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Steve Martin (Godzilla)

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Steve Martin (Godzilla)

Fictional American reporter played by actor Raymond Burr add

Category: Movies & TV (150)

Launched in 1954.

Countries: U.S. (50%), United States (33%), Canada (17%)

Main connections: Raymond Burr, Steve Martin, Godzilla

Linked to: Toho




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In the first novel, " $ Godzilla Returns", television reporters Brian Shimura and Nick Gordon work for the news company INN. In preparation for Godzilla, who has suddenly returned after many years, they read "This is Tokyo", a book by Martin that documents his experience in 1954 add something


The book "Cairo via Tokyo," seen on his desk, is likely an account of his adventures in 1954 add something


In 1984, the release of "The Return of Godzilla" brought the series out of temporary retirement add something


Renamed "Godzilla 1985" in the U.S., this version saw Raymond Burr reprise his role as Steve Martin add something