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Rush Hour (film series)

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Rush Hour (film series)

Series of Hong Kong-American martial artsaction-comedy films starring Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker, directed by Brett Ratner, and distributed by New Line Cinema add

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Launched in 1998.

Countries: United States (50%), China (33%), (17%)

Main connections: Brett Ratner, Chris Tucker, DVD

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Following the closure of the 50 year old Las Vegas Strip property in August 2000 by new owner Steve Wynn, the "Rush Hour 2" production moved in and redesigned parts of the property as a Chinese themed casino/hotel for the movie add something


"Rush Hour 2" was released on August 3, 2001 add something


"Rush Hour 3" was officially announced on May 7, 2006, and filming began on July 4, 2006 add something


Additionally, the film was not screened in Chinese theaters in 2007 to make way for a larger variety of foreign films, according to a business representative add something


Ratner stated in an interview in 2009 that he "has been in contact with a long list of stars including Danny DeVito and Jet Li for possible roles in a potential "Rush Hour 4"," but stressed "nothing's been okayed yet" add something


In another interview in 2011, Tucker in an interview with the radio show "The Breakfast Club" stated in response to the question of a fourth by saying, "Rush Hour 4"- Maybe you know, because that's a different kind of movie add something


In the DVD audio commentary for "Rush Hour 3", Brett Ratner joked that the fourth "Rush Hour" film could be released in 2012 add something


In July 2012, series producer Arthur Sarkissian stated that a fourth film was being worked on with Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker, and stated that he would welcome Brett Ratner back as director if he would "do it in the right way add something


In June 2015, according to Chan, a "Rush Hour 4" will be happening add something


In October 2017, Chan said that the script for "Rush Hour 4" has been in the works and shooting for the film will most likely start in 2018 if Tucker agrees to be in the film add something


In February 2018, Tucker confirmed the production of "Rush Hour 4" add something


In March 2019, That Hastag Show reported that a female led Rush Hour reboot is in development by STX Studios with Bingbing Li in the lead add something