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Rory Calhoun

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Rory Calhoun

Acclaimed American television and film actor, screenwriter and producer add

Category: Movies & TV

Born in 1922.

Countries: United States (94%), United Kingdom (6%)

Education: undef.

Main connections: California, CBS, William A. Richardson

Linked to: CBS, Preston School of Industry, West Texas Historical Association




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Rory Calhoun was born in 1922 add something


In 1943, while riding horseback in the Hollywood Hills, he met actor Alan Ladd, whose wife was an agent add something


In 1955, Willson disclosed information about Calhoun's years in prison to "Confidential" magazine in exchange for the tabloid not printing an exposé about the secret homosexual life of Rock Hudson, another Willson client add something


In 1957, Calhoun formed a production company with Victor Orsatti they named Rorvic to make and star in the films "The Hired Gun", "The Domino Kid" and "Apache Territory" add something


On March 26, 1959, he appeared as himself in the episode "Rory Calhoun, The Texan" on the CBS sitcom "December Bride", starring Spring Byington, in its last season of production add something


Whitney Blake - She appeared with Claude Akins in two 1959 episodes, "Cattle Drive" and "Border Incident" of the CBS western, "The Texan", starring Rory Calhoun


Barbara Stuart - In 1960, Stuart appeared as the legendary gambler Poker Alice in three episodes of the CBS-Desilu western series "The Texan", starring Rory Calhoun


Luke Short - On January 25, 1960, the actor Bob Steele played Short in the episode "The Terrified Town" of the CBS western television series, "The Texan", starring Rory Calhoun


In 1966, a paternity suit by Vitina Marcus against Calhoun was settled in Los Angeles Superior Court for an undisclosed sum add something


William A. Richardson - In the 1966 episode "Water Bringer" of the syndicated western television series, "Death Valley Days", hosted by Ronald W. Reagan, Rory Calhoun played Richardson in his first visit off the "Orion" to California


He continued to appear in both television and film throughout the 1970s and 1980s, including "Thunder in Carolina", "Rawhide", "Gilligan's Island", "Hawaii Five-O", "Alias Smith and Jones" and "Starsky and Hutch" add something


In 1982, Calhoun had a regular role on the soap opera "Capitol", being persuaded to do it by his family after his regret over turning down a part on "Dallas" add something


Athena went on to become "The World's Most Beautiful Showgirl" and received a "Key To The City Of Las Vegas" in 1987 add something


His final role was that of grizzled family patriarch and rancher Ernest Tucker in the 1992 film "Pure Country" add something

Rory Calhoun died in 1999 add something


Rory Calhoun died on April 28, 1999 at Providence Saint Joseph Medical Center in Burbank, California, at the age of 76 due to emphysema and diabetes add something


Troy Donahue - According to Robert Hofler's 2005 biography, "The Man Who Invented Rock Hudson: The Pretty Boys and Dirty Deals of Henry Willson", Willson tried out the name Troy on Rory Calhoun and James Darren, with no success before it finally stuck to Donahue