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Roger Kumble

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Roger Kumble

American film director, screenwriter, and playwright add

Category: Movies & TV

Born in 1966.

Countries: United States (68%), California (16%), Denmark (5%)

Main connections: David Schwimmer, Furry Vengeance, Northwestern University




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Roger Kumble was born in 1966 add something


He graduated from Northwestern University in 1988, where he wrote for the "Waa Mu" show add something


He began his career as a playwright and director in 1993 with the Hollywood satire "Pay or Play", which garnered him the LA Weekly Theater Award for Best Comic Writing add something


L.A. Weekly Award Best Comic Writing "Pay or Play" 1993 add something


In 2003, Kumble completed his Hollywood trilogy with the critically acclaimed "Turnaround", again starring David Schwimmer, which sold out its entire run in Los Angeles add something


Jaime Ray Newman - In January 2003 Newman starred with David Schwimmer, Jonathan Silverman and Tom Everett Scott in the play "Turnaround", Roger Kumble's dark Hollywood satire


His next film, "Furry Vengeance", starring Brendan Fraser and Brooke Shields, was released in April 2010 add something


Furry Vengeance - "'Furry Vengeance"' is a 2010 American family comedy film directed by Roger Kumble, produced by Robert Simonds and Keith Goldberg, written by Michael Carnes and Josh Gilbert, co-produced by Participant Media, Imagenation Abu Dhabi and Robert Simonds Productions with music by Edward Shearmur and distributed by Summit Entertainment in the USA and Nordisk Film in Denmark


Cruel Intentions - It was announced in October 2015 that NBC had picked up a pilot script continuation of the series written by "Cruel Intentions" director Roger Kumble, with Sebastian Valmont and Annette Hardgrove's son being the main character


Sarah Michelle Gellar - On February 24, 2016, Sarah announced via Instagram that she had signed on for the project along with the film's director, Roger Kumble, who has co-written and will direct the pilot