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Spike (TV channel)

American basic cable and satellite television channel that is owned by the Spike Cable Networks, Inc. subsidiary of MTV Networks Entertainment Group, a unit of the Viacom Media Networks division of Viacom add

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Founded in 1983.

Countries: United States (70%), Netherlands (10%), Belgium (7%)

Main connections: Viacom, CBS Corporation, Nickelodeon

Linked to: Nickelodeon, TV Land, YouTube, NBCUniversal




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From 1983 to 1992, all of TNN's auto racing and motor sports coverage was produced by Diamond P Sports add something


Spike was originally launched on March 7, 1983 as "'The Nashville Network "', a country living and country music-themed television channel that originally operated as a joint venture of WSM, Inc. and Group W Satellite Communications add something


The Gaylord Entertainment Company purchased TNN and the Opryland properties in the latter half of 1987 add something


After "Ren & Stimpy "Adult Party Cartoon" was canceled, the channel started airing classic episodes that originally aired on Nickelodeon in the 1990s; it was named "Ren & Stimpy: The Classics" add something


Paul Reubens - But after appearing for the first time since 1992 as Pee-wee at Spike TV's 2007 Guys' Choice *awards, Reubens had remained optimistic and had jokingly said he's no longer nervous about being young Pee-wee again thanks to digital retouching


Starting in 1993, TNN started having its NASCAR coverage produced by World Sports Enterprises, and the American Speed Association coverage produced by Group 5 Sports, while Diamond P continued to produce most of the rest of the racing coverage add something


By 1995, TNN was acquired by Westinghouse Electric Corporation, which had recently acquired CBS around that time; two years later, Westinghouse bought CMT, TNN's chief competitor add something


In 1998, the channel dropped its "The Nashville Network" moniker and shortened its official name to the simpler "'TNN"', and ownership shifted to Viacom in the late 1990s after its acquisition of CBS Corporation, Westinghouse's successor add something


On September 25, 2000, Viacom sensed redundancy among TNN and CMT, when it merged them into its MTV Networks unit add something


"Broadcasting & Cable": January 22, 2001 "The Rockford Files", "WKRP in Cincinnati", "Newhart", "Hangin' With Mr. Cooper", "Miami Vice" and "Taxi" add something


During this time, the channel began placing a black bar at the bottom of the screen that was used to identify the program currently airing and to promote upcoming programs on the channel, this bar was eventually dropped by the fall of 2002 add something


The game coverage moved to ESPN in 2002 add something


In early 2003, The New TNN was rebranded as "'Spike TV"', marketed as the first television channel for men add something


In the fall of 2003, Spike TV aired "The Joe Schmo Show", a parody of reality television shows like "Survivor" and "Big Brother" add something


Xavier McDaniel - After retiring McDaniel appeared on Spike TV's televised slamball games where he coached the Riders squad in 2003


The name change to "Spike TV" was supposed to be official on June 16, 2003 add something


The suit was settled on July 8, 2003, and TNN was allowed to call itself Spike TV. In announcing the settlement, Lee admitted that he did not believe that the channel intentionally tried to trade on his name add something


The name change became official on August 11, 2003 add something


Its finale led to the channel's highest ratings at the time, and a second season aired in the Summer of 2004 add something


On November 18, 2004, Spike TV aired a night-long marathon of reruns of the Nickelodeon animated series "SpongeBob SquarePants" starting at midnight, to promote the following day's release of "The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie" in theaters add something


CBS Corporation - The prior & CBS Corporation owned CMT and The Nashville Network , which remained Viacom properties after the 2005 split, but the prior CBS did not own UPN, Showtime, Paramount Television, Paramount Parks, or Simon and Schuster


On January 18, 2005, Spike TV debuted "The Ultimate Fighter" , an original reality show based around the sport of mixed martial arts which proved to be a surprise hit add something


In September 2005, all & WWE programming on Spike TV left the channel as a result of acrimonious contractual matters between the WWE and Viacom add something


On October 1, 2005, wrestling promotion Total Nonstop Action Wrestling began airing its weekly program "Impact Wrestling" in the Saturday night time slot formerly occupied by "WWE Velocity" add something


On October 15, 2005, Viacom acquired iFilm, which was initially launched in 1997 add something


After the Viacom/CBS Corporation split of November 2005, Spike became a part of the "new" Viacom with its sibling channels in the MTV Networks family add something


In early 2006, Spike removed the word "TV" from its name, referring to itself simply as "'Spike"' add something


In late 2006, Spike introduced the "Late Night Strip", a block that aired Thursdays and Fridays at 12:00 a add something


Michael Roof - In 2006, Roof was given his own Spike Channel reality TV show, "Raising the Roofs"


On January 14, 2006, Spike introduced the short-lived video game review show "Fresh Baked Videogames" add something


