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Sport utility vehicle

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Sport utility vehicle

Vehicle similar to a station wagon or estate car, usually equipped with four-wheel drive for on- or off-road ability add

Category: Business (14)

Launched in 1966.

Countries: United States (29%), (24%), Japan (12%)

Main connections: Jeep, General Motors, Ford Motor Company

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Nevertheless, the marketing category was created in 1966 with Kaiser Jeep's luxurious Super Wagoneer add something


Land Rover followed suit in 1970 by introducing the Range Rover add something


The corporate average fuel economy standard was ratified in the 1970s to regulate the fuel economy of passenger vehicles add something


Range Rover Classic - The "'Range Rover Classic"' is a 4x4 luxury SUV series built by British car maker Land Rover from 1970 to 1996


Jeep Cherokee (SJ) - The SJ series "' & Jeep Cherokee"' was a full-size SUV produced from 1974 through 1983 by the Jeep division of the American Motors Corporation


The actual term "sport utility vehicle" did not come into wide popular usage until the late 1980s; many of these vehicles were marketed during their era as station wagons add something


The term alludes to the affluent Melbourne suburb of Toorak, Victoria and was used at least as early as the late 1980s add something


World car - By the end of the 1980's and going into the 1990's, the Sport utility vehicle became very popular in North America, thanks to relatively low gas prices, appealing design and space to buyers, along with the high profitability to automakers


Jeep Wagoneer (SJ) - The Grand Wagoneer remained "the gold standard of the SUV market" and it would continue in one version using the old SJ-body "for 1985 and beyond"


Chevrolet Tracker - The Geo Tracker was a mini SUV introduced in late 1988 as a 1989 model


SUVs became popular in the United States, Canada, India and Australia in the 1990s and early-2000s add something


The very low oil prices of the 1990s helped to keep down running costs add something


Ford Taurus - In the late 1990s and early 2000s, sales of the Taurus declined as it lost market share to Japanese midsize sedans and as Ford shifted resources towards developing SUVs


Jeep Grand Cherokee - The original Grand Cherokee was launched in 1992 as a 1993 model year vehicle in the luxury SUV segment


Mazda CX-7 - It is Mazda's first mid-size SUV since the Navajo was discontinued in 1994


Chevrolet Tahoe - Plans for outfitting the Tahoe with the 9C1 police package originated around the 1994 model year when GM broke news about phasing out its B-platform sedans at the end of the 1996 model year where a replacement was imminent since GM ended production of its body-on-frame passenger sedans due to SUV sales


Lexus - The marque's plans for developing an SUV model had accelerated during the U.S.-Japan tariff discussions of 1995


Lexus - In 1998, Lexus added the first luxury-branded crossover SUV, the RX 300, and the second generation GS 300 and GS 400 sedans


Lexus - Through the 2000s, most Lexus sedan and SUV production has occurred in Japan at the Tahara, Aichi plant in Aichi and Miyata plant in Fukuoka


Hyundai Santa Fe - It is named after the city of Santa Fe, New Mexico, it was introduced for the 2001 model year as Hyundai's first SUV, released at the same time as the Ford Escape and Pontiac Aztek


Buick Rendezvous - The "' & Buick Rendezvous"', introduced in the spring of 2001 as a 2002 model year vehicle, was a Mid-size luxury crossover SUV that was sold by the Buick division of General Motors for the 2002-2007 model years


Isuzu Axiom - The "'Isuzu Axiom"' is a mid-size SUV introduced by Isuzu in 2001 for the 2002 model year


However, consumer demand pushed the SUV market towards four doors, by 2002 all full-size two-door SUVs were gone from the market add something


Lexus - The GX 470 mid-size SUV debuted in 2002, followed by the second generation RX 330 in 2003


Nissan Murano - The "'Nissan Murano"' is a mid-size crossover SUV first sold by Nissan in December 2002 as a 2003 model


Nissan Pathfinder - In late 2003, a full-size SUV, the Pathfinder Armada, debuted


BMW X5 (E53) - Also from April onwards, a new X5 "'4,8is"' was offered , giving the driver 355 hp and making it the third fastest SUV. Sales began in September 2003


