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Rudolph Valentino

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Rudolph Valentino

Italian actor, known simply as [GUI]Valentino[GUI] and also an early pop icon add

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Born in 1895.

Countries: United States (75%), Mexico (5%), (5%)

Education: undef.

Main connections: Natacha Rambova, John Barrymore, Jean Acker

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Rudolph Valentino was born in 1895 add something


After living in Paris in 1912, he soon returned to Italy add something


Unable to secure employment, he departed for the United States in 1913 add something


Norman Kerry - Around 1916 he befriended Rudolph Valentino, an exhibition dancer of some renown, in New York City


John F. Seitz - In 1916 during the silent era he established himself, achieving great successes with the Rudolph Valentino film, "The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse"


He returned for a visit in 1917, staying with friends in Greenwich Village, eventually settling in Bayside, Queens add something


In 1917, Rudolph Valentino joined an operetta company that traveled to Utah where it disbanded add something


Julian Eltinge - This would lead to other films including 1918s "The Isle of Love" with Rudolph Valentino and Virginia Rappe


By 1919, he had carved out a career in bit parts add something


In 1919, just before the rise of his career, Valentino impulsively married actress Jean Acker who was involved with actresses Grace Darmond and Alla Nazimova add something


Mae Murray - She became a major star for Universal, starring with Rudolph Valentino in "The Delicious Little Devil" and "Big Little Person" in 1919


Jean Acker - After meeting and befriending the then-struggling actor Rudolph Valentino at a party, they entered a two-month courtship and married on November 6, 1919


A sex symbol of the 1920s, Valentino was known as the "Latin Lover" add something


John Gilbert (actor) - Director King Vidor stated that Rudolph Valentino, Gilbert's main rival in the 1920s for romantic leads, probably would have suffered the same fate in the talkie era, had he lived


Dolores del Rio - During the 1920s in Hollywood, Dolores was considered one of the most beautiful women of her time, a sort of female version of Rudolph Valentino, the "Latin Lover" of the Silent Cinema


Leopold Godowsky - During the 1920s she appeared as a co-lead in various Hollywood silent movies, including some with Rudolph Valentino


Noble Johnson - In the 1920s Johnson was a very busy character actor, appearing in such top-notch silent films as The "Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse" with Rudolph Valentino, Cecil_B._DeMille's original "The Ten Commandments" , "The Thief of Bagdad" , and "Dante's Inferno"


Walter Long (actor) - Long supported Rudolph Valentino in three of his films of the early 1920s but is now best remembered for his roles in several Laurel and Hardy films in the 1930s as a comic villain


Montagu Love - Usually cast in heartless villain roles, in the 1920s, he played opposite Rudolph Valentino in "The Son of the Sheik"; opposite John Barrymore in "Don Juan"; and appeared with Lillian Gish in 1928's "The Wind"


The couple remained legally married until 1921, when Acker sued Valentino for divorce, citing desertion add something


Valentino first met Winifred Shaughnessy, known by her stage name, Natacha Rambova, an American silent film costume and set designer, art director, and protégée of Nazimova, on the set of "Uncharted Seas" in 1921 add something


"The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse" was released in 1921, becoming a commercial and critical success add something


In November 1921, Valentino starred alongside Gloria Swanson in "Beyond the Rocks" add something


Bridgetta Clark - Clark's first film was arguably her best known role, a supporting role opposite Rudolph Valentino and Alice Terry in the 1921 classic "The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse"


George Melford - In 1921 he directed what is probably his most famous silent film--"The Sheik", starring Rudolph Valentino


Agnes Ayres - In 1921, Ayres shot to stardom when she was cast as Lady Diana Mayo, an English heiress opposite "Latin lover" Rudolph Valentino in "The Sheik"


Alice Terry - One of her most acclaimed performances came as "Marguerite" in 1921's "The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse", starring Rudolph Valentino


Natacha Rambova - She met Rudolph Valentino on the set of "Uncharted Seas" in 1921


In 1922, Valentino began work on another Mathis-penned film, "Blood and Sand" add something


In late 1922, Valentino met George Ullman, who would soon become Valentino's manager add something


One man asked in a street interview what he thought of Valentino in 1922 replied, "Many men desire to be another Douglas Fairbanks add something


Released in 1922, the film was a critical disappointment add something


They married on May 13, 1922, in Mexicali, which resulted in Valentino's arrest for bigamy since he had not been divorced for a full year, as required by California law at the time add something


In September 1922, he refused to accept paychecks from Famous Players until the dispute was solved, although he owed them money he had spent to pay off Jean Acker add something


Dorothy Arzner - Her first assignment as an editor was in 1922 for the renowned classic "Blood and Sand", starring Rudolph Valentino


Lila Lee - In 1922 Lee was cast as "Carmen" in the enormously popular film "Blood and Sand", opposite matinee idol Rudolph Valentino and silent screen vamp Nita_Naldi; Lee subsequently won the first WAMPAS Baby Stars *award that year


George O'Brien (actor) - One of his earliest roles was in the 1922 George Melford-directed drama "Moran of the Lady Letty", most notable for starring Rudolph Valentino


Bebe Daniels - She became an adult star by 1922 and by 1924 was playing opposite Rudolph Valentino in "Monsieur Beaucaire"


Wanda Hawley - She co-starred with Rudolph Valentino in the 1922's "The Young Rajah", and rose to stardom in a number of Cecil B. DeMille and director Sam Wood's films


