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Leading manufacturer of electronic products for the consumer and professional markets add

Category: Business (10)

Founded in 1946.

Countries: (34%), United States (33%), Japan (11%)

Main connections: Sony Mobile, Ericsson, PlayStation

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Harry B. Cohen - Then, in 1955, brother Albert D. Cohen accomplished the most amazing feat of landing the Canadian distribution rights to Sony products


Joseph H. Cohen - Then, in 1955, brother Albert D. Cohen accomplished the most amazing feat of landing the Canadian distribution rights to Sony products


Reri Grist - One of her earliest breakthroughs in classical music came shortly thereafter when Bernstein engaged her to sing the soprano part in Gustav Mahler's Symphony No. 4 in G major with the New York Philharmonic; Columbia Records recorded Grist with Bernstein and the Philharmonic in this symphony in 1960 and this was later issued by Sony on CD as part of the "Bernstein Century" series


Nam June Paik - In 1965, Sony introduced the Portapak.


Panavision - After aborted attempts to create a film-style video camera in the 1970s and 1980s, Panavision joined the digital revolution in July 2000, establishing DHD Ventures in partnership with Sony


Willoughby Sharp - At the San Jose State TV studios in 1970, Sharp began the Videoviews series of videotaped dialogues with artists which he continued after he bought one of the first Sony 3400 Porta-Pac video recording systems in 1972


Jack Valenti - During the late 1970s and early 1980s, Valenti became notorious for his flamboyant attacks on the Sony Betamax Video Cassette Recorder , which the MPAA feared would devastate the movie industry


Hartmut Esslinger - In 1974, Esslinger was hired by Sony - Sony acquired &Wega shortly after - and he was instrumental in creating a global design image for Sony, especially with the Sony Trinitron and personal music products


Andreas Pavel - In 1979, Sony began selling the popular Walkman, and in 1980 started legal talks with Pavel regarding a royalty fee


Best Buy - In 1979, it became the first suppliers of video and laserdisc equipment including Panasonic, Magnavox, Sony and Sharp


Vaio - Although Sony made computers in the 1980s exclusively for the local market, the company withdrew from the computer business around the turn of the decade


Philips - In 1982, Philips teamed with Sony to launch the Compact Disc; this format evolved into the DVD and later Blu-ray, which Philips launched with Sony in 1997 and 2006 respectively


Mehmet Murat Somer - Somer was born in Ankara but moved to Istanbul in 1982, after graduating from technical university, and worked as an engineer for Sony, an experience he calls upon in his writing


Donald Keough - From 1985 to 1989 he served as chairman of Columbia Pictures, Inc., before it was sold to Sony, Inc.


Andreas Pavel - In 1986 Sony finally agreed to pay royalties to Pavel, but only for sales in Germany, and only for a few models, and refused to acknowledge him as the inventor of the device


Mike De Leon - In 1987, De Leon made "Bilanggo sa Dilim", a full-length video commissioned by Sony Entertainment


Franco De Vita - He signed with the Sony label in 1988, and in 1990, his album "Extranjero" had a song that reached No. 1 on the U.S. Latin charts and won an MTV Video Music *award


Franco De Vita - Seeking wider international exposure, De Vita moved to the Sony label for the 1988 album "Al Norte Del Sur"


PlayStation - The console's origins date back to 1988 where it was originally a joint project between Nintendo and Sony to create a CD-ROM for the Super Famicom


Blackstone Group - The firm advised CBS Corporation on its 1988 sale of CBS Records to Sony to form what would become Sony Music Entertainment


John Bardeen - Also in honor of Bardeen, Sony Corporation endowed a $53 million John Bardeen professorial chair at the University of Illinois at Urbana, Illinois-Champaign, beginning in 1990.


