Sukhoi Su-9

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Sukhoi Su-9

Single-engine, all-weather, missile-armed interceptor aircraft developed by the Soviet Union add

Category: Military

Launched in 1956.

Countries: (75%), United States (25%)

Main connections: Sukhoi Su-7, Francis Gary Powers

Linked to: Sukhoi, Central Air Force Museum




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The design first flew in 1956 as the "'T-405"' prototype add something


The Su-9 was developed at the same time as the Su-7 'Fitter', and both were first seen by the West at the Tushino Aviation Day on 24 June 1956, where the Su-9 was dubbed "'Fitter-B."' It entered service in 1959 add something


On September 4, 1959 a modified Su-9 piloted by Vladimir Sergeievitch Ilyushin set a new world record for absolute height, at 28,852 m add something


This record was later broken on 6 December 1959 by Commander Lawrence E. Flint, Jr., who performed a zoom climb to a world record of 98,557 ft while piloting an F-4 A Phantom add something


It was reported that a Su-9 was involved in the interception of Francis Gary Powers' U-2 on Soviet territory on 1 May 1960 add something


Remaining Su-9s and later Su-11s were retired during the 1970s add something