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Singapore Grand Prix

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Singapore Grand Prix

Motor race on the calendar of the FIA Formula One World Championship add

Category: Auto racing

Activity starting in 1961.

Countries: Japan (14%), Germany (14%), Denmark (14%)

Main connections: Formula One, Kevin Magnussen, Bernie Ecclestone

Linked to: Ford Motor Company, McLaren, Brabham, SingTel




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First organised in 1961, the race was initially known as the "Orient Year Grand Prix" add something


After Singapore attained its independence in 1965, the race at the Thomson Road circuit was renamed to the Singapore Grand Prix add something


Mazda - After winning the Singapore Grand Prix in April 1969 and coming in fifth and sixth in the Spa 24 Hours , on October 19, 1969, Mazda again entered the 84 hour Nürburgring race with four Familias


The event was discontinued after 1973 and a variety of reasons have been suggested, including an increase in traffic, the very high danger and unsuitability of the track for racing, the inconvenience of having to close roads for the event and fatal accidents during the 1972 and 1973 races add something


Corporate hospitality suites and packages went on sale at the end November 2007, three-day passes to the public went on sale in February 2008 add something


In November 2007 it was announced that the telecommunications company SingTel would sponsor the event, and they televised the show on Channel 5 called "'SingTel Grid Girls"' add something


The 2008 race hosted the famous Amber Lounge after party and in 2010 Singapore became the second location to host the Amber Lounge Fashion show add something


The first race held at the new Marina Bay Street Circuit was the 15th round of the 2008 &FIA (Fédération_Internationale_de_l'Automobile) Formula One World Championship, and was the first night-time event in Formula One history add something


For the 2009 race, the circuit was reprofiled slightly, including modifications to turns 1, 2 and 3 to aid overtaking, and at turn 10 where high kerbs caused many accidents in 2008 add something


On September 22, 2012, the AP reported that Bernie Ecclestone and the Singapore Grand Prix agreed that the Grand Prix will remain on the Formula One calendar through the year of 2017 add something


For the 2013 race, it was announced that the 10th turn of the track, the "Singapore Sling" chicane, will be reconfigured so the cars will have to navigate a flowing left-hander before accelerating towards the Anderson Bridge add something


On 15 April 2014, it was announced that Singapore Airlines would sponsor the Singapore Grand Prix, starting from that year add something


During the 2015 race a spectator entered the track on the straight after Anderson Bridge, as leaders Sebastian Vettel and Daniel Ricciardo sped by add something


The Singapore Grand Prix will remain on the F1 calendar until at least 2017, after race organizers signed a contract extension with Formula One Management on the eve of the 2012 event add something


On 19 June 2017, the &FIA (Fédération_Internationale_de_l'Automobile)'s World Motor Sport Council in Geneva released its provisional 2018 calendar where the Singapore Grand Prix was given a tentative date of September 16 add something


Kevin Magnussen - He would score his first, and as of October 2018 last, fastest lap at the Singapore Grand Prix


Kevin Magnussen - He would score his first, and as of December 2018 last, fastest lap at the Singapore Grand Prix