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Sherilyn Fenn

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Sherilyn Fenn

American actress add

Category: Movies & TV

Born in 1965.

Countries: United States (75%), United Kingdom (13%), California (5%)

Main connections: Twin Peaks, Julian Sands, Gilmore Girls

Linked to: Fox Broadcasting Company, Playboy, People, The Philadelphia Inquirer




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Sherilyn Fenn was born in 1965 add something


Fenn was considered for the title role in Roger Vadim's remake of his 1968 film "Barbarella" that ultimately didn't come off add something


Fenn starred alongside Johnny Depp in the 1985 short student film "Dummies", directed by Laurie Frank for the American Film Institute add something


She had a part in the 1985 cult teen-comedy "Just One of the Guys" in which she tries to seduce a teenage girl disguised as a boy, played by Joyce Hyser add something


Johnny Depp - Depp later dated and was engaged to actress Sherilyn_Fenn.


In 1987, she joined Depp in a season-one episode of "21 Jump Street" called "Blindsided" add something


Cannes Film Festival - The film won the Golden Palm award at the 1990 Cannes Film Festival add something


According to Fenn, the turning point in her career was when she met London in 1990 add something


In 1990 "Us Magazine" chose her as one of the "10 Most Beautiful Women in the World" and in 1991 "People" magazine chose her as one of the "50 Most Beautiful Women in the World" add something


In the late 1990s, Fenn's career took a downturn add something


She came to international attention for her performance as Audrey Horne on the 1990 cult TV series "Twin Peaks" add something


In October 1990, while promoting "Twin Peaks", Fenn made the cover of "Rolling Stone" magazine along with Mädchen Amick and Lara Flynn Boyle add something


In 1991, veteran Hollywood acting coach Roy London chose her to star in his directorial debut "Diary of a Hitman", in which she plays a young mother determined to protect her child from hit-man Forest Whitaker add something


She soon portrayed John Dillinger's girlfriend Billie Frechette in ABC's 1991 gangster TV movie "Dillinger" opposite Mark Harmon, and shot the neo-noir black comedy "Desire and Hell at Sunset Motel" in which she played a sultry, seductive femme fatale add something


In 1992, photographer George Hurrell took a series of photographs of Sherilyn Fenn, Sharon Stone, Julian Sands, Raquel Welch, Eric Roberts and Sean Penn add something


Sharon Stone - In 1992, photographer George Hurrell took a series of photographs of Stone, Sherilyn Fenn, Julian_Sands, Raquel Welch, Eric Roberts, and Sean Penn.


In 1993, she starred in the romantic comedy "Three of Hearts" as Kelly Lynch and William Baldwin's love interest add something


Boxing Helena - "'Boxing Helena"' is a 1993 American romance and horror film directed by Jennifer Chambers Lynch, and starring Sherilyn Fenn, Julian_Sands, and Bill Paxton


After a short break during which she married and gave birth to a son, Fenn was chosen out of more than 100 actresses to portray actress Elizabeth Taylor in NBC's 1995 telemovie " Fenn felt a kinship with Taylor, stating, "There are stereotypes of what a beautiful woman is add something


Fenn afterward portrayed Potiphar's wife Zulaikha in Showtime's 1995 Biblical TV movie "Slave of Dreams" opposite Adrian Pasdar and Edward James Olmos add something


In 1995, she starred in an episode of "Tales from the Crypt" directed by Robert Zemeckis, alongside Isabella Rossellini and John Lithgow, in which she played the lover of Humphrey Bogart, who appeared in the episode via CGI special effects add something


Ray Wise - In 1995, Wise was reunited with "Twin Peaks" cast mate Sherilyn Fenn in the NBC telemovie " in a spoof of "Twin Peaks"


In 1996 she joined the ensemble cast in the romantic comedy "Lovelife" as a waitress who attempts to become a writer and has to rebuild her life add something


Fenn appeared in the 1997 romantic comedy "Just Write", along with Jeremy Piven, as the dream actress of a Hollywood tour bus driver, who mistakes him for a famous screenwriter add something


Fenn called the film "a wonderful character piece" While shooting the film in the Isle of Man in late 1997, Fenn considered settling in London in order to start a European career, but eventually decided to stay in the U.S. add something


In 1997, she stated "It was crazy, I was very picky add something


In a 1997 episode of "Friends", Fenn guest-starred as Matthew Perry's girlfriend Ginger, who has a prosthetic right leg add something