Starting in 2004, the United States Environmental Protection Agency began to hold sport utility vehicles to the same tailpipe emissions standards as cars add something


The equivalent term "Chelsea Tractor" became prominent in the United Kingdom around 2004 to describe vehicles such luxury SUVs used in urban areas such as Chelsea, London, where their four-wheel-drive capabilities are not required and the car is believed to be a status symbol rather than a necessity add something


Range Rover - In 2004, Spen King criticised SUV owners who drove their vehicles in urban areas, saying that vehicles like the Range Rover he created were "never intended as a status symbol but later incarnations of my design seem to be intended for that purpose


Nissan Murano - In Canada the X-Trail had been on sale as Nissan's second car-based SUV since 2004 as a 2005 model; it was replaced by the new 2008 Nissan Rogue in late 2007


Cadillac SRX - The "' & Cadillac SRX"' is a mid-size luxury crossover SUV produced by the Cadillac division of American automaker General Motors since the 2004 model year


Mitsubishi Pajero - The third generation Pajero moved one size up from mid-size to full-size SUV. On May 17, 2004 Mitsubishi announced that they were considering shutting down the Gifu plant but decided not to after negative feedback


Dodge Raider - The third generation Pajero moved one size up from mid-size to full-size SUV. On May 17, 2004 Mitsubishi announced that they were considering shutting down the Gifu plant but decided not to after negative feedback


Mercury Cougar - The discontinuation of the Cougar left no four-cylinder vehicles in the Mercury lineup until the 2005 Mariner SUV arrived


Hummer H2 - The rearmost part of the H2 SUV was modified to a pickup truck bed for the 2005 H2 SUT


Mercedes-Benz G-Class - Despite the introduction of an intended replacement, the unibody crossover SUV & Mercedes-Benz GL-Class in 2006, the G-Class is still in production and is the longest produced Mercedes-Benz in Daimler's history, with a span of 32 years


Holden - The Captiva crossover SUV came next in 2006


Jeep Commander (XK) - The "' & Jeep Commander"' is a mid-size SUV produced by the Jeep division of the American manufacturer Chrysler, from 2006 to 2010


Mike Tyson - On December 29, 2006, Tyson was arrested in Scottsdale, Arizona, on suspicion of DUI and felony drug possession; he nearly crashed into a police SUV shortly after leaving a nightclub


The Jeep Wrangler remained as a compact two-door body style, although it was joined by a four-door variant starting with the 2007 model year, the Wrangler Unlimited add something


Hyundai Santa Fe - As of 2007, the Santa Fe falls between the little bit smaller compact crossover Tucson and the larger, yet related luxury crossover SUV Veracruz


Electronic stability control - StabiliTrak was made standard equipment on all GM SUVs and vans sold in the U.S. and Canada by 2007 except for certain commercial and fleet vehicles


Jeep Patriot - The "' & Jeep Patriot"' is a compact crossover SUV introduced in early 2007 for the 2007 model year by the Jeep marque of Chrysler


Jeep Compass - The "'Jeep Compass"' is a compact crossover SUV introduced for the 2007 model year


Nissan Murano - The Murano was Nissan's only crossover SUV in the U.S. until September 2007 when the new 2008 Nissan Rogue went on sale


Electronic stability control - Luxury cars, sports cars, SUVs, and crossovers are usually equipped with ESC. Midsize cars were gradually catching on, though the 2008 model years of the Nissan Altima and Ford Fusion only offered ESC on their V6 engine-equipped cars; however, some midsize cars, such as the Honda Accord had it as standard equipment by


Mazda CX-9 - The 2008 CX-9 won the "Motor Trend" SUV of the Year award


Buick Rainier - The Rainier were replaced by a new crossover SUV, the Enclave, on the GM Lambda platform for 2008, spelling the end for a rear-wheel drive Buick once again


In June 2008, General Motors announced plans to close four truck and SUV plants, including the Oshawa Truck Assembly add something


Land Rover Discovery - However, it has always won the "Auto Express" categories of Best Large SUV and Best Towcar since it was launched in 2009


GMC (automobile) - In 2009 GMC introduced the Terrain, a mid-size crossover SUV based on GM's Theta platform which slots below the Acadia as GMC's smallest crossover, replacing the Pontiac Torrent and sharing no sheetmetal with the Chevrolet Equinox


