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Ron Howard

American film director, producer and former child actor add

Category: Movies & TV

Born in 1954.

Countries: United States (69%), United Kingdom (9%), (8%)

Main connections: Tom Hanks, George Lucas, Dan Brown

Linked to: University of Southern California, Vanity Fair, United States Air Force, American Broadcasting Company




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Ron Howard was born in 1954 add something


The family moved to Hollywood in 1958, the year before the birth of his younger brother, Clint Howard add something


In 1959, Howard had his first credited film role, in "The Journey" add something


In 1960, Howard was cast as Opie Taylor in "The Andy Griffith Show", a spin-off of "The Danny Thomas Show" add something


In the 1962 film version of "The Music Man," Howard played Winthrop Paroo, the child with the lisp; the film starred Robert Preston and Shirley Jones add something


He starred in the 1963 film "The Courtship of Eddie's Father", with Glenn Ford add something


Howard appeared on the 1969 Disneyland Records album "The Story and Song from the Haunted Mansion" add something


Howard played Steve Bolander in George Lucas's coming-of-age film "American Graffiti" in 1973 add something


American Graffiti - "'American Graffiti"' is a 1973 American coming of age comedy-drama film directed and co-written by George Lucas starring Richard Dreyfuss, Ron Howard, Paul Le Mat, Harrison Ford, Charles Martin Smith, Cindy Williams, Candy Clark, Mackenzie Phillips and Wolfman Jack


Beginning in 1974, he played the likeable "buttoned-down" boy, in contrast to Henry Winkler's "greaser" Arthur "Fonzie" Fonzarelli add something


On June 7, 1975, Howard wed his high-school sweetheart, Cheryl Alley, a writer with a degree in geriatric psychology add something


In 1976, Howard played Gillom Rogers in the movie "The Shootist", with John Wayne add something


Howard made his directorial debut with the 1977 comedy "Grand Theft Auto", and left "Happy Days" in 1980 to focus on directing add something


When he hosted "Saturday Night Live" in the 1980s, Eddie Murphy called him "Opie Cunningham" add something


Joe Napolitano - In the 1980s, Napolitano's work included acting as assistant director on feature film projects, working on films with directors Brian Hutton, Danny DeVito, Stuart Rosenberg, Donald Bellisario, Ron Howard, Howard Zieff, Terry Gilliam, Antoine Fuqua, and on multiple projects directed by Brian De Palma


Their first child, daughter Bryce Dallas Howard was born on March 2, 1981 add something


His big theatrical break came in 1982, with "Night Shift", featuring Michael Keaton, Shelley Long, and Henry Winkler add something


Tom Hanks - Bosom Buddies and a guest appearance on a 1982 episode of Happy Days ("A Case of Revenge," where he played a disgruntled former classmate of The Fonz) prompted director Ron Howard to contact Hanks.


Kevin Costner - Costner made a very brief cameo in the 1982 Ron Howard film "Night Shift", he is listed in the credits as 'Frat Boy No. 1' and appears at the climax of a frat-style, blow-out party in the New York City morgue, when the music is suddenly stopped by a frantic Henry Winkler, Costner can be seen holding a beer and looking surprised at the sudden halt of celebration


Shelley Long - In 1982, she starred as Belinda in Ron Howard's comedy "Night Shift" , about life working on the night shift at a city morgue, and starred with Tom Cruise in the 1983 comedy film "Losin' It"


Howard Morris - In 1984, he played Dr. Zidell in "Splash", a film directed by Ron Howard


Daryl Hannah - She was cast as a blonde mermaid in Ron Howard's 1984 fantasy Splash, which starred Tom Hanks and was a major financial success, establishing Hannah as a high-profile film actress.


Splash (film) - "'Splash"' is a 1984 American fantasy romantic comedy film directed by Ron Howard, written by Lowell Ganz and Babaloo Mandel, and starring Tom Hanks, Daryl Hannah, John Candy, Eugene Levy, and Dody Goodman


Their twin daughters Jocelyn Carlyle Howard and Paige Carlyle Howard were born in 1985 add something


Howard's last significant on-screen role was a reprisal of his famous role as Opie Taylor in the 1986 TV movie "Return to Mayberry", an "Andy Griffith Show" reunion reuniting him with Griffith, Don Knotts, and most of the cast add something


Dock Ellis - Ellis appeared in the 1986 film "Gung Ho", directed by Ron Howard


Mimi Rogers - In 1986 she starred alongside Michael Keaton in Ron Howard's comedy, "Gung Ho"


Gung Ho (film) - "'Gung Ho"' is a 1986 Ron Howard comedy film, released by Paramount Pictures, and starring Michael Keaton and Gedde Watanabe


Their fourth and last child, Reed Cross Howard, was born in 1987 add something


Warwick Davis - In 1987, Davis was called to Elstree Studios in London to meet with Ron Howard and George Lucas to discuss a new film project called "Willow", which was written with Davis specifically in mind


