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Rockstar New England

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Rockstar New England

Computer game development company founded in 1999 by Dr. Ian Lane Davis add

Category: Business (26)

Founded in 1999.

Countries: United States (57%), (29%), France (14%)

Main connections: New England, Rockstar Games, Vivendi

Linked to: Activision, Sierra Entertainment, Carnegie Mellon University, Turbine




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Davis started Mad Doc Software in Andover in 1999 before shortly moving to Lawrence a year later add something


"'Rockstar New England"', formerly "'Mad Doc Software"', is a computer game development company founded in 1999 by Dr. Ian Lane Davis add something


In March 2002, Mad Doc completed the World War II flight simulator "Jane's Attack Squadron" add something


In the spring of 2005, the company released "Empire Earth II" add something


Mad Doc was contracted to partner with Propaganda Games and Threewave Software for various map designs for the 2008 game Turok add something


On April 4, 2008, Rockstar Games announced that it had acquired the studio and rebranded it Rockstar New England add something


In July 2009, "Empire Earth", alongside other Vivendi properties, was acquired by Rebellion Developments add something


On October 18, 2013, shortly after the release of "Grand Theft Auto V", "Kotaku" editor Superannuation spotted a curriculum vitae of a Rockstar New England employee on LinkedIn, which suggested that the studio was working on the "next version of a famous IP" add something


An April 2014 retrospective by "USgamer", which focused on "games that killed a franchise", editor Mike Williams covered "Empire Earth III" as "buggy, with poor animation, framerate, AI, and combat", and added: "The complexity and depth that made the first two games great was stripped out of this game in an attempt to reach a larger audience add something


As of October 2014, Rockstar New England is one of the biggest video game development studios in the Greater Boston area, alongside Turbine, Harmonix and Demiurge Studios add something