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South African Grand Prix

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South African Grand Prix

Popular F1 event, but racing was put on hiatus there right after the controversial 1985 race due to the policy of apartheid add

Category: Auto racing

Activity starting in 1934.

Countries: (38%), United Kingdom (15%), Europe (15%)

Main connections: Formula One, Luigi Villoresi, World War II

Linked to: Cosworth, Brabham, Maserati, Cooper Car Company




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The "'South African Grand Prix"' was first run as a Grand Prix motor racing handicap race in 1934 at the Prince George Circuit at East London, Eastern Cape Province add something


It drew top drivers from Europe including Bernd Rosemeyer, Richard "Dick" Seaman, Richard Shuttleworth and the 1939 winner Luigi Villoresi add something


Luigi Villoresi - In 1939 he won the South African Grand Prix but the onset of World War II interrupted his racing career


After World War II, when racing was halted, a permanent circuit was built in 1959 add something


The fast and spectacular Kyalami circuit, which was built in the early 1960s, played host to its first South African Grand Prix in 1967, where local privateer John Love nearly took victory but ran into fuel problems late in the race, and Mexican Pedro Rodriguez took victory add something


World War II brought an end to the race, but it was revived in 1960 as part of the Formula One circuit, entering the World Championship calendar two years later add something


Repco - Also, LDS fitted with Repcos were used in the South African Grand Prix in the late 1960s, as well as in the national F1 series there


The first South African F1 race was held on 29 December 1962 add something


The race was held at Prince George again in 1963 and 1965 add something


In 1967, the race was moved to the Kyalami circuit near the high-altitude inland city of Johannesburg in the Transvaal, where it would remain as long as the South African Grand Prix was on the official Formula One calendar add something


Lotus 43 - In 1967 the 43 made its final start in the South African Grand Prix at the Kyalami circuit, where Clark again retired the car


The only South African driver to win the South African Grand Prix was Jody Scheckter in 1975 add something


Going into the 1980s, turbo-charged cars began to dominate the Grand Prix add something


Formula One - In 1980, the series saw South African Desiré Wilson become the only woman to win a Formula One race when she triumphed at Brands Hatch in a Wolf WR3


Consequently it was contested only by the FOCA-aligned teams, with cars which did not strictly comply with the 1981 Formula One regulations add something


The 1981 event was a victim of the FISA-FOCA war add something


The 1983 event was the last race of that season, and it saw a three-way battle for the driver's championship between Prost, Brazilian Nelson Piquet and Frenchman Rene Arnoux add something


It was a popular F1 event, but racing was put on hiatus there right after the controversial 1985 race due to the policy of apartheid add something


The 1985 race was mired in international controversy as nations began boycotting South African sporting events because of racial segregation in the country, called apartheid add something


Orlando, Fla.: 24 October 1985. pg add something


After the end of apartheid in 1991, Formula One returned to Kyalami for two Grands Prix in and add something


Following the end of apartheid in 1991, two further races were held in 1992 and 1993 add something


The 1992 event was dominated by Mansell and the 1993 running saw an intense battle between Prost, Ayrton Senna and Michael Schumacher, with Prost taking victory add something


In July 1993 Kyalami was sold to the South African Automobile Association, which managed to run the facility at a profit; however running a Formula One event proved too costly and the Grand Prix did not return add something


In April 2018, Adrian Scholtz, CEO of Motorsport South Africa, discussed the possibility of South Africa returning to the Formula One Grand Prix calendar add something