Shakira - Shakira's debut album, "Magia", was recorded with Sony Music Colombia in 1990 when she was only thirteen years old


Eduardo Reck Miranda - Then he moved to Paris, to take up a research position at Sony Computer Science Laboratory in the late 1990s


CBS - The record label company was re-christened Sony Music Entertainment in 1991, as Sony had a short term license on the CBS name


PlayStation - The PlayStation made its debut at the Consumer Electronics Show in June 1991 when Sony revealed its console, a Super Famicom with a built-in CD-ROM drive


Simon Climie - After leaving EMI and the final Climie Fisher album "Coming In For The Kill", Climie signed to Sony's Columbia label as a solo artist, releasing an album called "Soul Inspiration" in 1992


John Schumann - In 1992 he recorded a single for Sony entitled "Eyes on Fire", this was followed by an album for Columbia Records in 1993, "True Believers"


PlayStation - Negotiations officially ended in May 1992 and in order to decide the fate of the PlayStation project, a meeting was held in June 1992, consisting of & Sony President Ohga, PlayStation Head Kutaragi and several senior members of Sony's board


PlayStation - Also in 1993, Phil Harrison, who would later become President of Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios, was recruited into SCEI to attract developers and publishers to produce games for their new PlayStation platform


PlayStation - The PlayStation project, SCEI's first official project, was finally given the green light by Sony executives in 1993 after a few years of development


PlayStation - At & Sony Music, Kutaragi worked closely with Shigeo Maruyama, the CEO of Sony Music, and with Akira Sato to form Sony Computer Entertainment, Inc. on November 16, 1993


PlayStation - After a demonstration of Sony's distribution plan as well as tech demos of its new console to game publishers and developers in a hotel in Tokyo in 1994, numerous developers began to approach PlayStation


PlayStation - Olafsson was CEO and president of New York based & Sony Interactive Entertainment which was the mother company for the 1994-founded Sony Computer Entertainment of America


Fergie (singer) - They eventually signed a music publishing deal with Sony Publishing before signing a record contract with RCA Records in 1994


Shakira - Shakira returned to recording music under Sony Music along with Columbia in 1995 with Luis F. Ochoa, using musical influences from a number of countries and an Alanis Morissette-oriented persona which affected two of her next albums


Kees Schouhamer Immink - Immediately after the DVD standard was settled in 1996, Philips and Sony, disappointed after the DVD failure, decided to develop a next-generation blue-laser-based digital video recorder , which would be positioned as DVDs high-density successor


PlayStation - "PlayStation Underground" was a non-traditional magazine that Sony Computer Entertainment America produced and published between Spring 1997 to Spring 2001


Edwin (musician) - He met with Sony Music, who signed him in 1998


Cristian de la Fuente - In 1998, de la Fuente was contracted by Sony and Telemundo for a drama series remake of Starsky and Hutch called "Reyes y Rey"


Jeffrey Peterson - ", 24 June 1999 Peterson went on to sell a stake in the Spanish language website to Sony Pictures Entertainment and Telemundo LLC


Marc Blank - In 2000 Sony acquired Eidetic for an undisclosed sum


Bobby Blotzer - In 2000 Stephen Pearcy apparently quit the group, and shortly thereafter Bobby had exhibited an extreme dislike for Pearcy, who had sued the band for continuing under the "Ratt" name and claimed the band ruined their worldwide deal with Sony


Emma Donovan - They released their first EP, "Soh Fa", on Sony Records in 2000


PlayStation - By 2001, Sony had decided to phase out "Underground" to focus on the "JamPacks" with the release of the PlayStation 2


Tommy Faragher - Faragher signed a worldwide publishing deal with Sony Australia in 2001


Stefan Eriksson - In 2001, Eriksson joined Carl Freer in the UK based company Gizmondo, which intended to rival Nintendo and Sony for the handheld videogames market


Andreas Pavel - Then in 2001, Pavel threatened Sony with legal suits in every country in which he had patented his invention


Delta Goodrem - At the age of 15 Goodrem signed a record deal with Sony and began work on an album of pop-dance songs including the unsuccessful debut single "I Don't Care", which peaked at number sixty-four on the ARIA singles chart in November 2001


Franco De Vita - He left Sony for the 2002 album "Segundas partes también son buenas", but returned to the label the following year


