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Stephen Elop

Former CEO of Nokia Corporation add

Category: Business

Born in 1963.

Countries: (42%), United States (21%), Finland (16%)

Main connections: Nokia, Microsoft, Windows Phone

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Stephen Elop was born in 1963 add something


From 1981, Elop studied computer engineering and management at McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario, graduating second in his class with a bachelor's degree in 1986 add something


Elop was a director of consulting for Lotus Development Corporation before becoming CIO for Boston Chicken in 1992, which filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in 1998 add something


He was president of worldwide field operations at Adobe, tendering his resignation in June 2006 and leaving in December, add something


It was during this time that Microsoft's Business Division released Office 2010 add something


In September 2010, it was announced that Elop would take Nokia's CEO position, replacing Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo, and becoming the first non-Finnish director in Nokia's history add something


In 2011, Elop announced that some 11,000 employees would have to be laid off as part of a plan to "restructure" Nokia's business, and in June 2012 it was announced that further 10,000 layoffs were in order and that several facilities would have to be closed down due to budget cuts add something


When confronted with the theory by an anonymous attendee of the 2011 Mobile World Congress, Elop denied the speculation stating, "The obvious answer is, no. But however, I am very sensitive to the perception and awkwardness of that situation add something


In February 2011, Elop officially announced the new strategy for Nokia, which included the discontinuation of both of their in-house mobile operating systems, shifting its smartphone strategy to Microsoft's Windows Phone add something


The first Nokia Windows Phone smartphones shipped in November 2011 in the form of a device whose design was made to be similar to the N9, the Nokia Lumia 800 add something


Nokia Lumia series - In February 2011, Stephen Elop and & Microsoft's CEO Steve Ballmer jointly announced a major business partnership between & Nokia and Microsoft, which would see Nokia adopt Windows Phone as its primary platform on future smartphones, replacing both Symbian and MeeGo


Microsoft Lumia - In February 2011, Stephen Elop and & Microsoft's CEO Steve Ballmer jointly announced a major business partnership between & Nokia and Microsoft, which would see Nokia adopt Windows Phone as its primary platform on future smartphones, replacing both Symbian and MeeGo


Jolla - The word "Jolla" can be recognized as an ironic joke about the "burning platform memo" of MeeGo which "absolutely accidentally has leaked" from Nokia CEO Stephen Elop in February 2011


Windows Phone - On February 11, 2011, at a press event in London, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer and & Nokia CEO Stephen Elop announced a partnership between their companies in which Windows Phone would become the primary smartphone operating-system for Nokia, replacing Symbian


Nokia Lumia 800 - The Lumia 800 device was presented along with Lumia 710 by & Nokia's CEO Stephen Elop at the Nokia World conference in London October 2011


In May 2013, after the two years that he had been granted for the transition to the Windows Phone platform, Elop was pressed by Nokia's shareholders about the lack of results compared to the competitors and the insufficient sales figures to secure the company's survival add something


In June 2013, it was reported that Microsoft had been to advanced talks for buying Nokia, but the negotiations had faltered over price and worries about Nokia's slumping market position add something


On 3 September 2013, Nokia announced that Elop was removed from his posts as CEO and President of Nokia and he was resigning from the Nokia Board of Directors, and Nokia Chairman Risto Siilasmaa would take over running Nokia add something


After Elop was removed from post of CEO, Elop became chief of Nokia D&S Division and Nokia rushed to market three smartphones running on Android, announced in February 2014 add something


Nokia X - The phone was unveiled by Stephen Elop at the 2014 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona


On June 17, 2015 Elop retired from Microsoft add something


Nokia N9 - The phase-out of Symbian was to be carried out during the following years, expecting it to be finalized by 2016, but actually finished in January 2014, and plans for any MeeGo devices beyond the Nokia N9 were scrapped add something


Since January 2016 he has a role as Distinguished Engineering Executive in Residence within McMaster University's Faculty of Engineering, where he originally studied in the 1980s add something


On March 16, 2016, Australia's largest telecommuinications provider Telstra announced, controversially that Elop would be joining the company in a newly created position as Group Executive Technology, Innovation and Strategy add something


The Windows legacy of Elop's legacy was ended in May 2016 when the new entities announced their intention to only produce Android based smartphones add something


Elop departed Telstra as part of its restructuring on 31 July 2018 add something