service was held on May 19, 1987, at the Church of the Good Shepherd in Beverly Hills, California add something


They had a daughter, Rebecca, born , died June 1, 2004, aged 60 add something


They had a daughter, Rebecca, born , died October 17, 2004, aged 59 add something


Jack White - Claudette Colbert is the brunette he used while with the Stripes, Rita Hayworth is the redhead he acquired with the Raconteurs, and Veronica Lake is the blonde he added in 2010 while with the Dead Weather


On October 17, 2016, a press release from the Springer Associates Public Relations Agency announced that Rita Hayworth's former manager and friend, Budd Burton Moss, initiated a campaign to solicit the United States Postal Service to issue a commemorative stamp featuring Hayworth add something


The press release stated the target date for fulfillment of the stamp and Academy award to be on October 17, 2018, on what will be the centennial of Hayworth's birth add something