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Spike Lee

American film director, producer, writer, and actoradd

Category: Movies & TV

Born in 1957.

Countries: United States (79%), (7%), U.S. (3%)

Education: undef.

Main connections: Do the Right Thing, Denzel Washington, Inside Man

Linked to: Morehouse College, New York University, Tisch School of the Arts, Clark Atlanta University




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Spike Lee was born in 1957 add something


Richard Farina - His best-known songs are, "Pack Up Your Sorrows" and "Birmingham Sunday", the latter of which was recorded by Joan Baez and became better known after it became the theme song to Spike Lee's film, "4 Little Girls", a documentary about the 16th Street Baptist Church bombing in Alabama during 1963


Darryl M. Bell - "'Darryl M. Bell"' is an American actor best known for his role as Brother X-Ray Vision in the 1988 Spike Lee film, "School Daze" and as Ron Johnson, Jr. on the NBC sitcom, "A Different World"


Joan Baez - Her recording of the song "Birmingham Sunday" ,written by her brother-in-law, Richard Fariña, was used in the opening of "4 Little Girls" , Spike Lee's documentary film about the four young victims killed in the 1963 bombing


Bill Lee (musician) - The family feud began in 1976, when Spike Lee's mother Jacquelyn died of cancer and Susan Kaplan moved in with Bill


Cinema of the United States - American independent cinema was revitalized in the late 1980s and early 1990s when another new generation of moviemakers, including Spike Lee, Steven_Soderbergh, Kevin Smith, and Quentin Tarantino made movies like, respectively: "Do the Right Thing"; "Sex, Lies, and Videotape"; "Clerks"; and "Reservoir Dogs"


Do the Right Thing - The site's critical consensus reads, "Smart, vibrant and urgent without being didactic, "Do the Right Thing" is one of Spike Lee's most fully realized efforts -- and one of the most important films of the 1980s


Pizza delivery - Several feature films use pizza delivery prominently, including the 1984 comedy "Delivery Boys", the Spike Lee 1989 film "Do the Right Thing", and the 2000 comedy film "Dude, Where's My Car-"


Nike, Inc. - The signing of basketball player Michael Jordan in 1984, with his subsequent promotion of Nike over the course of his career, with Spike Lee as Mars Blackmon, proved to be one of the biggest boosts to Nike's publicity and sales


In 1985, Lee began work on his first feature film, She's Gotta Have It. With a budget of $175,000, the film was shot in two weeks. add something


Willi Smith - Smith designed the uniforms for the workers on Christo's 1985 wrapping of the Pont Neuf bridge in Paris and clothes for Spike Lee's film "School Daze"


When the film was released in 1986, it grossed over $7,000,000 at the U.S. box office. add something


Nelson George - He first got involved in film when, in 1986, he helped to finance director Spike Lee's debut feature "She's Gotta Have It"


Tracy Camilla Johns - She is best known for her leading role as Nola Darling in Spike Lee's 1986 film "She's Gotta Have It"


She's Gotta Have It - "'She's Gotta Have It"' is a 1986 American comedy-drama film written and directed by Spike Lee


Bill Nunn - Do the Right Thing - Nunn made his acting debut in the 1988 Spike Lee film "School Daze", and is best known for his roles as Radio Raheem in Lee's "Do the Right Thing" and as Nino Brown's bodyguard Duh Duh Duh Man in "New Jack City"


Cassi Davis - Born in Holly Springs, Mississippi, Davis' acting career began in 1988 with her role in the Spike Lee film "School Daze"


Giancarlo Esposito - In 1988 he landed his breakout role as the leader of the black fraternity "Gamma Phi Gamma" in director Spike Lee's film "School Daze"


Frankie Faison - In 1988 he starred alongside Eddie Murphy and James Earl Jones in "Coming to America" in the role of a landlord and won a minor role in the 1989 Spike Lee film "Do the Right Thing"


Joe Seneca - Joe appeared in Spike Lee's "School Daze" as the Mission College President McPherson in 1988


School Daze - "'School Daze"' is a 1988 American musical comedy drama film, written and directed by Spike Lee, and starring Larry Fishburne, Giancarlo Esposito, and Tisha Campbell-Martin


School Daze - The second feature film by Spike Lee, "School Daze" was released on February 12, 1988 by Columbia Pictures


Lee's film Do the Right Thing was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay in 1989. add something


Danny Aiello - He had a pivotal role in the 1989 Spike Lee film "Do the Right Thing" as Salvatore 'Sal' Frangione, the pizzeria owner, which earned him a nomination for the Academy *award for Best Supporting Actor


Steel Pulse - In 1989, the group contributed I Can't Stand it to the soundtrack of Spike Lee's film Do The Right Thing.


