Russian Grand Prix

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Russian Grand Prix

Grand Prix motor race briefly held in the 1910s in St add

Category: Auto racing

Activity starting in 1895.

Countries: Russia (46%), (23%), United Kingdom (15%)

Main connections: Formula One, Vladimir Putin, 2014 Winter Olympics

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Plans for a Grand Prix in Russia emerged in the early 1980s, with a proposed circuit in Moscow to be run under the title of the "Grand Prix of the Soviet Union" add something


The race was included on a provisional calendar for 1983, but bureaucratic barriers prevented the Grand Prix from being held, and the race was removed from all subsequent revisions of the calendar add something


Another attempt was made in 2003, with the Moscow council approving a project to build a track in the Molzhaninovsky area in the Northern District of Moscow, to be known as Nagatino Island add something


In September 2008, it was revealed that work was to begin on a Formula One circuit to be located at the town of Fedyukino, Volokolamsky District of the Moscow Province, approximately away from Moscow add something


Vitaly Petrov became Russia's first Formula One World Championship driver in 2010, when he joined Renault, adding further momentum to the project add something


Formula One - In October 2010, Russian prime minister Vladimir Putin signed an agreement with Ecclestone establishing the Russian Grand Prix in the Black Sea resort city of Sochi from 2014, with the circuit to be run in and around the site of the 2014 Winter Olympic Park


2014 Winter Olympics - The deal to hold the Russian Grand Prix was signed on 14 October 2010, and runs from 2014 to 2020


Vladimir Putin - Other major tournaments which the country has been chosen to host include the 2013 World Championships in Athletics in Moscow and the 2015 World Aquatics Championships in Kazan , the Russian Grand Prix and the 2016 IIHF World Championship


On the 100th anniversary of the last Russian Grand Prix, a new round of the Formula One World Championship joins the calendar in 2014 add something


Plans were unveiled for a 5,9 km circuit to be run in and around the site of the 2014 Olympic Village on the Black Sea coast, with a deal in place for seven years, from 2014 to 2020 add something


Sochi - President Vladimir Putin has reportedly reached a deal with Bernie Ecclestone for the city to host the Formula One Russian Grand Prix from 2014


2014 Winter Olympics - Its primary use is to host the Formula One Russian Grand Prix, which held its inaugural edition in October 2014


On 12 October 2014, the sixteenth race of the 2014 Formula One season will take place at the Sochi Autodrom; see 2014 Russian Grand Prix add something


The 2015 race was held on 11 October 2015 add something


The 2015 race was held on 11 October 2015 add something


The 2016 event was held on 1 May 2016, moved forward to the fourth round of the calendar, unlike the previous two events add something


The 2017 event was held on 30 April 2017, and saw Valtteri Bottas secure his first career win in Formula One, ahead of the Ferrari pair of Sebastian Vettel and Kimi Räikkonen add something


The 2018 race was held on 30 September 2018, moved back from its April slot to fill a vacancy left by the Malaysian Grand Prix, which was discontinued at the end of 2017 add something