Social Democrats (Denmark)

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Social Democrats (Denmark)

Danish political party committed to the political ideology of social democracy add

Category: Politics

Founded in 1871.

Countries: Denmark (86%), Europe (9%), France (3%)

Main connections: Helle Thorning-Schmidt, Svend Auken, Thorvald Stauning

Linked to: Venstre, Party of European Socialists, Socialist People's Party, Folketing




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Founded by Louis Pio in 1871, the party first entered the Folketing in 1884 add something


The party was founded in 1871 by Louis Pio, Harald Brix og Paul Geleff add something


In 1876 the Party held an annual conference, adopting the first party manifesto add something


Christen Berg - From he represented the intransigent line, from about 1890 again co-operating with Hørup and even with the Social Democrats but he died before a solution had been reached


Carl Theodor Zahle - In 1913 the Social Liberal Party and the Social Democrats got a majority in the lower house and Zahle was able to form a government backed by the Social Democrats


Peter Freuchen - When Freuchen returned to Denmark in the 1920s he joined the Social Democrats and contributed with articles in the newspaper Politiken


The party was a member of the Labour and Socialist International between 1923 and 1940 add something


In the 1924 parliamentary elections the Social democratic party won the majority with 36,6 percent of the vote, and its first government was put in place with Thorvald Stauning as prime minister add something


It first formed a government in 1924 under Thorvald Stauning, the longest-serving Danish Prime Minister of the 20th century add something


Aksel Larsen - During the 1924 election his campaigning made him so well known that he got a secret offer to go back to the Social Democrats


In 1935, Stauning was reelected with the famous slogan "Stauning or Chaos" add something


Vilhelm Buhl - Vilhelm Buhl was a member of the Social Democrats, and had held the post of Finance Minister in the cabinets of Thorvald Stauning from 20 July 1937 to 4 May 1942


Stauning's second cabinet lasted until the Nazi occupation of Denmark in 1940, when the cabinet was widened to include all political parties, called the Cabinet of Thorvald Stauning III, and the Danish government pursued a collaborative policy with the German occupiers add something


Stauning stayed in power until his death in 1942, his party laying the foundations for the Danish welfare state, based on a close collaboration between labor unions and the government add something


Hans Hedtoft - On 30 September 1953 Hedtoft was able to return as Prime Minister, and formed the Cabinet of Hans Hedtoft II, consisting only of the Social Democrats


H. C. Hansen - As Foreign Minister, H. C. Hansen was seen as the natural successor as Prime Minister and leader of the Social Democrats, when his friend Hans Hedtoft died of a heart attack on 29 January 1955


Frank Jensen - "'Frank Jensen"' is a Danish politician, member of the Danish Social Democrats, and has been Lord Mayor of Copenhagen since 1 January 2010


Kjeld Olesen - He was a Member of Parliament 1966–1987 and served as Deputy Chairman of the Social Democratic Party in the 1970s


Svend Auken - He represented the Social Democrats as a member of the Danish parliament from 1971 until his death


Arne Melchior - Melchior was active in the Social Democratic Party but left this party in 1973 to co-found the Centre Democrats


The Social Democrats governed Denmark for most of the 20th century, with a few intermissions, such as the Conservative-led government of Poul Schlüter in the 1980s add something


Anker Jorgensen - He did, however, remain as leader of the Social Democrats until his resignation in 1987 when he was succeeded by Svend Auken


Svend Auken - In 1987 Svend Auken succeeded Jørgensen as leader of the Danish Social Democrats, at that time an opposition party to the government of Prime Minister Poul Schlüter


Mimi Jakobsen - From 1989 to 2005 she was leader of the Centre Democrats, a political party formed by her father, former Social Democrat Erhard Jakobsen, in 1973


The Social Democrats' social policy through the 1990s and continuing in the 21st century involved a significant redistribution of income and the maintenance of a large state apparatus with collectively financed core public services such as public healthcare, education and infrastructure add something


Towards the end of the 1990s, a trade surplus of 30 billion kroner turned into a deficit add something


