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Roy Geiger

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Roy Geiger

United States Marine Corps General who, during World War II, became the first Marine to lead an army add

Category: Military

Born in 1885.

Countries: United States (43%), (19%), Haiti (10%)

Main connections: Florida, Haiti, Palau

Linked to: Command and General Staff School, Stetson University, Royal Air Force, U.S. Army War College




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Roy Geiger was born in 1885 add something


Geiger spent most of his enlisted time at the Marine Barracks, Washington, D.C. where he was promoted to Corporal on June 2, 1908 add something


In August 1912, he was assigned to Nicaragua, where he participated in the bombardment, assault and capture of the hills called Coyotepe and Barranca add something


Further foreign shore duty followed in the Philippines and China with the First Brigade and with the Marine Detachment, American Legation, Peking, China, from 1913 to 1916 add something


In March 1916, Geiger joined Naval Air Station Pensacola, Florida, as a student naval aviator add something


He successfully completed the course and was designated a naval aviator in June 1917 add something


Further training followed and in July 1918, he arrived in France add something


He was detached to the United States in January 1919 add something


From December 1919 to January 1921, he was a squadron commander with the Marine Aviation Force attached to the First Provisional Brigade in Haiti add something


In August 1927, he returned to Quantico as a squadron officer and instructor at the Marine Corps Schools, and in May 1928, was assigned to duty in the Aviation Section, Division of Operations and Training, at Marine Corps Headquarters add something


After attending the U.S. Army War College and graduating in June 1929, he was ordered to Quantico, where he was assigned duty as Commanding Officer, Aircraft Squadrons, East Coast Expeditionary Force add something


In June 1935, he returned to Quantico as Commanding Officer, Aircraft One, Fleet Marine Force add something


From June 1939 to March 1941, he was a student at the Senior and the Advanced Courses, Naval War College, Newport, Rhode Island add something


In August 1941, he became Commanding General, 1st Marine Aircraft Wing, Fleet Marine Force, in which capacity he was found upon the United States' entry into World War II. add something


Guadalcanal Campaign - On September 3, 1942, he was stationed at Guadalcanal to lead the Cactus Air Force during the early part of the Guadalcanal Campaign add something


Until November 4, 1942, he was commander of the combined Army, Navy and Marines Air Forces stationed here as well as the 1st Marine Aircraft Wing add something


Louis E. Woods - Battle of Guadalcanal - He accompanied the Wing to the South Pacific in September 1942, where he participated in the Battle of Guadalcanal as the chief of staff for, Major General, Roy Geiger


He was recalled to Marine Corps Headquarters in May 1943, to become Director of Aviation add something


Battle of Bougainville - In November 1943, he returned to the field, this time as Commanding General of the I Amphibious Corps and led the Corps from November 9, to December 15, 1943, in the Battle of Bougainville, for which he was awarded the Distinguished Service Medal add something


Redesignated III Amphibious Corps in April 1944, he led this organization in the invasion and subsequent recapture of Guam during July and August 1944, and in the assault and capture of the southern Palau Islands in September and October of the same year add something


On June 18, 1945, Geiger assumed command of the Tenth Army following the death in combat of Lt. General Buckner add something


In July 1945, he assumed duties as Commanding General of the Fleet Marine Force, Pacific, which position he held until called back to Headquarters Marine Corps in November 1946 add something

Roy Geiger died in 1947 add something


Geiger was promoted to four-star general posthumously by the 80th Congress to be effective from January 23, 1947 add something