Nissan Rogue - It replaces the Nissan X-Trail in Canada as Nissan's entry-level SUV and the body-on-frame Nissan Xterra in Mexico due to the Smyrna plant freeing capacity for the 2009 Suzuki Equator, but the Xterra continues on sale in the United States and Canada after being withdrawn from the Mexican market after the 2008 model year


BMW V7 - The "' & BMW V7"' is a new full-size crossover SUV that was supposed to be released by German automaker BMW for the 2009 model year


But by 2010, SUV sales around the world recovered, in spite of high gas prices add something


However, starting in 2010 SUV and light truck sales have started an upward trend due to lower gas prices and a revival of the North American economy add something


The number of two-door SUV models increased in the 2010s with the release of the Range Rover Evoque and the Nissan Murano convertible, although both vehicles are unibody add something


Great Wall Motors - An all-electric SUV was showcased at the 2010 Guangzhou Auto Show, and the company is considering a tie-up with electric car maker Coda Automotive


Chevrolet Suburban - For the 2010 model year, in which U.S. News & World Report ranked it as the number one affordable large SUV, the Suburban will add a new premium interior package that includes tri-zone climate control and handy features like Bluetooth and rear audio controls


Mercedes-Benz GLK-Class - Mercedes-Benz USA partnered with four tuners to develop custom designs based on the upcoming 2010 GLK-Class vehicles, as part of the US launch of GLK-Class SUV in 2009


Lincoln MKT - The "'Lincoln MKT"' is a full-size luxury crossover SUV built and marketed by the Ford Motor Company's Lincoln Motor Company division since the 2010 model year


However, this gap was gradually narrowed, and in January 2010 the import duty on cars was lowered to match the 5 percent duty on SUVs add something


Mini Countryman - The car was announced in January 2010, and formally launched at the 2010 Geneva Motor Show as the first Mini crossover SUV, and the first 5-door model


Cadillac Escalade - On February 13, 2010, according to a report on, GM had reissued a redesign on the GM fullsize SUV lineup, including the Escalade, for a 2014 release due to increased SUV sales, and was working on its fullsize SUV replacements, which would see a possible change in the Escalade's SUV platform


Jeep Grand Cherokee - Among the awards are: Top Safety Pick for 2011 from the IIHS, listed as a "Consumers Digest" Best Buy for 2011, Safest SUV in America by MSN Autos, and Truck of the Year for 2011 by "The Detroit News"


Lexus - For 2011 while 45 percent of Lexus sales in the United States relied upon the RX luxury crossover SUV, rival Mercedes-Benz's best-selling offering was the E-Class mid-luxury sedan which commands considerably higher prices


Marussia Motors - Marussia Motors anticipates presenting 7 models at the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show to include a new sports coupé, a luxury SUV, a luxury sedan, and a small city car


Jeep Grand Cherokee - The 2011 Grand Cherokee has won 30 awards for off-road capability, luxury, value, best-in-class, and safety, making it the most awarded SUV ever


Jeep Wrangler - The 2011, 2012, and 2013 Jeep Wranglers have received "Canadian Black Book's" Best Retained Value Award for the compact SUV category


Maserati Levante - The "' & Maserati Levante"' is a luxury crossover SUV based on the Kubang concept vehicle that debuted in the 2011 Frankfurt Auto Show, and will be built by Maserati at the Mirafiori factory, in Turin, Italy in 2014


Jeep Commander (XK) - With this, Chrysler dealerships only offer 7-seat SUVs under the Dodge brand, such as the similarly-sized Journey crossover SUV and the larger Grand Cherokee-based 2011 Durango


Jeep Commander (XK) - Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne announced at the January 2011 North American International Auto Show held in Detroit, that an "upper-scale" 7-seat Jeep SUV is to be introduced January 2013, and will revive the Grand Wagoneer name


Jeep Wagoneer (SJ) - Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne announced at the January 2011 North American International Auto Show held in Detroit, that the Grand Wagoneer name will be revived for an "upper-scale" 7-seat SUV, which he said would be introduced in 2013