PlayStation - In 2002, Sony released the first useful and fully functioning operating system for a video game console, after the Net Yaroze experiment for the original PlayStation


Edwin (musician) - "'Edwin & the Pressure"' is the second album by the Canadian alternative rock singer Edwin, released by Sony on April 2, 2002 in Canada


Ami Suzuki - In 2003, Ami finally negotiated an out-of-court agreement with Sony


Damien Dempsey - Damien's second full-length album, "Seize the Day", was released in May 2003 in Ireland on Clear Records via Sony and entered the charts in its first week of release at No. 5


Marc Blank - Blank left Sony in 2004, where he focused on his email client for the Treo smartphone, ChatterEmail


Billy Pollina - His first theatrical success was with 2004's You Got Served for Sony Screen Gems which delved into the street dance battling and b-boy craze


Michelle Wie - However for the second consecutive year, she did not receive a sponsor exemption to play in the Sony Open in Hawaii where she had played four years in a row from 2004 through 2007


Tina Dico - In 2004 Tina Dico signed an international record deal with Sony England


CBS - Sony acquired the Spanish rights when Sony Music merged with Bertelsmann subsidiary BMG in 2004 as Sony BMG, co-owned by Sony and Bertelsmann


Michelle Wie - Wie was given a sponsor's exemption to the 2004 Sony Open in Hawaii, becoming the fourth, and youngest, female to play a PGA Tour event


L.A. Reid - Following the merger of Sony and BMG, L.A. Reid was released from his contract at Arista in 2004 and quickly became the Chairman and CEO of The Island Def Jam Music Group in February 2004


Janey Godley - In May 2004, "Stuck in The Middle" a BBC Radio 4 documentary series on relationships to which she contributed won a gold at the Sony Radio Academy Awards


Panavision - " Subsequent to the completion of major design work on the Genesis, Panavision bought out Sony's 49 percent share of DHD Ventures and fully consolidated it in September 2004


Nvidia - December 2004 saw the announcement that Nvidia would assist Sony with the design of the graphics processor in the PlayStation 3 game console


Samsung Electronics - In 2005, Samsung Electronics surpassed Japanese rival, Sony, for the first time to become the world's twentieth-largest and most popular consumer brand, as measured by Interbrand


Mark Russinovich - In 2005, Russinovich discovered the Sony rootkit in Sony DRM products


Tina Dico - In early 2005, Sony and BMG merged, and the record deal was cancelled


Michelle Wie - Wie started her 2005 season by accepting another sponsor's invitation to play on the PGA Tour at the Sony Open in Hawaii, where she again missed the cut


Jessica Sierra - In late 2006, Jessica recorded a song, "Unbroken", for a Toys "R" Us Exclusive CD that came with the purchase of a Sony CD player


Lights (musician) - In late 2006, she worked with Canadian photographer Marc Lostracco to film her first music video, "February Air", for a Sony promotion


Samsung - Sony, which had not invested in large-size TFT-LCDs, contacted Samsung to cooperate, and, in 2006, S-LCD was established as a joint venture between Samsung and Sony in order to provide a stable supply of LCD panels for both manufacturers


Nvidia - In March 2006 it emerged that Nvidia would deliver RSX to Sony as an IP core, and that Sony alone would organize the manufacture of the RSX. Under the agreement, Nvidia will provide ongoing support to port the RSX to Sony's fabs of choice , as well as die shrinks to 65 nm


Xbox 360 - At E3 in May 2006, Bill Gates announced that Microsoft would have a head start of 10 million units by the time Sony and Nintendo entered the market


Dell - A battery recall in August 2006, as a result of a Dell laptop catching fire caused much negative attention for the company though later, Sony was found responsible for the faulty batteries


David A. Bader - In November 2006, Bader was selected by Sony, &Toshiba, and IBM, to direct the first Center of Competence for the Cell Processor


Michelle Wie - After missing the cut at the 2007 Sony Open by 14 shots, many sports critics began to doubt whether she ever will


