Rita Pavone

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Rita Pavone

Italian ballad and rock singer who enjoyed success through the 1960s add

Category: Music

Born in 1945.

Countries: United States (69%), Italy (23%), Spain (8%)

Education: undef.

Main connections: Frank Sinatra, Whitney Houston, Cher

Linked to: The Supremes




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Rita Pavone was born in 1945 add something


"'Rita Pavone"' is an Italian ballad and rock singer who enjoyed success through the 1960s add something


Rita Pavone starred in six movies during the 1960s; "Clementine Cherie" , "Rita, la figlia americana" , "Rita la zanzara" , "Non stuzzicate la zanzara" , "Little Rita nel west" and "La Feldmarescialla" add something


Festival degli Sconosciuti - In 1962 she participated in the first "Festival degli Sconosciuti" , a song competition for amateur artists, winning the contest add something


Her recording of "Cuore" sold a million copies in 1963, spending nine weeks at number one in Italy add something


Her self-titled 1963 album, led by the hit single "La partita di pallone" made her a national star at 17, and international attention soon followed add something


In the summer of 1964 she had chart success in the United States with a record sung in English called "Remember Me", backed with "Just Once More" add something


In 1965, Pavone participated as a musician guest in "The Ed Sullivan Show", becoming a frequent guest there until 1970 add something


Pavone was popular in the UK for a short while in 1966 and 1967 add something


In 1968 Pavone married in Switzerland her talent scout and organizer of the first song contest she won, Teddy Reno. This event caused a scandal in the Italian society of the time because Reno was still married to his first wife, Livia Protti, and in Italy there was no divorce law until 1970 add something


She mainly recorded for RCA until 1968, she signed for a brief period with Ricordi which launched her vanity label, RitaLand, but eventually returned to the label that had launched her, recording three more albums with RCA. add something


They re-married each other in Italy in 1971 add something


Later on during the 1980s she would participate in comedy films, such as "2 sul pianerottolo", "Risate in salotto" and "Santarellina" add something


In 1982, she participated in "Come Alice" , which became a hit in Italian television add something


In 1992, Pavone returned to the United States, where she sang during a multiple artists concert that included Whitney Houston, Frank Sinatra, the Bolshoi Ballet and Cher at the Sands hotel in Atlantic City, New Jersey add something


The main character in the 2000 Argentine film, "Nine Queens" tries to remember a Pavone song throughout the film add something


In 2002, Pavone had a concert at Miami's Dade Auditorium add something


Pavone enjoyed so much fame in Spain that it was commented, during a 2005 television documentary from that country, that such success for a foreign singer there is rare add something


Pavone was a Senate candidate in the Italian general election of 2006 add something