Do the Right Thing - "'Do the Right Thing"' is a 1989 American comedy-drama hood film produced, written, and directed by Spike Lee, who played the part of Mookie in the film


Do the Right Thing - Official Trailer  



After the 1990 release of Mo' Better Blues, Lee was accused of antisemitism by the Anti-Defamation League and several film critics, who pointed to the characters of club owners Josh and Moe Flatbush in the film, which have been described as "Shylocks". add something


Bill Cosby - He made appearances in three more films, "Ghost Dad" , "The Meteor Man" ; and "Jack" ; in addition to being interviewed in Spike Lee's "4 Little Girls" , a documentary about the racist bombing of a Birmingham, Alabama , Alabama, church in 1963


Dead Poets Society - On their Oscar Nomination edition of "Siskel & Ebert", both Gene Siskel and Ebert disagreed with Williams' Oscar nomination, with Ebert saying that he would have swapped Williams with either Matt Dillon for "Drugstore Cowboy" or John Cusack for "Say Anything", and on their "If We Picked the Winners" special in March of 1990, Ebert chose the film's Best Picture nomination as the worst nomination of the year, believing it took a slot that could have have gone to Spike Lee's "Do the Right Thing"


Mo' Better Blues - "'Mo' Better Blues"' is a 1990 musical drama film starring Denzel Washington, Wesley Snipes, and Spike Lee, who directed


Dead Poets Society - Do the Right Thing - On their "If We Picked the Winners" special in March 1990, moreover, Ebert chose the film's Best Picture nomination as the worst nomination of the year, believing it took a slot that could have gone to Spike Lee's "Do the Right Thing"


Denzel Washington - Washington's signature in front of Grauman's Chinese Theatre1991, Washington starred as Bleek Gilliam in the Spike Lee film Mo' Better Blues.


Jungle Fever - "'Jungle Fever"' is a 1991 American romance drama film written, produced, and directed by Spike Lee, starring Wesley Snipes and Annabella Sciorra


Kevin Brown (author) - Commissioned in 1993, just after the release of Spike Lee's movie on the same subject, Brown's second book attempts to chronicle the rise and fall of Malcolm X as well as that of rival leader Martin Luther King against the backdrop of the civil rights and black nationalist movements


New York Knicks - They met in the playoffs 6 times from 1993-2000, fueling a rivalry epitomized by the enmity between Reggie Miller and prominent Knick fan Spike Lee


Jim Jarmusch - This had been followed three years later by "Twins", a segment featuring actors Steve Buscemi and Joie and Cinqué Lee, and in 1993 with the Short Film Palme d'Or-winning "Somewhere in California", starring musicians Tom Waits and Iggy Pop


Lee and his wife, attorney Tonya Lewis, had their first child, daughter Satchel, in December 1994. add something


Keith David - He played the character of Kirby, the one legged war veteran, in the acclaimed 1995 Hughes Brothers film "Dead Presidents", and he appeared in the 1995 Spike Lee's film "Clockers", and followed this up with roles in big films such as "Volcano", "Armageddon", "There's Something About Mary", "Pitch Black", "Barbershop", "Agent Cody Banks", "The Chronicles of Riddick", "Crash", "ATL", "Delta Farce" and "First Sunday"


Theresa Randle - In 1996, Theresa earned her first starring role in Spike Lee's film "Girl 6", playing a young out-of-work actress who gets caught up in the seductive yet dark world of phone sex


Wendell Pierce - Pierce appeared in Spike Lee's 1996 film "Get on the Bus", and Forrest Whitaker's "Waiting to Exhale" a year earlier


His documentary 4 Little Girls was nominated for the Best Feature Documentary Academy Award in 1997. add something


Ray Allen - Allen has acted in two films, including a lead role in the 1998 Spike Lee film "He Got Game"


Travis Best - Best had a small role in the 1998 Spike Lee film He Got Game, which featured NBA players Ray Allen, Walter McCarty, John Wallace, and Rick Fox