Michelle Wie - Following Wie's poor performance at the 2007 Sony Open in Hawaii, AP golf writer Doug Ferguson suggested that her nickname be changed from "the Big Wiesy" to a more appropriate moniker, "the Big Queasy


David Jaffe - In 2007, Jaffe left SCEA to found Eat Sleep Play; The studio has signed a multi-year deal with Sony to create games exclusively for PlayStation platforms


Cezanne Khan - In June 2007 Khan entered Sony TV's Ek Ladki Anjaani Si as Dr. Dhruv Mehra


Lauryn Hill - In June 2007, Sony records said though Hill has "consistently recorded over the past decade" and has what amounts to "a library of unreleased material in the vault", she had recently re-entered the studio "with the goal of making a new LP." Later that same year, a new album entitled Ms. Hill, which featured cuts from The Miseducation, various soundtracks contributions and other "unreleased" songs, was released.


Damien Dempsey - An extended version of the album, which included a bonus CD featuring previously unreleased and rare tracks, was released in Ireland via Sony BMG in November 2007


From 2008 to 2010, amid a global recession, SMC slashed its workforce by several thousand add something


Jim Brown - In 2008, Brown initiated a lawsuit against Sony and EA Sports for using his likeness in the Madden NFL video game series


Warner Music Group - In 2008, WMG, Universal Music, Sony BMG, EMI, and several Indies together with the Orchard licensed their full back catalogs to the new concept of Spotify in order to fight piracy with a legal way of music streaming


Michelle Wie - The year 2008 was the first time since 2004 that Wie was not granted one of four available sponsor exemptions to play the PGA Tour Sony Open


Damien Dempsey - Dempsey's fifth studio album, a covers album entitled "The Rocky Road", was released on 6 June 2008 in Ireland via Sony BMG, with a UK release via IRL on 9 June 2008 and on August 26 via United For Opportity


Vaio - On September 4, 2008, Sony announced a worldwide voluntary product inspection and rework program for TZ-series notebook computers manufactured since June 2007


Howard Stringer - On April 1, 2009, he became president of Sony Corporation and ousted Ryoji Chubachi in what was seen as prelude to broader corporate restructuring


Regal Entertainment Group - On May 18, 2009, Regal signed a deal with Sony to equip all of its theaters with 4k digital projection over the next three to five years


By 2010, its market share had fallen to sixth place add something


Nigel Barker (photographer) - Nigel appears along side Justin Timberlake and Peyton Manning in Sony's 2010 national ad campaign


Shakira - On December 6, 2010, Sony Music announced that the album had sold over 1 million copies worldwide in 6 weeks, and over 4 million since its release


In a bid to join the tablet computer market, the company launched its Sony Tablet series in 2011 add something


Sony released a disc-less version of its PlayStation Portable, the PSP Go. The company went on to release its second portable video game system, PlayStation Vita, in 2011 and 2012 add something


The company faced three consecutive years of losses leading up to 2011 add something


Najwa Karam - Then in 2011, a new era in music media was marked when Najwa Karam, in collaboration with Sony Entertainment and Rotana, produced the Middle East's very first 3D music video, for her song, "MaFi Noum"


Najwa Karam - The 3D version premiered at the ABC Achrafieh theatre in Lebanon on July 25, 2011 and the video clip is currently being played in 600 3D Sony showrooms and outlets, throughout the Arab world


Xbox 360 - "Edge" magazine reported in August 2011 that initially lacklustre and subsequently falling sales in Japan, where Microsoft had been unable to make serious inroads into the dominance of domestic rivals Sony and Nintendo, had led to retailers scaling back and in some cases discontinuing sales of the Xbox 360 completely


Doris Day - In September 2011, a new album called "My Heart" was released by Sony in the U.K.; the American release came out in December 2011 distributed through City Hall Records.