Rebecca De Mornay - She appeared in a 1988 remake of Roger Vadim's provocative "And God Created Woman", Ron Howard's "Backdraft" and in 1993, starred as a defense lawyer in Sidney Lumet's murder drama "Guilty as Sin"


Willow (film) - "'Willow"' is a 1988 American fantasy film directed by Ron Howard, produced and with a story by George Lucas, and starring Warwick Davis, Val Kilmer, Joanne Whalley, Jean Marsh, and Billy Barty


Steve Martin - Martin starred in the Ron Howard film "Parenthood", with Moranis in 1989


Parenthood (2010 TV series) - "Parenthood" is based on the 1989 film of the same name, co-written and directed by Ron Howard


Michael Oliver (actor) - When "Problem Child" was released in 1990, Oliver's appearance reminded people of a young Ron Howard as "Opie Taylor" in the "Andy Griffith Show"


The Paper (film) - "'The Paper"' is a 1994 American comedy-drama film directed by Ron Howard and starring Michael Keaton, Glenn Close, Marisa Tomei, Randy Quaid and Robert Duvall


Tom Hanks - Hanks' next role—astronaut and commander Jim Lovell, in the 1995 movie Apollo 13--reunited him with Ron Howard.


Apollo 13 (film) - "'Apollo 13"' is a 1995 American historical docudrama film directed by Ron Howard


As part of Imagine Entertainment, he appeared in a 1997 print ad for Milk - Where's "your" mustache-, in which he wore a cap for Imagine Entertainment and sported a milk mustache add something


It was reissued in 1998 as a cassette tape titled "A Spooky Night in Disney's Haunted Mansion" add something


Stated on "Inside the Actors Studio", 1999 He appeared in the films "The Music Man" in 1962, "American Graffiti" in 1973 and "The Shootist" in 1976, the latter during his run on "Happy Days" add something


EDtv - "'EDtv"' is a 1999 American satirical comedy film directed by Ron Howard


When asked in 2000 if he would ever like to return to acting, Howard replied, "Only if I can act with Cindy Williams again", referring to the actress who played opposite him in "American Graffiti" add something


Liev Schreiber - He played supporting roles in several studio films, including the 2000 movie version of "Hamlet" with Ethan Hawke, Ron Howard's 1996 remake of "Ransom" with Mel Gibson, "The Hurricane" with Denzel Washington, and he played Tom Clancy's fictional C.I.A. super spy and assassin John Clark in "The Sum of All Fears" with Ben Affleck


John Forbes Nash - A film by the same name was released in 2001, directed by Ron Howard with Russell Crowe playing Nash; it won four Academy *awards, including Best Picture


Christopher Plummer - Other recent successes include his roles as Dr. Rosen in Ron Howard's Academy *award-winning "A Beautiful Mind" , Arthur Case in Spike Lee's 2006 film "Inside Man", and the philosopher Aristotle in "Alexander", alongside Colin Farrell


Jennifer Connelly - The script of Ron Howard's 2001 film "A Beautiful Mind", loosely based on Sylvia Nasar's 1998 biography of the mathematician John Nash, sparked her interest in the project


Inside Man - After he completed the script in 2002, Imagine Entertainment purchased it to be made by Universal Studios, with Imagine co-founder Ron Howard attached to direct


Jennifer Connelly - In 2002, Connelly won an Academy *award, a Golden Globe Award and a BAFTA *award for her supporting role as Alicia Nash in Ron Howard's 2001 biopic "A Beautiful Mind"


In 2003, he was awarded the National Medal of Arts add something


Val Kilmer - In 2003, Kilmer starred alongside Kate Bosworth in the drama/thriller "Wonderland", as well as appearing in "The Missing", where he again worked with "Willow" director Ron Howard


Walter Cronkite - Cronkite appeared briefly in the 2005 dramatic documentary "The American Ruling Class" written by Lewis Lapham, "Thirteen Days", reporting on the Cuban missile crisis and provided the opening synopsis of the American Space Program leading to the events in Apollo 13 for the Ron Howard film of the same name


Audrey Tautou - In 2005, Tautou worked in her first full Hollywood production, opposite Tom Hanks, in the film version of Dan Brown's best-selling novel "The Da Vinci Code", directed by Ron Howard and released in May 2006


Russell Crowe - In 2005, he re-teamed with $A_Beautiful_Mind (A_Beautiful_Mind_(film)) director Ron Howard for Cinderella Man. In 2006 he re-teamed with Gladiator director Ridley Scott for A Good Year, the first of two consecutive collaborations (the second being American Gangster co-starring again with Denzel Washington, released in late 2007).