Adrien Brody - Brody hovered on the brink of stardom, receiving an Independent Spirit *award nomination for his role in the 1998 film "Restaurant" and later praise for his roles in Spike Lee's "Summer of Sam" and Terrence Malick's "The Thin Red Line"


Kim Director - Director's first film role was in 1998's "He Got Game", directed by Spike Lee


Rick Fox - Fox had a role as the ladies man Chick Deagan in the 1998 film "He Got Game" film directed by Spike Lee


Ray Allen - In 1998, Allen co-starred alongside Denzel Washington in the Spike Lee film "He Got Game" as high school basketball phenomenon Jesus Shuttlesworth


Milla Jovovich - In 1998, Jovovich had a role in the Spike Lee drama He Got Game as abused prostitute Dakota Burns, appearing with Denzel Washington and Ray Allen.


Denzel Washington - In 1998, Washington starred in Spike Lee's film, He Got Game.


John Leguizamo - In 1998, he debuted on Broadway in the production of "Freak", a semi-autobiographical one-person play recorded for release in the year 2000 on HBO, with Spike Lee sitting in as director


In May 1999 The New York Post reported that Lee said of National Rifle Association President Charlton Heston, "Shoot him with a . add something


Jennifer Esposito - One of her more notable roles was as Ruby in Spike Lee's "Summer of Sam" in 1999, which was set against the late-1970s backdrop of the Son of Sam murders


David Berkowitz - The Spike Lee drama "Summer of Sam" was released in 1999 with actor Michael Badalucco in the role of Son of Sam. The film depicts the tensions that develop in a Bronx neighborhood during the shootings, and Berkowitz's part is largely symbolic


Willie Best - Best's "Sleep n' Eat" moniker surfaced again in the 2000 motion picture satire "Bamboozled", directed by Spike Lee


Questlove - In 2000 Questlove appeared with The Roots in "Bamboozled", directed by Spike Lee


Jada Pinkett Smith - In 2000, Pinkett Smith was cast in Spike Lee's film "Bamboozled" , as Sloan Hopkins, a personal assistant to the main character portrayed by Damon Wayans


Stevie Wonder - In 2000, Stevie Wonder contributed two new songs to the soundtrack for Spike Lee's "Bamboozled" album


Roger Guenveur Smith - A performance was later filmed by Spike Lee and released in 2001


Jamila Wideman - In 2001 Wideman participated in the Connecticut Forum, where she shared the stage with Stanley Crouch, Anita Hill, Spike Lee, and Bill Russell to talk candidly about race


Christopher Plummer - Other recent successes include his roles as Dr. Rosen in Ron Howard's Academy *award-winning "A Beautiful Mind" , Arthur Case in Spike Lee's 2006 film "Inside Man", and the philosopher Aristotle in "Alexander", alongside Colin Farrell


Huey P. Newton - The one-man play later was made into an award-winning 2001 film directed by Spike Lee


In 2002, after remarks made by Mississippi Senator Trent Lott regarding Senator Strom Thurmond's failed presidential bid, Lee charged that Lott was a "card-carrying member of the Ku Klux Klan" on ABC's Good Morning America. add something


Rosario Dawson - Dawson starred as Naturelle Rivera, the love interest of a convicted drug dealer played by Edward Norton, in the 2002 Spike Lee film drama, "25th Hour"


Vladimir Kozlov - He appeared in the second season of the HBO drama series "The Wire", as well as "Roksalana" and "It's Not To Easy" on Ukrainian TV. In 2002, he appeared in Spike Lee's film "25th Hour", playing a Russian mafia enforcer


Edward Norton - In 2002, he starred in Brett Ratner's "Red Dragon" as FBI profiler Will Graham and in Spike Lee's "25th Hour"


Special Ed - He was later a member of Crooklyn Dodgers, an ad hoc group who came together to perform for the Spike Lee films "Clockers" and "Crooklyn", and he performed "Crooklyn" with Shillz on the 2003 compilation album "MuskaBeatz"


Kim Director - Kim reunited with Spike Lee for the film "She Hate Me" in 2004


Anthony Mackie - Mackie would later go on to star as a man who struggles to adjust to the world he's created after becoming a corporate whistleblower and later starting a business impregnating lesbians for a fee in Spike Lee's 2004 film "She Hate Me"


