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Category: Politics

Launched in 2010.

Countries: United Kingdom (20%), Europe (13%), United States (10%)

Main connections: Danish Social Liberal Party, Princeton University Press, National Union of Rail, Maritime and Transport Workers

Linked to: Labour Party, Communist Party of the Soviet Union, Italian Communist Party, Swedish Social Democratic Party




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In 2010, there were 270 kibbutzim in Israel add something


" Haymarket Books, 2010 add something


In the following May 2010 United Kingdom general election, the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition, launched in January 2010 and backed by Bob Crow, the leader of the National Union of Rail, Maritime and Transport Workers union , other union leaders and the Socialist Party among other socialist groups, stood against Labour in 40 constituencies add something


At the federal level, the NDP was the Official Opposition, from 2011 through 2015 add something


In 2011, the Social Democrats, Socialist People's Party and the Danish Social Liberal Party formed government, after a slight victory over the main rival political coalition add something


Left Front (France) - In 2012, its constituent parties are, in addition to the two aforementioned parties, the Unitarian Left , the Federation for a Social and Ecological Alternative , Republic and Socialism , Convergences and Alternative , the Anticapitalist Left , the Workers' Communist Party of France and The Alternatives


Chávez was reelected in October 2012 for his third six-year term as President, but he died in March 2013 from cancer add something


Left Unity was founded in 2013 after the film director Ken Loach appealed for a new party of the left to replace the Labour Party, which he claimed had failed to oppose austerity and had shifted towards neoliberalism add something


The United Nations "World Happiness Report 2013" shows that the happiest nations are concentrated in Northern Europe, where the Nordic model of social democracy is employed, with Denmark topping the list add something


After Chávez's death on 5 March 2013, Vice President from Chavez's party Nicolás Maduro assumed the powers and responsibilities of the President add something


The Progressive Alliance is a political international founded on 22 May 2013 by political parties, the majority of whom are current or former members of the Socialist International add something


On 25 May 2014, the Spanish left-wing party Podemos entered candidates for the 2014 European parliamentary elections, some of which were unemployed add something


In 2015, following a defeat at the 2015 United Kingdom general election, self-described socialist Jeremy Corbyn took over from Ed Miliband as leader of the Labour Party add something


In the Greek legislative election of January 2015, the Coalition of the Radical Left led by Alexis Tsipras won a legislative election for the first time while the Communist Party of Greece won 15 seats in parliament add something


The current government of Portugal was established on 26 November 2015 as a Socialist Party minority government led by prime minister António Costa add something


Peace and Freedom Party - The Peace and Freedom's 2016 presidential candidate is Gloria La Riva, who is the nominee of the Party for Socialism and Liberation


As of 2019, the Democratic Socialists of America have two members in Congress, and various members in state legislatures and city councils add something