Svend Auken - After making big gains in the 1990 general election, he was subsequently unable to put together a workable coalition, partly because of bad personal relations with prominent politicians in the traditional coalition party of the Social Democrats, "Det Radikale Venstre"


Poul Nyrup Rasmussen - Rasmussen replaced Svend Auken, the long serving leader of the Social Democrats, after his failure to form a government with the Radikale Venstre after the 1990 election, despite good results for both parties


Poul Nyrup Rasmussen - He was the leader of the governing Social Democrats from 1992 to 2002


Svend Auken - His position as leader of the Social Democrats was challenged in 1992 by Poul Nyrup Rasmussen, who went on to win the internal election


The Cabinets of Poul Nyrup Rasmussen maintained a parliamentary majority during the period from 1993 to 2001 by virtue of their support from the Socialist People's_Party_(Denmark) and the Red-Green Alliance add something


Helle Thorning-Schmidt - From 1994 to 1997, Thorning-Schmidt led the secretariat of the Danish delegation of Social Democrats in the European Parliament


After being defeated by the Liberal Party in the 2001 election, the party chairmanship went to former finance and foreign minister Mogens Lykketoft add something


It continued to be Denmark's largest party until 2001 when Anders Fogh Rasmussen's liberal Venstre Party gained a landslide victory, becoming the largest party and forming a centre-right government add something


Poul Nyrup Rasmussen - It was not universally popular with the electorate, which may have been a factor in the Social Democrats' defeat in the 2001 parliamentary election


Bernard Kouchner - He was replaced on 21 January 2001 by Danish Social Democrat Hans Hækkerup


A member of the Party of European Socialists, the Social Democrats have four MEPs in the European Parliament, an increase of three after the 2004 election add something


The leader of the party is Helle Thorning-Schmidt who has held the chair since 2005 when she took over from Mogens Lykketoft add something


Helle Thorning-Schmidt - She was elected to replace Mogens Lykketoft as Leader of the Social Democrats after the 2005 parliamentary election, leading her party through the 2007 parliamentary election, which was won by the centre-right alliance, and the 2011 parliamentary election, after which she was appointed Prime Minister by Queen Margrethe II


Following another defeat in the January 2005 election, Lykketoft announced his resignation as party leader, and at an extraordinary congress on 12 March, it was decided that all members of the party would cast votes in an election of a new party leader add something


On 12 April 2005 Helle Thorning-Schmidt was elected as the new leader add something


Jan Boye - In the Danish municipal elections on 15 November 2005, Boye was the Conservative candidate as new mayor of Odense, Funen's capital and Denmark's third largest city; challenging the ruling Social Democratic mayor, Anker Boye


Helle Thorning-Schmidt - She led the Social Democrats in the 2007 election, in which her party suffered modest losses and was forced into a third term in opposition


Folketing - The Social Democrats under the leadership of Helle Thorning-Schmidt have enjoyed continuing majorities in opinion polls since late 2009 and hopes to form a centre-left government coalition consisting of the Socialist People's_Party_(Denmark) and the Social Liberal Party with parliamentary support from the small Red-Green Alliance


At the 2011 elections the Social Democrats gained 44 seats in parliament, the lowest number since 1953 add something


In March 2013 they gained an additional MEP: Emilie Turunen left the Socialist People's_Party_(Denmark) to become a Social Democrat add something


After the 2015 parliamentary election, the party is no longer in government, though it is still the largest party in the Danish parliament, the Folketing, with 47 of 179 seats add something


In the 2015 election, the Social Democrats gained seats and became the biggest party in the parliament again, yet lost government because the parties of the Right had a majority add something


She succeeded Helle Thorning-Schmidt, who stepped down after the left bloc's defeat in the 2015 General Election add something


Helle Thorning-Schmidt withdrew as party leader on the night of the election as a direct consequence of the loss of government control, and she was succeded on 28 June 2015 by the former vice leader, Mette Frederiksen add something


Red - On 27 June 2019, Frederiksen was successful in forming the Frederiksen Cabinet, an exclusively Social Democratic minority government supported by the red bloc, becoming the second woman in the role after Thorning-Schmidt as well as the youngest Prime Minister in Danish history at the age of 41 add something