Roger Wolfe Kahn

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Roger Wolfe Kahn

American jazz and popular musician, composer, and bandleader add

Category: Music (655)

Born in 1907.

Countries: United States (56%), Italy (6%), Germany (6%)

Education: undef.

Main connections: Jack Dempsey, Red Nichols, Vic Berton

Linked to: Grumman Aircraft Engineering Corporation, Institute of Aeronautical Sciences, National Aeronautic Association, St. Bernard's School




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Roger Wolfe Kahn was born in 1907 add something


Miff Mole - He played in Gus Sharp's orchestra for two years and in the 1920s went on to become a significant figure of the New York scene: he was a member of the Original Memphis Five , played with Russ Gorman, Roger Wolfe Kahn, Sam_Lanin, Ray Miller and many others


Vic Berton - Later in the 1920s he played with Roger Wolfe Kahn, Don Voorhees, and Red Nichols, and worked extensively as a session musician


Otto Hermann Kahn - Otto's son, Roger Wolfe Kahn, was a popular jazz musician and band leader of the late 1920s and early 1930s


Kahn is said to have learned to play 18 musical instruments before starting to lead his own orchestra in 1923, aged only 16 add something


In 1925, Kahn appeared in a short film made in Lee De Forest's Phonofilm sound-on-film process add something


Otto and Roger Kahn were the first father and son to appear separately on the cover of "Time" magazine: Otto in November 1925 and Roger in September 1927, aged 19 add something


Bud Freeman - In 1927, he moved to New York, where he worked as a session musician and band member with Red Nichols, Roger Wolfe Kahn, Ben_Pollack, Joe Venuti, among others


In 1931, Kahn made headlines on the New York society pages when he married musical comedy actress Hannah Williams January 16, 1931 add something


Hannah Williams (actress) - She was married to bandleader Roger Wolfe Kahn from 1931 through 1933, married to boxer Jack Dempsey from 1933 through 1943, with whom she had two children, Joan and Barbara


Two days after the divorce, on April 7, 1933, Roger Wolfe Kahn married Edith May Nelson, a Maine politician's daughter add something


Jack Dempsey - Dempsey divorced Taylor and in July 1933 married Broadway singer Hannah Williams, who had just divorced Roger Wolfe Kahn, and had two children with her


Instead, he preoccupied himself with aviation and eventually, in 1941, became a test pilot for the Grumman Aircraft Engineering Corporation, a well-known aircraft manufacturer add something

Roger Wolfe Kahn died in 1962 add something


That marriage lasted until Kahn's death of a heart attack in New York City on July 12, 1962 add something


In the 1979 film "The Jerk", listening to the orchestra performing the song "Crazy Rhythm" on the radio inspires Steve Martin's character to hitchhike to St. Louis, setting in motion his rise, fall, and eventual reunion with his adopted family add something