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Ronnie O'Sullivan

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Ronnie O'Sullivan

English professional snooker player known for his rapid playing style, and is nicknamed [GUI]The Rocket[GUI] add

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Born in 1975.

Countries: United Kingdom (71%), Ireland (14%), Europe (14%)

Education: undef.

Main connections: Ed Miliband, Stephen Hendry, Jimmy White

Linked to: World Professional Billiards and Snooker Association, The Snooker Players Association, Wanstead High School, Narcotics Anonymous




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Ronnie O'Sullivan was born in 1975 add something


Aged 36, and just 40 days older than Dennis Taylor was when he won the title in 1985, O'Sullivan became the oldest world champion since 45-year-old Ray Reardon in 1978 add something


He became the youngest winner of a ranking tournament when, aged 17, he won the 1993 UK Championship, beating Stephen Hendry in the final add something


In the 1996 World Championship, snooker's governing body found O'Sullivan guilty of assaulting Mike Ganley, a media official add something


When he first displayed this left-handed ability in the 1996 World Championship against Alain Robidoux, the Canadian accused him of disrespect add something


Hendry had made the first against O'Sullivan in the 1997 Charity Challenge final, and Mark Williams had made the second, at the Crucible in the first round of the 2005 World Championship add something


At a pre-match interview, O'Sullivan said, referring to a previous match against Hendry in 1999, "I know if I do get beat and he comes up and does a moonie in front of me and goes 'Ne ne ne', I'll just look at him and say 'well done' and say 'go back to your sad little life' add something


In 2003, media sources carried reports that O'Sullivan had converted to Islam, but despite his self-professed interest in the faith, these reports were proven to be false add something


In December 2006, in his quarter-final match of the UK Championship against Hendry, O'Sullivan conceded in dramatic fashion part-way into the sixth frame of the best of 17 match add something


O'Sullivan went on to win the tournament against Ding Junhui, on 21 January 2007 add something


On 31 May 2007, World Snooker fined him a total of £20,800 over this incident, and docked him 900 ranking points add something


According to Stephen Hendry after his defeat at the 2008 World Championship, "O'Sullivan is the best player in the world by a country mile" add something


At the 2008 World Championships, O'Sullivan compiled a record-breaking ninth competitive maximum break against Mark Williams add something


He was reported to have split with Jo in early June 2008 add something


In June 2008, the World Professional Billiards and Snooker Association punished him for his behaviour by docking the appearance-money and world-ranking points that he had earned from the event add something


During an exhibition in Ireland in January 2009, O'Sullivan and Jimmy White made maximum breaks in consecutive frames add something


O'Sullivan won the Premier League ten times in total, but the 2011 tournament didn't use the standard rules of snooker add something


O'Sullivan reached the semi-finals in the Snooker Shoot-Out in January 2011, before losing against Robert Milkins add something


On 10 May 2012, O'Sullivan was named as the World Snooker Player of the Year and the Snooker Writers Player of the Year add something


On 1 May 2013, O'Sullivan announced that his return to the Crucible would be short-lived, and that he would not compete in future World Championships add something


In August 2013 he announced that his tournament schedule for the remainder of the season would include the UK Championship, the German Masters, the Welsh Open, and the Masters, as well as returning to the Crucible in 2014 to defend his World Championship title add something


However, after his title win, O'Sullivan refused definitively to rule out a title defence in 2014, saying in a post-match interview that "I just love playing, so I will definitely be playing in some smaller events, and we will just see what goes on add something


On 22 January 2014, the Disciplinary Committee of the WPBSA issued a statement that O'Sullivan had been found in breach of the association's Members Rules add something


In March 2014, Eurosport announced that it had signed an exclusive deal with O'Sullivan to make him its global ambassador for snooker, with the goal of driving the sport's international appeal add something


This was reinforced by his appearance on BBC's Saturday Kitchen, in December 2014 add something


On 4 December 2014, O'Sullivan completed his 13th career maximum break in the fourth round of the UK Championship, against Matthew Selt add something


He endorsed Labour's Ed Miliband in the 2015 general election add something


Previously a non-political follower he came out in support in 2015 for the Labour Party and Ed Miliband, after playing against him in a game of pool add something


O'Sullivan started broadcasting regularly on Brentwood radio station Phoenix FM in May 2015, co-hosting the Midweek Matchzone show with Chris Hood add something


O'Sullivan is scheduled to compete at the Masters in January 2016, where he will face Mark Williams in the first round add something


In August 2016, O'Sullivan agreed to compete in the season's inaugural Home Nations series of tournaments that will take place in 2016 through 2017 add something


In the subsequent events up to and including the 2017 Welsh Open, he has made 4 additional centuries: add something


O'Sullivan had made 859 career centuries by the final of the 2017 Masters add something


In April 2017 O'Sullivan endorsed Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn in the upcoming UK General election add something


"Last updated on: 16 January 2018" add something


"Last updated on: 23 March 2018" add something


O'Sullivan became a grandfather in October 2018 after Taylor-Ann gave birth to her first child add something


O'Sullivan targeted reaching 1,000 century breaks before he retires, a feat he achieved in the winning frame of the 2019 Players Championship final add something


He scored his 1,000th century in the winning frame of the 2019 Players Championship final against Neil Robertson in March 2019 add something


He scored his 1,000th century in the winning frame of the 2019 Players Championship final against Neil Robertson in March 2019 add something


Winning the Tour Championship on 24 March 2019 made him the sport's current world number one, the fourth time in his career that he has held the top position and the first time he has been number one since May 2010 add something


On 31 March 2019 one week after O'Sullivan returned to the world number one ranking after winning the 2019 Tour Championship the first title he has been number one in 9 years add something