On March 14, 1923, they legally remarried add something


On May 14, 1923, while in New York City , Valentino made his only two vocal recordings for Brunswick Records; "Kashmiri Song" and "El Relicario" add something


In 1924 he starred in "A Sainted Devil", now one of his lost films add something


With "Liberty" magazine, he wrote a series entitled, "How You Can Keep Fit" in 1923 add something


Adrian (costume designer) - Adrian was hired by Rudolph Valentino's wife Natacha Rambova to design costumes for "A Sainted Devil" in 1924


He craved authenticity and wished to shoot on location, finally forming his own production company, Rudolph Valentino Productions, in 1925 add something


In 1925, he gave out his one and only medal, to John Barrymore, for his performance in "Beau Brummel" add something


Valentino and Rambova divorced in 1925 add something


Gertrude Olmstead - She would appear in seventeen more films by the time she received what is today her best known role, opposite Rudolph Valentino in the 1925 film "Cobra"


John Barrymore - Though both his brother and sister won Academy *awards, the only *award Barrymore ever received for his screen work was from Rudolph Valentino in 1925 for "Beau Brummel"

Rudolph Valentino died in 1926 add something


In July 1926, The "Chicago Tribune" reported that a vending machine dispensing pink talcum powder had appeared in an upscale hotel washroom add something


The film opened on July 8, 1926 to great fanfare add something


On August 15, 1926, Valentino collapsed at the Hotel Ambassador in New York City , New York add something


Pola Negri - Negri met Rudolph Valentino at a costume party held by Marion Davies and William Randolph Hearst at the San Simeon estate, and was Valentino's lover until his death in 1926


Ivan Mozzhukhin - When Rudolph Valentino died in August 1926, Hollywood producers began searching for another face or image that might capture some iota of that unique screen presence radiated by "The Great Lover"


Peritonitis - Actor Rudolph Valentino died of peritonitis on August 23, 1926, after suffering a ruptured appendix


Several myths surround the woman, though it seems the first woman in black was actually a publicity stunt cooked up by press agent Russel Birdwell in 1928 add something


Many were reissued well into the 1930s, long after the demise of silent film add something


An earlier feature film about Valentino's life, called "Valentino", was released in 1951, starring Anthony Dexter in the title role add something


From the time he died until the 1960s, Valentino's sexuality was not generally questioned in print add something


Irving Shulman - In the 1960s, Shulman wrote biographies of Jean Harlow and Rudolph Valentino, and a novelization of the film "West Side Story"


Hollywood Babylon - The book details the stories of Hollywood stars from the silent era to stars of the 1960s including Charles Chaplin, Lupe Vélez, Rudolph Valentino, Olive Thomas, Thelma Todd, Errol Flynn, Frances Farmer, Juanita Hansen, Mae Murray, Alma Rubens, Barbara La Marr, and Marilyn Monroe


From 1972 to 2006 an Italian acting award, "The Rudolph Valentino award", was handed out every year add something


Mildred Shay - She appeared in 1974's remake of "The Great Gatsby" and soon after, avant garde director Ken Russell asked her to play an "aged American desperate for attention" in his biography of Rudolph Valentino, in which she got to dance with the film's star, Rudolph Nureyev


One of these biopics is Ken Russell's 1977 film, "Valentino", in which Valentino is portrayed by Rudolf Nureyev add something


Tom Mix - Those memorialized include Douglas Fairbanks, Mary Pickford, Will Rogers, Conrad Nagel, Rudolph Valentino, Fred_Niblo, Harold Lloyd and Mix. There is Tom Mix museum in Dewey, Oklahoma and from 1986-2002 was another in his birthplace of Mix Run, Pennsylvania


ZaSu Pitts - In 1994 her importance as a silent film star was affirmed when she was honored with her image on a United States postage stamp along with luminaries such as Rudolph Valentino, Clara_Bow and Charlie Chaplin as part of The Silent Screen Stars stamp set, designed by caricaturist Al Hirschfeld


Buster Keaton - In 1994, caricaturist Al Hirschfeld penned a series of silent film stars for the United States Post Office, including Rudolph Valentino and Keaton


In 2002, the film was discovered by the Netherlands Film Museum add something


Only fragments of this film, recovered in 2005, still remain add something


In 2006, the Italians planned a one-off film festival to celebrate the opening of the Museo Rodolfo Valentino. In May 2010, the American Society held The Rudolph Valentino Film Festival in Los Angeles , California add something


The estate was bulldozed in 2006 and put back on the market add something


The restored version was released on DVD in 2006 add something


Turner Classic Movies - As of 2006, films which have been rescored include the 1921 Rudolph Valentino film "Camille", two Lon Chaney films: 1921's "The Ace of Hearts" and 1928's "Laugh, Clown, Laugh" and Greta Garbo's 1926 film "The Temptress"


In 2009 a film school was opened in his hometown, "Centro Studi Cine Club Rodolfo Valentino Castellaneta" add something


Natacha Rambova - The Rudolph Valentino Society and Publishing LLC, 2011


Pola Negri - The Rudolph Valentino Society and Publishing LLC, 2011

Rudolph Valentino died in 2013 add something


The opera was revived by the Minnesota Opera in 2014, with similar reviews add something


In 2018 Vlad Kozlov was played Rudolph Valentino in the film "Silent Life" , starring Isabella Rossellini , Franco Nero and Terry Moore as "The Lady in Black" add something