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Rosanna Arquette

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Rosanna Arquette

Actress, director, producer add

Category: Movies & TV

Born in 1959.

Countries: United States (86%), United Kingdom (10%), (5%)

Education: undef.

Main connections: Danny Glover, Mia Farrow, Martin Scorsese

Linked to: Jews, Playboy, American Broadcasting Company




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Rosanna Arquette was born in 1959 add something


In 1963, Arquette and her family moved to Chicago , where her father managed The Second City theater for several years add something


Johnny Belinda (1948 film) - The film was remade first as a 1967 television movie starring Mia Farrow as Belinda, Ian Bannen as her doctor, and David Carradine as the rapist, and in 1982 as another TV remake with Rosanna Arquette as Belinda and Richard Thomas as the doctor


In 1974, she hitchhiked across the country with three older teenagers, eventually going to San Francisco, where she worked at renaissance and Dickens fairs add something


Her professional theater debut was May 27, 1977, appearing in the Story Theatre Musical production of "Ovid's The Metamorphoses" at the Callboard Theatre on Melrose Place in Los Angeles add something


Peter Barton (actor) - Even though Barton had no formal acting training, in 1979 he starred as Bill Miller in the short-lived TV series, "Shirley", starring Shirley Jones, Rosanna Arquette, and Tracey Gold


Peter Gabriel - In the late 1980s and early 1990s, Gabriel lived with actress Rosanna Arquette but they never married


In 1982, she earned an Emmy award nomination for the TV film "The Executioner's Song" add something


Desperately Seeking Susan - "'Desperately Seeking Susan"' is a 1985 American comedy-drama film directed by Susan Seidelman and starring Rosanna Arquette and Madonna


James Newton Howard - From 1986 to 1987, Howard was married to actress Rosanna Arquette


In 1989, director Martin Scorsese offered her a part in "New York Stories" add something


In 1990, Arquette appeared on the cover and in a nude pictorial in "Playboy"'s September issue, although she claimed it was without her prior knowledge or consent add something


Lynn Whitfield - In 1997, she co-starred opposite Danny Glover and Rosanna Arquette in the comedy film "Gone Fishin"', appeared in the supporting role in the Canadian drama "The Planet of Junior Brown", and played Jurnee Smollett's title character's mother in the critically acclaimed independent drama, "Eve's Bayou"


In 2009, she joined "Fit Parent Magazine", founded by Craig Knight, as Editor at Large add something


In August 2013, Arquette married her fourth husband, investment banker Todd Morgan, following a two-year engagement add something


In a August 8, 2019 interview with TheWrap, Arquette said the Federal Bureau of Investigation advised her to make her Twitter account private after online critics harassed her for tweeting that she had shame for being "white and privileged" add something