Jon Harmon Feldman - He wrote and directed the 1997 romantic comedy "Lovelife", starring Matt Letscher, Sherilyn Fenn, Saffron_Burrows, Carla Gugino, Jon Tenney, Bruce Davison and Peter Krause


Fenn again joined Jeremy Piven in a 1998 episode of "Cupid", as Piven's love interest add something


Fenn starred in the 1998 British psychological drama and huis-clos "Darkness Falls" as a wealthy and neglected wife, who is sequestered with her husband by a man determined to understand the events that led to his wife ending up in a coma add something


The series ran from 1998 to 2001 and co-starred Lynn Redgrave, Jonathan Penner and Mario Van Peebles add something


In 1999 she re-teamed with Chris Penn and Adrian Pasdar for Pasdar's art-house directorial debut, the neo-noir "Cement", a contemporary re-telling of "Othello", in which she played a tempting but imprudent femme fatale, the wife of jealous corrupt cop Chris Penn add something


Nevertheless, ABC aired it on February 20, 1999 add something


In the middle of the 2000s, she failed to find a role that could re-ignite her career as she got involved into many projects, that went unrealized add something


In 2001, she starred in the episode "Replica" of "The Outer Limits", playing a scientist who volunteered to be cloned add something


She was cast as a kindergarten teacher for the pilot of the 2001 American version of the British TV show "Blind Men", alongside French Stewart add something


Bruce Davison - In 2001, Davison directed the TV film "Off Season", which starred his "Lovelife" co-star Sherilyn Fenn, Rory Culkin, Hume Cronyn, and Adam Arkin


Fenn played a crime boss in the 2002 film "Swindle" opposite Tom Sizemore add something


In 2002, Fenn was one of several former "Twin Peaks" stars, such as Dana Ashbrook and Mädchen Amick, to have a recurring role on The WB's "Dawson's Creek" add something


After the 2003 "Gilmore Girls" spin-off project, Sherman-Palladino wanted to work with Fenn again ever since, and wrote the character of Anna with her in mind add something


In 2003, Fenn appeared on The WB's "Gilmore Girls" as Sasha, the girlfriend of Jess Mariano's estranged father in the season three episode "Here Comes the Son", which was the back-door pilot for a California-set spin-off titled "Windward Circle", that was to have starred Milo Ventimiglia, Estes and Fenn add something


In 2004, Fenn co-starred opposite Traci Lords and Paul Johansson in Emily Skopov's "Novel Romance", released in 2006, in which she played a pregnancy shop owner who can't have children add something


In 2004, Fenn joined former co-star Mark Harmon in an episode of "NCIS", as an amnesiac woman add something


She was afterwards cast for the 2004 remake of "Mister Ed", planned for the Fox network add something


Ho-Sung Pak - In 2004 Pak starred in the martial film "Lesser of Three Evils", directed by Wayne A. Kennedy, starring Roger Guenveur Smith, Peter Greene, Rosa Blasi and Sherilyn Fenn


Fenn was slated for a recurring role on CBS' 2006 crime drama "Smith", but the show was quickly canceled add something


In 2006, Fenn re-teamed with Amy Sherman-Palladino and reappeared in the sixth and seventh seasons of "Gilmore Girls" as Anna Nardini, the ex-girlfriend of Luke Danes and protective mother to his daughter April add something


Lisa Bonet - Bonet co-starred in the 2006 film "Whitepaddy" alongside Sherilyn Fenn, Hill_Harper, Debra Wilson, Karen Black, and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar


Paul Johansson - In 2006 he starred in Emily Skopov's "Novel Romance", alongside Traci Lords and Sherilyn Fenn


She subsequently joined its executive team in 2007 as executive director of the film and television division add something


Her second son, Christian, with IT consultant Dylan Stewart, was born in August 2007 add something


In July 2008, Fenn filmed "The Scenesters", a black comedy made by Los Angeles-based comedy group The Vacationeers, which premiered in October 2009 add something


In 2009, Fenn created a blog named "Postcards from the Ledge" add something


In July 2009, Fenn made a guest appearance on "In Plain Sight" as a lesbian counterfeiter add something


In December 2010, Fenn appeared on "Psych" with other "Twin Peaks" actors on the Season 5 episode "Dual Spires" as sultry librarian Maudette Hornsby add something


Mulholland Drive (film) - Actress Sherilyn Fenn stated in a 2014 interview that the original idea came during the filming of "Twin Peaks", as a spin-off film for her character of Audrey Horne


In February 2016, she joined the cast of the American version of Shameless add something


Twin Peaks - She reprised her role as Audrey Horne in 2017 for the limited third season of "Twin Peaks" add something