Dodge Journey - For the 2012 model year, the Journey becomes Dodge's smallest SUV after its smaller but more expensive counterpart, the Nitro finished production


Infiniti QX60 - In 2012 Nissan announced that its mid-size SUV Pathfinder will have the same platform as the QX60 for the 2013 model year


Chevrolet Tahoe - It should be noted that the two-wheel-drive Chevrolet Tahoe is the only pursuit-rated SUV on the market today, and as of the 2012 model year, the last body-on-frame, rear-wheel drive police vehicle manufactured for the United States market since Ford phased out its aging Panther platform


Chevrolet Tahoe - Rumor was that the vehicles could go to monocoque crossovers; those were shelved, as General Motors plans to add to the traditional body-on-frame truck-based SUV, as the 2012 Chevrolet Colorado-based Trailblazer is debuting in 2013 for international markets, and the Colorado debuting in 2013 for North America, and truck owners wanting a smaller truck-based SUV, instead of the monocoque crossover


Marussia Motors - The SUV model will be made 300 units in 2012 by Valmet Automotive


Opel Mokka - The "' & Opel Mokka"' is a subcompact SUV from the German manufacturer Opel, which was unveiled at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show and went on sale at the end of the same year


Infiniti QX60 - The "'Infiniti QX60"' is a seven-passenger mid-size luxury crossover SUV introduced by the Infiniti division of Japanese automaker Nissan in April 2012 in the United States as a 2013 model


Tesla, Inc. - Tesla began shipping its Model S sedan in June 2012 and its Model X crossover SUV in September 2015


Toyota RAV4 EV - Toyota worked together with Tesla Motors to develop the second generation RAV4 EV, and the electric SUV was released in the United States in September 2012


Mercedes-Benz GL-Class - It won 2013 Motor Trend SUV of the Year


Mercedes-Benz GLA-Class - The "' & Mercedes-Benz GLA-Class"' is a Compact SUV crossover, unveiled by Mercedes-Benz at the IAA 2013


Great Wall Motors - Starting from April 2013, their SUV models are marketed under the independent Haval brand


Chevrolet Suburban - On April 10, 2013, "Motor Trend" posted the first spy shots of GM's large SUV lineup, which included the Suburban/Yukon XL, Tahoe/Yukon, and Escalade, using front covers that was borrowed from the Ford Expedition to throw the competition off, with hints that new features like MyLink and expanded seating for nine passengers being planned


Jeep Wagoneer (SJ) - On September 2, 2013, Chrysler announced that they would delay production until 2015 to allow the Dodge Durango to find an audience, but at the same time will use the Grand Wagoneer concept as a basis for a full-size luxury SUV that would compete against the Cadillac Escalade and Lincoln Navigator, whose redesigns will go on sale in 2014


Cadillac Escalade - On November 25, 2013, Cadillac began spreading the word of mouth about the 2015 Escalade by placing a front facsimile cutout of the vehicle on display at Sak's Fifth Avenue's New York City flagship store during its annual Christmas promotional campaign, which shows the SUV being frozen in wraps


With the redesigned GM and Ford large SUVs being introduced in 2014 , it has seen a slight resurgence among consumers due to better fuel economy and new engines, along with updated and newer features add something


Infiniti QX60 - In keeping with Infiniti's new naming scheme for 2014, in which cars begin with Q and SUV's begin with QX, the JX was renamed "QX60


Landwind - Landwind products in development include a large SUV codenamed E32 planned to be positioned above the Landwind X5 and launched in China in 2014


Lincoln Navigator - On January 22, 2014, three photos of the 2015 Navigator were released on Twitter and Instagram, along with an announcement that the refreshed SUV would be revealed at the Washington Auto Show the following day


Buick Enclave - As of February 2014, the 2014 Enclave was the top-ranked Affordable Midsize SUV in U.S. News and World Report's rankings


Chevrolet Tahoe - As of February 2014, the 2014 Tahoe was the top-ranked Affordable Large SUV in U.S. News & World Report's rankings


Jeep Compass - On March 9, 2014, a new mini SUV known as the Jeep Renegade was revealed at the Geneva Motor Show


Jeep Patriot - On March 9, 2014, a new mini SUV known as the Jeep Renegade was revealed at the Geneva Motor Show


