Steve Webb

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Steve Webb

English Liberal Democrat politician add

Category: Politics

Born in 1965.

Countries: United Kingdom (60%), (20%), United States (7%)

Education: undef.

Main connections: Liberal Democrats, Gordon Brown, Lamborghini

Linked to: Hertford College, Oxford, Dartmouth High School, Institute for Fiscal Studies, Liberal Democrat Chair of Manifesto Group




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Steve Webb was born in 1965 add something


On 10 July 1993, Steve Webb married Helen Edwards, a curate at his local church in Clapham add something


In 1995, he became a Professor of Social Policy at the University of Bath add something


The couple have two children: a daughter was born in December 1995 and a son followed in May 1998 add something


At the 1997 General Election Webb was elected as MP for Northavon, just north of Bristol, overturning a Conservative majority of over 11,000 add something


Simon Hughes has been the previous standard bearer in the leadership elections in 1999 and 2006 add something


He increased a 2,137 majority to 9,877 in the 2001 Election and again to 11,033 in the 2005 Election add something


In 2001, Webb was promoted by Charles Kennedy to lead spokesman for the Liberal Democrats on Work and Pensions, a portfolio he had worked in since 1999 add something


Webb is one of the growing number of MPs to have a blog and a website, and in 2004 his website, which makes use of SMS technology, was commended in the "New Statesman" New Media Awards and, in February 2005, led him to win the inaugural Hansard Society E-Democracy Award add something


He continued in this position until being appointed as Liberal Democrat Health spokesman in 2005 add something


At the end of 2006, he started a new role co-ordinating the party's manifesto for the next general election add something


Following Gordon Brown's reshuffle in October 2008, he shadowed Ed Miliband in the newly formed Department for Energy and Climate Change add something


On 8 January 2009 Nick Clegg announced his "General Election Team" and an "economic recovery group" with Webb appointed as Work and Pensions spokesman add something


At the 2010 general election, the constituency of Northavon was split into two new constituencies add something


In a letter dated 12 April 2010, Webb said on behalf of the Liberal Democrats: "We are very clear that all accrued rights should be honoured: a pension promise made should be a pension promise kept add something


Thornbury and Yate (UK Parliament constituency) - "'Thornbury and Yate"' is a constituency represented in the House of Commons of the UK Parliament since its 2010 creation by Steve Webb, a Liberal Democrat


During April 2011, he unveiled his pensions plan, which involved the merging of the two main pensions; creating a fairer single tier pension add something


In Autumn 2012 auto-enrolment was introduced for large businesses in the UK, being rolled out to smaller businesses over the next 4 years add something


In February 2012 Steve Webb voted in favour of the Health and Social Care Bill add something


Webb attracted media attention in March 2014, when he remarked in a television interview that due to the coalition government's pension reforms, he was relaxed if pensioners wanted to spend their savings on a Lamborghini add something


Scottish independence referendum, 2014 - Former Prime Minister Gordon Brown said in April 2014 that Scotland had an above-average share of the public sector pension bill and concluded that pensions would be protected by sharing risks and resources within the UK. UK Government pensions minister Steve Webb said in May 2014 that Scots would be entitled to the current levels of state pension after independence because they had accumulated rights within the existing system


In the May 2015 General Election he lost his seat to the Conservative Luke Hall add something


In August 2015 it was announced Webb will become director of policy and external communications at the financial services mutual Royal London add something