The most popular episode of the show was its fourth episode on January 28, 2006, which the "Shot to The Nuts" segment featured Swedish actress Annika Svedman dressed as an NCAA cheerleader, she was selected twice by contestants to be kicked in their testicles by her add something


It moved to Thursdays in April 2006, and expanded to two hours in October 2007 add something


In May 2006, the channel was rebranded to accentuate its masculinity, including a new logo, dropping the second half of its channel name from the logo and adding the "Get More Action" tagline add something


On September 5, 2006, Spike premiered the documentary film "Metal of Honor: The Ironworkers of 9/11" by filmmaker Rachel Maguire, which profiled the ironworkers' efforts in the attempts for rescue and recovery following the September 11 attacks at the World Trade Center site add something


"The New York Times": September 5, 2006 add something


It was canceled four months later on September 28, 2006 add something


It joined the lineup on October 1, 2006 add something


On October 10, 2006, Spike debuted the "Scream Awards", the first awards show honoring horror, science fiction, fantasy and comic books add something


The post had been vacant since December 2006 add something


At the 2007 San Diego Comic-Con International the Spike TV booth was awarding tickets to that year's awards ceremony to the winners of their "Scariest Costume" contest add something


Throughout the summer of 2007, starting on Father's Day , the channel launched its first public service campaign, the "True Dads" national outreach campaign, with former New York Yankees player Don Mattingly as spokesperson add something


In October 2007, Kevin Kay was appointed network president after serving as executive vice president and general manager of the channel for the previous two years add something


"Broadcasting & Cable": January 10, 2008 On the weekend of April 5 and 6, 2008, the channel aired the first three "Star Wars" films against the simultaneous TNT broadcast of all three "Lord of the Rings" films add something


Jessie Armstead - In February 2008, Armstead was featured as one of the pros on "Pros vs Joes" on Spike TV


In the fall of 2009, Spike broadcast live Australian rugby league semifinal games from the National Rugby League and showed the grand final, as David Niu tried to bring professional rugby league to the United States add something


Jesse James (customizer) - His show "Jesse James is a Dead Man" premiered on Spike TV on May 31, 2009


On June 1, 2010, Spike launched into the first crowd-sourced pilot episode contest with Scripped, a web-based screenwriting community add something


On August 18, 2011, Spike officials made a statement regarding the end of its partnership with the UFC, "The Ultimate Fighter" season 14 in September will be our last add something


On August 24, 2011, Spike launched a new series called "Alternate History", illustrating what the world could be like if past events were slightly different add something


In response to Spike's growing audience, the channel underwent another brand refresh in late 2013, giving the channel a "more cinematic" look add something


The first event under the new format was held on December 7, 2013 on Spike's website add something


On July 28, 2014, "TMZ" reported that Spike would not renew TNA's contract add something


On November 10, 2014, it was announced that Spike would drop their award show, ending it's decade-long run add something


Months after a move to Wednesday nights, it was later announced that "Impact Wrestling" would end it's run on December 24, 2014 and move to Destination America in 2015 add something


In 2015, following a similar deal made by NBC, Spike announced they would air monthly fight cards by the "Haymon Boxing"-created "Premier Boxing Champions" add something


During its upfronts on March 3, 2015, Spike unveiled a new logo and tagline, "The Ones To Watch" add something


Spike's programming reaches approximately 98,7 million pay television subscribers in the United States and is available in Canada and the UK from April 2015 add something


On April 15, 2015 at 8pm, a UK version launched as part of the Channel 5 network add something


On August 18, 2015, Viacom announced that The Netherlands will be the third country to launch Spike add something


On August 19, 2015, Viacom announced that Flanders, Belgium will be the fourth country to launch Spike add something


As of October 1, 2015 the channel initially will begin broadcasting on a 9pm - 2am time slot on the Nickelodeon channel add something


In July 2016, Spike TV became available to Fetch TV. add something


On December 12, 2016 Spike will launch in the Netherlands a 24-hours channel on Ziggo add something


On February 8, 2017 Viacom announced that Spike will be rebranded as the Paramount Network sometime early next year add something


On February 9, 2017, Viacom announced that Spike would take on the new branding of the "'Paramount Network"' in early 2018, as the company switches to a focus on six prime networks with most of the company's backing and resources add something


The first on-air reference to the upcoming change was the "One Night Only" comedy roast honoring Alec Baldwin, which was prefixed with "Paramount Network Presents" rather than Spike presenting it, and premiered on July 9, 2017 add something


In September 2017, Viacom confirmed that the rebrand would occur on January 18, 2018, and would be marked by a special live episode of "Lip Sync Battle" add something


On October 22, 2017, an Italian version of Spike is confirmed for launch in the country as a free-to-air channel add something


On January 18, 2018, Spike will be re-branded as Paramount Network, as part of an effort by Viacom to align all of its properties around a smaller number of flagship brands add something