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Superman Returns

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Superman Returns

2006 American superhero film directed and produced by Bryan Singer add

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Launched in 2006.

Countries: United States (73%), (11%), United Kingdom (7%)

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Had "Superman" worked in 2006, we would have had a movie for Christmas of this year or 2009 add something


It was the best-selling title on both formats in 2006, and was among the best-sellers of both formats of 2007 add something


June 29, 2006: a television special that studied popular science analogies with the Superman mythos add something


Produced by Matt Zoller Seitz and Ken Cancelosi, the critique was inspired by a review that Seitz wrote for the New York Press in 2006, in which he stated that "From the moment its hero returns to the sky to rescue Lois Lane from a plummeting jet, "Superman Returns" flirts with greatness add something


Singer admitted at 2006 Comic-Con International that he was dissatisfied with the marketing and promotion add something


Troy Bayliss appeared in promotional "Superman" leathers and sported a cape on the podium following a win and a 2nd place at the 2006 Brands Hatch Superbike World Championship round on his way to winning that year's championship add something


"'Superman Returns"' is a 2006 American superhero film directed and produced by Bryan Singer add something


Jack Larson - He and his co-star Noel Neill provided commentary on several "Adventures of Superman" episodes for the January 2006 DVD release of the 1953 season, and in 2006, he appears in Bryan Singer's film "Superman Returns" in a cameo role as "Bo the Bartender"; it was rumored prior to the film's release that his role would actually be Suicide Slum resident and Superman fan, Bibbo Bibbowski, a supporting character from the modern Superman comics


In February 2006, four months before the release of "Superman Returns", Warner Bros. announced a mid-2009 theatrical release date for a sequel, with Bryan Singer reprising his directing duties add something


Superman in film - In February 2006, four months before the release of "Superman Returns", Warner Bros. announced a summer 2009 theatrical release date for a sequel, with Bryan Singer returning as director


Due to his commitment, Singer dropped out of directing a remake of "Logan's Run" and an adaptation of "The May 2006 or of Castro Street" add something


The main theatrical trailer premiered online on May 2, 2006 add something


Michael Dougherty - The four forty-page comic book prequels were published by DC Comics throughout the month of June 2006 and bridged the gap between the second Superman film and Superman Returns


"Superman Returns" was released on June 28, 2006 in the United States and Canada in 4,065 theaters add something


"Superman Returns" debuted on DVD on November 28, 2006 in two versions, one with a single disc, and a double-disc edition which featured over three hours of behind-the-scenes features add something


Superman in film - The four Christopher Reeve films were again released on November 28, 2006, in new DVD releases to coincide with "Superman Returns", released in that year


Bryan Singer - Attending the 2007 Saturn *awards along with "Superman Returns" writers Michael Dougherty, Dan Harris and producer Gil Adler, Singer stated that the story had been locked down, and the first draft would be completed near the end of 2007


Superman in film - Warner Bros. commissioned husband and wife duo Michele and Kieran Mulroney to write a script for a "Justice League" film in February 2007, halting development for the "Superman Returns" sequel


Singer still listed the sequel as a priority in March 2008, saying that the film was in early development add something


A sequel was planned for a summer 2009 release, but the project was later canceled add something


Paul Levitz, president of DC Comics, expected Routh to reprise the title role from "Superman Returns" before his contract for a sequel expired in 2009 add something


Routh expected filming to begin in early 2009 add something


On May 3, 2009, almost three years after the debut of "Superman Returns", the Academy award winning filmmaker and screenwriter Quentin Tarantino declared his appreciation for Bryan Singer's directorial work on "Superman Returns" and that he would write a 20-page review about "Superman Returns" add something


Man of Steel (film) - Studio executive Jeff Robinov planned to have the film released either by 2010 or 2011, explaining "Superman Returns" didn't quite work as a film in the way that we wanted it to


James Marsden - Later in 2011, Marsden played the lead in the remake of "Straw Dogs", re-uniting with "Superman Returns" co-star Kate Bosworth and Zoolander co-star Alexander Skarsgard


On January 9, 2012, more than five years after the movie was released, the independent film community daily news site indieWire released a two-part video essay that probes the melancholic nature of "Superman Returns" add something


Amy Adams, who would later be cast as Lois Lane in the 2013 reboot "Man of Steel", confirmed in an interview that she had auditioned for Lois in 2005 add something


In 2013, Singer stated that "Superman Returns" was made for "Perhaps more of a female audience add something


The "Superman" film series was rebooted in 2013 with the film "Man of Steel", directed by Zack Snyder and starring Henry Cavill as Superman add something


It was announced the reboot of "Superman" film series titled "Man of Steel" was released on June 14, 2013 with directed by Zack Snyder and Henry Cavill starring as Superman, it will be first film in DC Extended Universe add something