She Hate Me - "'She Hate Me"' is a 2004 independent comedy-drama film directed by Spike Lee and starring Anthony Mackie, Kerry Washington, Ellen Barkin, Monica Bellucci, Brian Dennehy, Woody Harrelson, Bai Ling and John Turturro


In October 2005, Lee commented on the federal government's response to the 2005 Hurricane Katrina catastrophe. add something


Brian Atwater - Time Magazine nominated him as one of the 100 most influential people in 2005, along with the likes of Spike Lee and Ziyi Zhang


Wendell Pierce - An interview with him is featured in Spike Lee's 2006 HBO documentary "When the Levees Broke", regarding the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina


Tyler Perry - Despite praising Perry in 2006, in 2009 director Spike Lee criticized his work when interviewed by Ed Gordon on "Our World with Black Enterprise", saying, "Each artist should be allowed to pursue their artistic endeavors but I still think there is a lot of stuff out today that is 'coonery' and buffoonery


Jodie Foster - In 2006, Foster co-starred in "Inside Man", a thriller directed by Spike Lee and starring Denzel Washington and Clive Owen, which again opened at the top of the U.S. box office and became another international hit


JT the Bigga Figga - In 2006, JT worked with Snoop Dogg on a documentary DVD entitled "Mandatory Business", which featured such names as Russell Simmons, Spike Lee, Xzibit, Young Buck and 50 Cent


Sukhwinder Singh - It was featured in the musical "Bombay Dreams" and, in remixed arrangements, in the titles and credits segments of Spike Lee's 2006 film, "Inside Man"


Louis Alter - It was used for strong emotional effect in Spike Lee's four-hour "When the Levees Broke" and an equally moving dramatic sketch by Billy Crystal on HBO's "Comic Relief 2006"


Inside Man - "'Inside Man"' is a 2006 American crime thriller film directed by Spike Lee, and written by Russell Gewirtz


Derrick Hodge - Derrick was a contributing composer for the original musical score of "When the Levees Broke: A Requiem in Four Acts", an HBO documentary produced by Spike Lee, aired in August 2006, as well as choral arranger for the ending credits of "Miracle At St. Anna" directed by Lee. He was sole composer of the score for the documentary film "Faubourg Tremé: The Untold Story of Black New Orleans" directed by Dawn Logsdon, co-directed/written by Lolis Eric Elie and released in 2008


Denzel Washington - In 2006, he starred in Inside Man, a Spike Lee-directed bank heist thriller co-starring Jodie Foster and Clive Owen, and Dejà Vu released in November 2006.


Air Jordan - In 2007, Jordan Brand collaborated with director Spike Lee to release a limited pair of "Air Jordan III"s the "Do The Right Thing" movie poster


Terence Blanchard - In December 2007, the Terence Blanchard Quintet performed the movie music of Spike Lee and Terence Blanchard with an orchestra and singers Dee Dee Bridgewater, Kurt Elling, and Raul Midón at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington, D.C.


At the 2008 Cannes Film Festival, Lee, who was making "Miracle at St. Anna," about an all-black U.S. division fighting in Italy during World War II, criticized director Clint Eastwood for not depicting black Marines in his own WWII film, "Flags of Our Fathers" add something


Flags of Our Fathers (film) - At the 2008 Cannes Film Festival, director Spike Lee, who was making "Miracle at St. Anna", about an all-black U.S. division fighting in Italy during World War II, criticized director Clint Eastwood for not depicting black Marines in "Flags of Our Fathers"


Robert John Burke - Burke portrayed Gen. Ned Almond, commanding general of the 92nd Div., Buffalo Soldiers, in the 2008 Spike Lee film "Miracle at St. Anna"


Generation Engage - Video of GenerationEngage $iChat conversations with prominent civic leaders, like President Bill Clinton, Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich, Associate Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer, Coretta Scott King, Spike Lee, Vice President Al Gore, major 2008 presidential candidates, numerous local civic leaders, and representatives of international aid organizations, can viewed at ://www


Miracle at St. Anna - "'Miracle at St. Anna"' is a 2008 AmericanItalian epic war film directed by Spike Lee, and adapted by James McBride from his eponymous 2003 novel


Babelgum Online Film Festival - The jury viewed 10 highest-rated entries in each category, and chose the top three in each category to present to Spike Lee. Lee made the final selection and presented the winners with their awards at a ceremony on May 20, 2008