In November 2011, Sony was ranked 9th in Greenpeace's Guide to Greener Electronics add something


Samsung - As on 26 December 2011 it was announced that Samsung had acquired the stake of Sony in this joint venture


Samsung - On December 26, 2011, Samsung Electronics announced that it would acquire all of Sony's shares in the venture


In 2012, Kazuo Hirai was promoted to president and CEO, replacing Sir Howard Stringer add something


In 2012, Sony incorporated rolled most of its consumer content services into the Sony Entertainment Network add something


It had revenues of ¥6,395 trillion in 2012 add something


It maintains large reserves of cash, with ¥13,29 trillion on hand as of 2012 add something


Since 2012, Sony has been producing tablets under the Xperia brand add something


Sony is ranked 87th on the 2012 list of Fortune Global 500 add something


The company acquired iCyt Mission Technology, Inc. , a manufacture of flow cytometers, in 2010 and Micronics, Inc., a developer of microfluidics-based diagnostic tools, in 2011 add something


Nexus 7 - In 2012, the Nexus 7 won "T3"s "Gadget of the Year" award, beating rival Apple's iPhone 4S, Sony's PlayStation Vita, OnLive, and others


David Fincher - In January 2012, it was announced that Sony Pictures was "moving forward" with the adaptation of The Girl Who Played with Fire, with Zaillian in the early stage of scripting it for a planned release in late 2013.


Jo Garcia - In February and March 2012, Garcia toured around the country to events in eight cities to promote the Sony PlayStation Vita


On 28 March 2012, Sony Corporation and Sharp Corporation announced that they have agreed to further amend the joint venture agreement originally executed by the parties in July 2009, as amended in April 2011, for the establishment and operation of Sharp Display Products Corporation , a joint venture to produce and sell large-sized LCD panels and modules add something


On September 28, 2012, Olympus and Sony announced that the two companies will establish a joint venture to develop new surgical endoscopes with 4K resolution and 3D capability add something


Sony announced the PlayStation 4 for release in 2013 add something


Vaio - As of 2013, Sony VAIO's range counted on 7 different products


Kazuo Hirai - Hirai was speculated to become the successor to Howard Stringer, the current sitting president and CEO of Sony Corporation, who was expected to step down in 2013


Sony announced the PlayStation 4 for release in November 2013 add something


Sony has sold its fourth console, the PlayStation 4, On 15 November 2013, which has already sold 1,000,000 consoles on launch day add something


On February 6, 2014, Sony announced it would trim as many as 5,000 jobs as it attempts to sell it PC business and focus on mobile and tablets add something


On February 26, 2014, Sony said they are closing 20 stores add something


On March 18, 2014, at GDC, President of Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios Shuhei Yoshida announced their new virtual reality technology dubbed Project Morpheus for PlayStation 4 add something


In May 2014 the company announced it was forming two joint ventures with Shanghai Oriental Pearl Group to manufacture and market Sony's PlayStation games consoles and associated software in China add something


In February 2015, Sony announced that it would spin-off its audio and video business as a separate company by October 2015 add something


According to a report released by Houston-based patent consulting firm LexInnova in May 2015, Sony is leading the virtual reality patent race add something


On November 9, 2015 Sony announced that they are going to stop producing Betamax Tapes in March 2016 add something


Sony plans to implement this technology in train systems in Indonesia as early as Spring 2016 add something


As of 1 April 2016, Sony is organized into the following business segments: Mobile Communications , Game & Network Services , Imaging Products & Solutions , Home Entertainment & Sound , Semiconductors, Components, Pictures, Music, Financial Services and All Other add something


On July 28, 2016, Sony announced that the company will sell its battery business to Murata Manufacturing add something


PlayStation - PlayStation VR was released worldwide on 13 October 2016 add something


As of 2017, Sony holds the second most Virtual reality patents, trailing only Microsoft in the space add something


As of September 30, 2017, there are 484,812 shareholders and 1,264,649,260 shares issued add something


Sony want's to use its heritage with optical disc technology used in products like CD players and plans to start initial tests in collaboration with JAXA in 2018 add something


In April 2018, Sony announced to join the market for satellite communications and develop laser communication products for small satellites add something