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Scott Brady

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Scott Brady

American film and television actor add

Category: Movies & TV

Born in 1924.

Countries: United States (69%), California (15%), India (8%)

Education: undef.

Main connections: Andrew Duggan, Roscoe Ates, Floyd Gibbons

Linked to: United States Navy, University of Southern California, American Broadcasting Company, CBS




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Scott Brady was born in 1924 add something


Discharged from the military in 1946, Brady headed to Los Angeles , California. where his older brother Lawrence was already making some progress as an actor add something


From 1953 to 1956, Brady appeared four times in different roles on the anthology series, "Lux Video Theatre" add something


From 1953 to 1956, he appeared five times on the NBC antholgy series, "The Ford Television Theatre" add something


From 1955 to 1959, Brady appeared five times on still another anthology series, CBS's "Schlitz Playhouse", with the roles of Reno Cromwell in "Night of the Big Swamp" and Calvin Penny in "Papa Said No." It was the "Schlitz Playhouse" episode "The Salted Mine" that became the pilot for Brady's own western television series, "Shotgun Slade", which aired seventy-eight episodes in syndication from 1959 to 1961 add something


In 1955 and 1957, Brady was twice cast on another anthology program, "Studio 57" add something


In 1955, he portrayed Ted Slater in "Man in the Ring" of NBC's anthology series, "The Loretta Young Show" add something


In 1957, Brady had a run-in with the law, but pending narcotics charges against him were dropped add something


On December 26, 1957, he played the frontier figure William Bent in the episode "Lone Woman" of CBS's anthology, "Playhouse 90", with Raymond Burr cast as William Bent's brother, Charles Bent add something


In 1958, he played the lead role of Sergeant Matt Blake to Clint Eastwood's third billing as Keith Williams in "Ambush at Cimarron Pass", a film which Eastwood is quoted as having called "probably the lousiest western ever made add something


Roscoe Ates - In 1960, he was cast as Fenton in the episode "Hot Ice Cream" of Charles Bronson's ABC series "Man with a Camera", as Lou Nugget in "The Fabulous Fiddle" of Scott Brady's syndicated "Shotgun Slade", and as Deputy Boak in "The Missing Queen" of Andrew Duggan's ABC crime drama "Bourbon Street Beat", set in New Orleans


In 1961, he played the roles of John Keller in "We're Holding Your Son" on Ronald W. Reagan's anthology series, "General Electric Theater" and Ernie Taggart in "Voyage into Fear" of the CBS detective series, "Checkmate" add something


Floyd Gibbons - In "The Floyd Gibbons Story", a 1962 episode of "The Untouchables", Gibbons was portrayed by Scott Brady


In 1967, Brady guest starred on Carl Betz's ABC legal drama, "Judd, for the Defense" add something


In 1969, he portrayed Budd Blake in the episode "Panic" of the NBC drama "Bracken's World" add something


In 1973, he was cast as Davey Collier in "No Stone Unturned" of NBC's "Banacek" add something


From 1975 to 1977, Brady had the recurring role of "Vinnie" in sixteen episodes of NBC's "Police Story" crime drama add something


Though he had turned down the role of Archie Bunker, which instead went to Carroll O'Connor, Brady nevertheless appeared as Joe Foley on four episodes in 1976 of CBS's long-running "All in the Family" add something


In 1977, he portrayed Lou Caruso in "Caruso's Way" of ABC's sitcom "Welcome Back, Kotter" add something


On February 15, 1977, he appeared as Shirley Feeney's father, Jack Feeney, in the episode "Buddy, Can You Spare a Father-" on ABC's "Laverne & Shirley" situation comedy add something


In 1981, Brady was stricken with pulmonary fibrosis and thereafter required the use of an oxygen tank add something


In 1983, Brady portrayed Alex Kidd in "Shadow of Sam Penny" on the CBS detective series "Simon and Simon" add something


Brady's last acting role was as Sheriff Frank in the 1984 film, "Gremlins" add something

Scott Brady died in 1985 add something