Babelgum Online Film Festival - The winners of the first Babelgum Online Film Festival were chosen from the finalists by Spike Lee, who presented them with their prizes at the awards ceremony at Le Baoli restaurant in Cannes, France on May 20, 2008


Ronald Mallett - In June 2008, motion picture director Spike Lee's production company announced it had acquired the film rights to Mallett's book


During a lecture at Concordia University in Montreal, Canada on February 11, 2009, Lee criticized how some in the black community wrongfully associate "intelligence with acting white, and ignorance with acting black", admonishing students and parents to maintain more positive attitudes in order to follow their dreams and achieve their goals add something


Clarke Peters - He played Nelson Mandela in the 2009 film, "Endgame", and Bishop Enoch in Spike Lee's 2012 film, "Red Hook Summer"


La La (entertainer) - They were married by Michael Eric Dyson on July 10, 2010 at Cipriani's in New York before 320 guests, including Justin Timberlake, Kim Kardashian, Khloé Kardashian, Lamar Odom, Ciara, Trina, Chris Paul, Amar'e Stoudemire, Serena Williams, Kenyon Martin, Hakim Warrick, Jim Boeheim, Ludacris, Kelly Rowland, Spike Lee, and LeBron James


Summer of Sam - According to film academic R. Barton Palmer in 2011, it continues to be widely viewed as Spike Lee's most controversial film, "issuing a cynical appeal to trashy tastes", which has "prevented some critics from according it more than cursory consideration


In March 2012, after the shooting of Trayvon Martin, Spike Lee was one of many people who used Twitter to circulate a message which claimed to give the home address of the shooter add something


Mike Tyson - After debuting a one-man show in Las Vegas, Tyson teamed up with director Spike Lee and brought the show to Broadway in August 2012


He has received two Academy award nominations; as well as winning the 2013 Gish Prize "for his brilliance and unwavering courage in using film to challenge conventional thinking add something


Hannah Ware - In 2013, she was cast in ABC drama series "Betrayal" as lead character, and she appeared in Spike Lee's thriller film "Oldboy"


Oh Dae-su - An American remake directed by Spike Lee was released on November 27, 2013


Da Sweet Blood of Jesus - "'Da Sweet Blood of Jesus"' is a 2014 romantic horror comedy film directed by Spike Lee


Katt Williams - On August 16, 2014 Williams returned with a new HBO special titled "Katt Williams: Priceless: Afterlife", which was directed by Spike Lee


In 2015, Lee received an Academy Honorary award from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences for his contributions to film add something


He won awards at the Black Reel awards for "Love and Basketball", The Black Movie awards for "Inside Man", and The Berlin International Film Festival for "Get On The Bus." He was nominated twice for an Academy Award, but never won; in November 2015, he was given an Honorary Academy award for his contributions to film-making add something


Dave Chappelle - In 2015, Chappelle will appear in the Spike Lee film, "Chi-Raq", his first film role in 13 years


Amazon Studios - In July 2015, Amazon announced it had acquired Spike Lee's new film, "Chi-Raq", as its first Amazon Original Movie


She's Gotta Have It - On September 15, 2016, Netflix announced a deal to produce a series based on the film, with Spike Lee returning to direct and executive produce the series


Two of his films have competed for the Palme d'Or award at the Cannes Film Festival with BlacKkKlansman winning the Grand Prix in 2018 add something


David Duke - Duke is portrayed by actor Topher Grace in the 2018 Spike Lee film "BlacKkKlansman"


John David Washington - He is best known for his role in the HBO comedy series "Ballers" and Spike Lee's 2018 film, "BlacKkKlansman"


Robert John Burke - He played the Colorado Springs chief of police in Spike Lee's "BlacKkKlansman" in 2018


Terence Blanchard - He received his first nomination for the Academy Award for Best Original Score for Spike Lee's 2018 film "BlacKkKlansman"


Adam Driver - In 2018, Driver portrayed a Jewish police detective, Flip Zimmerman, who helps infiltrate the Ku Klux Klan in Spike Lee's comedy-drama "BlacKkKlansman" which premiered at Cannes Film Festival and will be released on August 10, 2018


In 2019, he received his first Best Picture and Best Director nominations and went on to win Best Adapted Screenplay for "BlacKkKlansman", his first Academy Award add something


The Killers - On January 14, 2019, the band released the standalone track, "Land of the Free", the official music video for which was directed by Spike Lee