Starting in 2015, sales of SUVs started dominating the industry add something


Porsche - In 2015, US News ranked the Macan as the best luxury compact SUV in its class


Fiat - In 2015, the new Maserati Levante SUV will be launched


Mercedes-Benz GLC-Class - The "'Mercedes-Benz GLC-Class"' is a compact luxury SUV introduced in 2015 for the 2016 model year that replaces the former Mercedes-Benz GLK-Class


Chevrolet Suburban - With the relaunch of the Z71 package in the Suburban, GM announced on January 26, 2015 that it has filed papers to trade mark the Trail Boss name for use on future Chevrolet truck and SUV models


Mitsubishi Outlander - The revised SUV first went on sale in Australia in June 2015 followed by the USA, Canada and the Caribbean in July


Chevrolet Suburban - On June 23, 2015 GM confirmed that a one-ton "Suburban 3500HD," which would be a GM-unique SUV, will be introduced for the 2016 model year


Chevrolet Traverse - On July 20, 2015, Chevrolet confirmed plans to expand its SUV lineup, which would see the second generation Traverse upgrade to full-size Crossover SUV status for the 2017 model year


Volvo XC90 - In the midst of the vehicle's Australian release in August 2015, the All-New 2016 XC90 was labelled by a major media source as being an SUV that will be the safest car in Australia


At the end of 2016, sales of SUVs and light duty trucks had surpassed tradional car sales for the year by over 3 million units add something


Volvo XC90 - EURONCAP tested a 2016 XC90, 5-door SUV with standard equipment


Ford Bronco - In spring 2016, a few vehicle industry publications have run stories, some with pictures, stating that Ford is resurrecting this popular model of SUV.


Chevrolet Traverse - It would be the only large Crossover SUV to be exclusive to the & Chevrolet lineup as its cousin GMC Acadia will be shortened to mid-size status when Chevrolet introduces the new entry in 2016


Jeep Compass - The Jeep Compass and Jeep Patriot are to be phased out sometime during the 2016 year and be replaced by an SUV that FiatChrysler will debut in 2016


Alfa Romeo C-SUV - The "' Alfa Romeo Stelvio"' is a front-engine, all wheel drive, five-door crossover SUV manufactured and marketed by the Alfa Romeo subdivision of FCA since debuting at 2016 Los Angeles Auto Show and entering production at the Cassino Plant at the end of 2016


Buick Enclave - With the arrival of the Buick Envision to North America in 2016 , the Enclave will move to the large crossover SUV segment after the Envision's debut


Cadillac Escalade - On March 16, 2016, "Consumer Reports" named the 2016 Escalade the worst large sized luxury SUV in its annual rankings, with a overall score of 44


Will Smith (American football) - On April 9, 2016, Smith was involved in a traffic collision in which a Hummer, driven by 28-year-old Cardell Hayes, rear-ended Smith's Mercedes SUV, causing a multiple collision with the vehicle in front of him


Bentley EXP 9 F - The Bentayga is claimed to be the world's fastest production SUV in the world as of June 2016, with an electronically limited top speed of


Bentley EXP 9 F - Additionally, a second SUV which will be like a coupé version of the Bentayga, slightly similar to the BMW X6, will be launched in 2017 or 2018, prior to the launch of the production model of the EXP 10 Six Speed concept


Mercedes-Benz GLA-Class - Mercedes unveiled a mid-life facelift of the GLA SUV at the 2017 Detroit Motor Show in January 2017


FIA Formula E Championship - In September 2017, it was announced that Formula E and Jaguar would launch a production based support series with Jaguar's I-Pace battery electric SUV


Ford Motor Company - In October 2017, Ford announced its Team Edison battery-electric vehicle group to lead the company's renewed efforts into the EV market, in which it currently offers only the Focus subcompact and has plans for a small 300-mile SUV by 2020


Positive reception for compact SUV's are further confirmed when noting that the Volvo XC40, another luxury compact SUV, won European Car of the Year 2018 s://www add something


This resurgence in the popularity of this variation on SUV's is seen with brands such as Audi, Jeep and Ford creating the compact SUVs in 2018 s://www add something