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Spawn (comics)

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Spawn (comics)

Fictional character, a comic book superhero who appears in a monthly comic book of the same name published by Image Comics add

Category: Movies & TV (150)

Launched in 1990.

Countries: United States (67%), Canada (17%), (17%)

Main connections: HBO, Jason Blum, Jamie Foxx

Linked to: HBO, Marvel Comics, Taco Bell




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Originally published by a South African publisher named Battle Axe Press in the early 1990s add something


"Spawn" enjoyed considerable popularity upon its initial release in the 1990s add something


Each containing four to five issues, the original "Spawn" trade paperbacks started in 1995 under a different trade cover design add something


Cogliostro had a prominent role in the live-action movie in 1997 add something


" Spawn was adapted into a 1997 feature film, an HBO animated series lasting from 1997 until 1999, and a series of action figures whose high level of detail made McFarlane Toys known in the toy industry add something


In 2002, Gaiman filed suit against McFarlane and in response McFarlane counter-sued add something


The matter went to appeal and the judgment was upheld in a 2003 decision add something


"Sam and Twitch" ended in 2003 after 26 issues, to be followed by "Case Files" add something


In 2005 the entire "Spawn" series began to appear in massive trade paperback releases under the title "Spawn Collection", each containing approximately twenty issues add something


"Spawn Collection Volume 1" was ranked 17 in the top 100 graphic novels for December 2005 period, with pre-order sales of 3,227 add something


"Wizard", on May 2008, rated "The Launch of Image Comics" as No.1 in the list of events that rocked the Comic Industry from 1991 to 2008 add something


As of 2009, "Spawn Collection Volume 1" is currently out of print, with its fourth printing released in June 2007 add something


Beginning in 2009, a new series of volumes was released, collecting the "Endgame" storyline add something


In 2009 it was announced that the "Spawn Collection" would end with Volume 6, to be replaced by a new TBP format that includes soft- and hardcover versions, reprinting the entire "Spawn" series from the early issues once again add something


In 2009, a line of newly redesigned and reformatted trade paperbacks was announced, replacing the "Spawn Collection" line and once again collecting the early issues of "Spawn" add something


As of 2010, the title, along with "Savage Dragon", are the two original Image titles still published add something


As of August 2010 Spawn no longer was ranked in the top 300 sales figures chart reported by Diamond Comic Distributors, issue 200 has been delayed add something


Spawn was ranked 60th on "Wizard" magazine's list of the Top 200 Comic Book Characters of All Time, 50th on "Empire" magazine's list of The 50 Greatest Comic Book Characters and 36th on IGN's 2011 Top 100 Comic Book Heroes add something


A second printing was released on February 9, 2011 add something


As of 2014, "Spawn" is one of only two titles still being published since the label's 1992 debut, the other being "Savage Dragon" add something


In February 2016 McFarlane confirmed he had completed the script for the film with a larger-than-normal page count because he's "putting in details for myself" in conjunction with his hopes to direct add something


The book went to a second printing in March 2016 add something


In July 2017, it was officially confirmed that McFarlane would direct the film, which is being produced under Jason Blum's production company Blumhouse add something


In May 2018, It was reported that Jamie Foxx would portray the title character add something


In July 2018, the working title is revealed to be "Tony Dynamite" add something


In the beginning of year 2019 Todd McFarlane himself confirmed at social media that a new brazilian publisher named New Order Editora will release Spawn from the number 251 to 255 and the special "Spawn: Resurrection" add something