Scottish Labour Party

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Scottish Labour Party

Section of the British Labour Party which operates in Scotland add

Category: Politics

Founded in 2010.

Countries: United Kingdom (58%), Scotland (23%), UK (8%)

Main connections: Scottish Parliament, Scotland, Labour Party (UK)

Linked to: Scottish Parliament, Labour Party, European Parliament, House of Commons of the United Kingdom




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Coupled with the 2010 UK General Election results, this suggests that Scottish Labour's disappointing performance in the 2011 Scottish Parliament Election does not necessarily translate into support for its political opponents in other elections add something


On 6 May 2010, contrary to polls preceding the election, Labour consolidated their vote in Scotland, losing no seats and recovering Glasgow East from the SNP. This resulted in incumbent Scottish secretary Jim Murphy stating that the result provided an impetus for Scottish Labour to attempt to become "the biggest party in Holyrood" in the 2011 Scottish Parliament elections add something


In September 2010, the party issued 13,135 ballot papers to party members during the Labour Party leadership election add something


Following the 2011 Scottish election, Ed Miliband commissioned a review of the future structure and operation of the Labour Party in Scotland, co-chaired by Jim Murphy MP and Sarah Boyack MSP. add something


The seat of Inverclyde was held by David Cairns until his death on 9 May 2011 add something


On 17 December 2011, Johann Lamont MSP was newly elected as leader and Anas Sarwar MP elected as her deputy add something


In July 2012, a member of Scottish Labour started Labour for Independence, a rebel group of Labour supporters who back Yes Scotland in the campaign for Scottish independence add something


Anne McTaggart - In November 2012 McTaggart was criticised for her Parliamentary expenses used to purchase books shortly after her election, including Public Speaking and Presentation for Dummies, The Scottish Parliament: An Introduction and several books on Labour politician Barbara Castle


Scottish independence referendum, 2014 - The former & NATO Secretary General and Scottish Labour peer Lord Robertson said in 2013 that "either the SNP accept the central nuclear role of NATO


In May 2013, Scottish Labour continued its own Unionist campaign with the launch of United with Labour with the support of former Prime Minister Gordon Brown add something


Lewis Macdonald - In the Shadow Cabinet reshuffle of June 2013 he was appointed Labour Chief Whip at the Scottish Parliament


Better Together - The announcement of the upcoming referendum on Scottish independence in the aftermath of the Scottish National Party's victory at the Scottish Parliament elections in 2011 led to the Scottish Labour Party joining with the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats in the pro-union Better Together campaign against Scottish independence add something


Richard Baker (Scottish politician) - Baker was selected in March 2014 to be Labour's Candidate for Aberdeen North in the 2015 General Election


On 25 October 2014, Johann Lamont MSP resigned as leader; Anas Sarwar MP became acting leader and resigned as deputy leader add something


In November 2014 the party's membership was claimed by an unnamed source reported in the Sunday Herald to be 13,500 add something


In December 2014 the newly elected leader Jim Murphy claimed that the figure was "about 20,000" on the TV programme Scotland Tonight add something


Anne McTaggart - She was appointed Scottish Labour's Shadow Minister for Europe & International Development in December 2014


Red - However, the party suffered a landslide defeat in the general election in May 2015, losing 40 of their 41 seats to the SNP. Many senior party figures were unseated, including Murphy himself , Shadow Foreign Secretary Douglas Alexander and Shadow Scotland Secretary Margaret Curran add something


On 16 May 2015 Jim Murphy resigned as leader; Kezia Dugdale MSP became acting leader add something


Iain Gray - On 13 June 2015, Gray was appointed Acting Leader of the Scottish Labour Party whilst a leadership and a deputy leadership election are being simultaneously held, on account of the Deputy Leader, Kezia Dugdale, resigning to run for Leader


Dugdale was later elected Leader on 15 August 2015 add something


Red - In late September 2015, following a membership boost resulting from the 2015 Labour leadership election, a total of 29,899 people were associated with the party; 18,824 members, 7,790 people affiliated through trade unions and other groups, and 3,285 registered supporters add something


He said that he planned to defeat the SNP in 2016, and that he would use the increased powers being devolved to Holyrood to end poverty and inequality add something


James Kelly (Scottish politician) - Kelly is the current Scottish Labour Party Parliamentary Business Manager in the Scottish Parliament and the party's election co-ordinator for 2016


Coatbridge - Hugh Gaffney of the Scottish Labour Party has been the MP since 2017


In September 2017, it was reported that the Party had 21,500 members and 9,500 affiliated through trade unions and other groups, making a total of 31,000 people associated with the Party add something


The election for a new leader of the Scottish Labour party is taking place between 11 September 2017 and 18 November 2017, when the new leader will be announced add something


James Kelly (Scottish politician) - When Kezia Dugdale resigned as Scottish Labour Party leader in December 2017, Kelly's name was touted as a potential successor


In January 2018, the total Scottish membership stood at 25,836, however within 12 months it was leaked in January 2019 that this value had fallen by 4,674 to 21,162 add something


Conservative Party (UK) - In February 2019, three Conservative MPs - Heidi Allen, Joan Ryan, and Anna Soubry - defected from the party to join The Independent Group, a pro-EU political association of MPs founded by seven former members of the Labour party