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Stunt performer

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Stunt performer

Someone who performs dangerous stunts, often as a career add

Category: Movies & TV

Launched in 1957.

Countries: United States (71%), China (12%), Australia (6%)

Main connections: Yakima Canutt, Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan

Linked to: Kalem Company, New York Motion Picture Company, Selig Polyscope Company, University of Illinois




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However, in 1958 "Thunder Road" starring Robert Mitchum, with stunt coordinator was Cary Loftin and a stunt team including Ray Austin, Neil Castes Sr., Robert Hoy and Dale Van Sickel, introduced the era of the car chase movie add something


The 1960s and 70s saw the development of modern stunt technology, including air rams, air bags and bullet squibs add something


On July 8, 1965 whilst flying the unusual Tallmantz Phoenix P-1 built especially for the film, Mantz struck a small hillock while skimming over a desert site in Arizona for a second take add something


For various reasons, there is no Oscar awarded for stunt work, but in 1967 Yakima Canutt was awarded an honorary Oscar for his stunt career add something


The scene fully appeared in the film, and couple later divorced in 1968 add something


He was unable to recover from the spin and crashed his Pitts S-2 into the Pacific Ocean near Carlsbad on September 16, 1985 add something