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Son of the Pink Panther

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Son of the Pink Panther

Continuation of the The Pink Panther film series add

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Launched in 1224.

Countries: United States (50%), Italy (17%), Jordan (8%)

Main connections: Herbert Lom, Blake Edwards, Graham Stark




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Also in this film are "Panther" regulars Herbert Lom, Burt Kwouk and Graham Stark and a star of the original 1963 film, Claudia Cardinale add something


Debrah Farentino - Farentino has been an actress since 1982 when she appeared in the TV series "Capitol" and has appeared in numerous movies and TV shows, including "Hooperman" and "Son of the Pink Panther"


Filming started 8 June 1992 and production finished 14 months later, taking place in Pinewood Studios and the country of Jordan add something


Bobby McFerrin - In 1993, McFerrin sang Henry Mancini's "Pink Panther" theme for the movie "Son of the Pink Panther"


Roberto Benigni - In 1993, he starred in "Son of the Pink Panther", directed by veteran Blake Edwards


The series was rebooted in 2006 with the release of "The Pink Panther" starring Steve Martin as Inspector Jacques Clouseau and Kevin Kline as Chief Inspector Charles Dreyfus add something


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