Simon Cox (author)

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Simon Cox (author)

British author who is the ex editor-in-chief of Into The DUAT magazine and previously also of [GUI]Phenomena[GUI] magazine in the US, he was the founder of Henu Productions add

Category: Literature

Born in 1966.

Country: United States (100%)

Education: undef.

Main connection: Dan Brown




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Simon Cox was born in 1966 add something


In 2005, his book, "Illuminating Angels & Demons", was featured in a documentary of the same name released by Allumination FilmWorks which featured Jim Marrs and others as contributing authors add something


In 2006 and 2007, Cox, along with authors Ian Robertson and Mark Oxbrow developed and put on the live show, "Rosslyn & The Grail" at the acclaimed Edinburgh Fringe Festival, with the 2006 run being officially declared a sell-out and gaining several excellent reviews add something


In 2006, Cox appeared in the documentary "Richard Hammond and the Holy Grail" add something


In 2006, the Fulcrum TV documentary "Da Vinci's Lost Code" was based on an idea and proposed book project by Simon Cox and G. Stephen Holmes add something


His last book, published on 15 October 2009 in the UK and November 3, 2009 in the US, was "Decoding the Lost Symbol", an expose and facts behind the fiction guide to the last Dan Brown best selling thriller, "The Lost Symbol", with the Cox publication appearing just a few weeks after the Dan Brown original add something


Until late 2010, Cox was the editor of the internet based magazine, Into The DUAT, where he maintained a popular blog add something


He has authored and co-authored some eight books as of January 2010 add something


Several more book projects are set to follow in 2012 add something