In the June 2006 issue of "Vanity Fair" magazine, Howard was asked, "What do you consider your greatest achievement-" He replied, "Forty-eight consecutive years of steady employment in television and film, while preserving a rich family life add something


Akiva Goldsman - In 2006 Goldsman re-teamed with "A Beautiful Mind" director Ron Howard for a high profile project, adapting Dan Brown's novel "The Da Vinci Code" for Howard's much-anticipated film version, receiving mixed reviews for his work


Alfred Molina - In 2006, Molina portrayed Touchstone in Kenneth Branagh's film version of Shakespeare's "As You Like It" and appeared in Ron Howard's adaptation of "The Da Vinci Code"


Jean Reno - In 2006, he had a prominent role in the remake of "The Pink Panther" and its sequel, playing Gilbert Ponton, the partner of Inspector Clouseau opposite Steve Martin, and portrayed Captain Bezu Fache in the Ron Howard film "The Da Vinci Code"


Ron Howard became a grandfather when his daughter, Bryce, and son-in-law Seth Gabel welcomed their first child, son Theodore Norman Howard Gabel, on February 16, 2007 add something


In October 2008, Howard reprised his roles as Opie Taylor and Richie Cunningham for the first time in over 20 years when he appeared in a video on in which he endorsed Barack Obama and urged people to vote add something


Austin Film Festival - Howard was the recipient of the Austin Film Festival's 2009 Extraordinary Contribution to Filmmaking award add something


Ron Howard made a cameo appearance in the 2009 music video for Jamie Foxx's song "Blame It" alongside Forrest Whittaker, Jake Gyllenhaal, and Samuel L. Jackson add something


Gino Conforti - He can be seen looking at his customer as she asks the camera, "What's really in a hot dog-" In 2009, he made an appearance as Cardinal Pugini in the Ron Howard directed film "Angels & Demons"


The three remained friends until Bosley's death in October 2010 add something


Pete Haycock - Haycock collaborated with Zimmer again in 2011, and played guitar on Ron Howard's soundtrack for "The Dilemma",


Jennifer Connelly - In 2011, Connelly starred in Ron Howard's comedy "The Dilemma", opposite Vince Vaughn


Vince Vaughn - Vaughn starred in Ron Howard's comedy, "The Dilemma", released in January 2011


Mark Romanek - In October 2011, Romanek was planning on taking over the director's chair from Ron Howard on the film adaptation of Dan Brown's bestselling Robert Langdon novel, "The Lost Symbol"


Ron Howard became a grandfather for the second time when Bryce and Seth welcomed their second child, daughter Beatrice Jean Howard Gabel, on January 19, 2012 add something


After cancelation, the two would continue to either have lunch, have kept in touch , have run into each other or to join themselves in two separate TV reunions, for nearly 45 years until Griffith's death in July 2012 add something


Interview with the Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles - In February 2012, the fourth book in "The Vampire Chronicles", "The Tale of the Body Thief", entered a stage of development with Brian Grazer and Ron Howard's film production company, Imagine Entertainment


In 2013, Howard was inducted into the Television Hall of Fame add something


Niki Lauda - Lauda is played by Daniel Brühl in the 2013 Ron Howard film "Rush" about the 1976 Formula One season


The Lost Symbol - In July 2013 Sony Pictures announced they would instead adapt "Inferno" for a December 18, 2015 release date with Ron Howard as director, David Koepp adapting the screenplay and Tom Hanks reprising his role as Robert Langdon


Jeff Gordon - In September 2013, Gordon worked with actor Ron Howard in a series created by NASCAR known as "The Crossing"


Asylum Entertainment - In 2014, Asylum partnered with Ron Howard and Brian Grazer and GE on a signature series for National Geographic Channel entitled "Breakthrough"


Ben Whishaw - Whishaw's upcoming film projects include the independent film "Lilting", to be released in the UK and the US in 2014; "Suffragette", a story of the early feminist movement written by Abi Morgan and starring Carey Mulligan, Helena Bonham Carter and Meryl_Streep; "The Lobster", an upcoming romantic science fiction thriller from Greek director Yorgos_Lanthimos; the role of Herman Melville in Ron Howard's "In the Heart of the Sea"; and the role of Freddie Mercury in an upcoming biopic


Pam Dawber - In 2016, Dawber made a guest appearance on "The Odd Couple" in a tribute episode to Garry Marshall along with other Marshall alums Ron Howard, Penny_Marshall, Cindy Williams, Don Most, Anson Williams and Marion Ross


The Da Vinci Code - October 28, 2016 "Inferno" was released in USA, again directed by Ron Howard and writers included the novel writer Dan Brown and screenplay by David Koepp


On June 22, 2017 it was announced that Howard will take over directing duties on the "Untitled Han Solo film", a film based on "Star Wars" character Han Solo in his younger years add something


In November 2017, Howard announced that he would be teaching his first directing class as part of the MasterClass series, entitled s://www add something


Warwick Davis - On July 26, 2017 it was announced that Davis will be appearing in the upcoming "Untitled Han Solo film" that will reunite him with his "Willow" director Ron Howard


Stephen King - Akiva Goldsman, Ron Howard, Nikolaj Arcel, and Brian Grazer produced a feature film based on "The Dark Tower" series, with Nikolaj Arcel as the director, while Howard slated as the producer, with an upcoming release date of July 28, 2017


The film is due for release on May 25, 2018 add something